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  1. The thing about Game pass is that once DLC gets released in 6 months you have to come back and pay full price, and it all snowballs from there really. It's not a "wow it's $3" thing because you are going to be cancelling and uncancelling your credit card subscription every time you want to play with DLC and they get you that way. Which is why I bought it straight up
  2. Strongly beginning to liek this game even more than Pillars. Moving away from the Armor class system to Pillar's nest of ridiculous saves and the accuracy system was a mathematical complication that was not needed
  3. Real talk nobody actually has any of these GPUs in their fingers to benchmark, the same warning about never preorder *ever* applies just as much to these GPUs
  4. Got the email for shipment, but my tracking email has been either mail merged badly or otherwise, because the field for the tracking number is one long string RRD Priority Parcel DelCon DDU RRD07056*************** Did anyone else get the same style of tracking number? Can't get any combination of tracking numbers to work on a number of sites
  5. So I just tested, apparently Obsidian still haven't patched this issue in for 2.0 RIP. My framerate climbed massively in Nekataka when I went to 3 CPUs
  6. What's even the point with a list of weapons not linked to a particular build. That'd be almost useless really. You want to see gear in context.
  7. I don't see why Whispers shouldn't be S tier, you should be assuming that the weapons are being used in classes built around them, the proper way, at the end of the day. Also Chromatic Quarterstaff love me some power levels, forgot that item was around at all.
  8. They're still great guides, like some items are misplaced maybe, but it's top quality content.
  9. Still hilarious that for anyone who backed by ordering a physical guidebook it'd have been quicker to not back at all and order it off Amazon after release. That said hopefully I get a tracking email sometime soon.
  10. Yeah I shamelessly take the side off my case and point a leafblower at it. It works, just need to make sure you don't hold it close, and I use some blutack to immobilise my CPU fan so it doesn't get spun by the blown air. A leafblower is a wonderful thing, especially if you have to clean your sidewalk in autumn
  11. Pretty sure releasing Tyranny in the same 30 timespan as Battlefield 1, Call of Duty, Titanfall 2, Dishonored 2 was what really caused it to underperform. It does have serious legs though, but if it had been delayed to January it'd have sold probably 100k more full priced copies I reckon
  12. https://www.growly.io/investing-on-fig-insight-from-a-veteran-investor/ This has the details from the original FIG pitch. Basically FIG stops paying back once Pillars 2 on Windows (not console) including DLC, returns 14 million dollars. There's a big ole breakeven at 580k copies. A big ole breakeven. Now, keep in mind that this is at an average selling price of 24 dollars or thereabouts because of the storefront margin of 30%, steam sale discounting of the title, etc etc, so they assume on average each copy will be 24 dollars. The original 200k is obviously much above t
  13. I looked at the original figstarter docs for investing the 1k, their original prospectus was based around the 500k-600k mark as the break even point in 2017. The 200k figure is taken from the steam sales though, their overall returns will of course be higher because DLC, but Pillars 2 is definitely a marginal product financially, a very marginal product.
  14. Yeah Pillars 2 sold like a dog RIP. Obsidian are probably going to make back their budget but only just, apparently both the level of press coverage was far lower and maybe the May release date. Pillars 3 very unlikely.
  15. Game needs to ship I think it's 500-600k copies to break even. Currently at 220k according to leaked steam numbers because of the math bug.
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