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  1. Vailian Paladin, chocolate skinned, dreadlocks and beard, tall, muscular and fantastic clothes and swords.
  2. Vailia please, single player rpgs have never done a location where the people are primarily of color. And the Vailian politics as well as their history of the world would be great. I'd also love for their to be an expansion in their homelands in the south. Hell I'd love POE2 to be in their old kingdoms in the islands!
  3. Best crpg I've ever played besides Planescape:Torment. Love the world, love the story, love the lore. While I did like Baldur's Gate I could never commit myself to the "Planet Europe" lore of D&D games of that era. And for me I find Durance and Eder much more interesting than the npcs of the BG games anyway. (Durance is ****ing awesome in such a wrong way its not even funny) Looooove the Vailians
  4. Sounds about right, in crpgs the journey IS the game, so its going to take a while, that's just how they are. They aren't made for rushing (and will punish you harshly if you do) they are more like an old school romantic honeymoon with your newlywed wife. Take your time and enjoy all the sights and feels along the way ;D
  5. *Adventuring in Old Vailia, I'd like to see a great Vailian -MALE- npc thank you, and not an old man, can we have a cool young black guy as a character for once who is like a wizard, ranger, ciper, you know something not so typical. *glares at rogue* It would be awesome if he had one of those "Houses on the Ocean" that the Vailians tend to have, this way we can adventure in other parts of the world *The ability to have more than one Vailian/Ixmatl/Boreal Dwarf npc part of the party at the same time with their own distinct storylines (sorry if the so called traditionalists get offended by ha
  6. I'd like an option to switch encumberance on and off. I personally don't like it. But It was weird hearing "its too heavy" and not seeing a viable noticeable result for such a comment.
  7. Personally I love everything about the story and I think the characters are well done without being intrusive or overbearing. I don't like games that try to overdo the humor, I much prefer a subtle laugh//chuckle (Eador is hilarious) than an forced "I'm funny!" outright bluster when it comes to comedy. Sorry those that feel differently but I like this game's story more than I like the story for Baldur's Gate 2 and I love the characters even more. There isn't anyone I dislike so far.
  8. How do you want it modified? Just cropped for use in game? (in which case - easy) Or do you want something more in-depth (in which case - not so easy, afraid you'll have to ask someone else) In case it's the former - see below (I also sharpened the image slightly - if you just want a straight crop or includng more of the image, let me know - or download a copy of GIMP for free - it's easy to learn to crop and resize) Just something for use in the game, thanks!
  9. His father was a general during the French Revolution, I put a picture of him up earlier. He is the only black French Major General in history, or at least the only one to lead soldiers into battle. His mother was a slave in what is today Haiti and his father was a French noble which created the perverse situation that in the Caribbean he was a slave but in France he was an aristocrat. Fortunately his father moved back to France and he entered the military like a noble do. The rest is history. Chevalier de Saint-Georges Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges (French: [sɛ̃.ʒɔʁ
  10. It is to me. The game is set in a former colonial frontier, where the colonist exploited and enslaved the natives... Usually it this point, it turns into a "black and white" story\morality (pun intended), with the white devils who are corrupt, evil and without any redeemable qualities vs the brave and courageous people of color who are all saints and philosophers. So yeah it is good to see a splash and mix of history as reminder that human nature isn't bound by skin color or circumstances. In our case vallian culture belong to the oldest, most advanced and expansive empire. They are elitist
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