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  1. I excluded Priest from the poll due to the 10 choice limit per question. I figure that as the only true healing class most party's will include one regardless of usefulness. That said, please feel free to tell everyone if the Priest is awesome or terrible in the comments!
  2. I'm thinking: 1: Priest (party healer) - Fire Godlike (for the DT bonus to keep the squishy priest around) 2: Fighter (obvious tank is obvious) - Coastal Aumaua (Resistance to stun) 3: Rouge (DPH and all dat stealth skillz) - Hearth Orlan (dat crit bonus + sneak attack) 4: Wizard (Crowd control and AoE) - Pale Elf (nothing really "screamed" wizard soooo... burn and freeze resist i guess) 5: Paladin (second-liner and
  3. One thing that surprised and intrigued me in the Baldur's Gate series was all the flavour text you could find if you looked for it. BOOKS! Numerous, immersive, and well written, I always loved finding out more about the world I was adventuring in. However, due to either a lack of patience or an excess of volume (pun), I could never bring myself to read them all since I would quickly begin to miss the gameplay. One possible solution (that would work for me at least) would be to hire a voice actor with an extremely charismatic and smooth voice to narrate said flavour text. You know that
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