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  1. Been playing since the patch with my melee cipher, and while at first I was concerned, the changes have been pretty damn good. For reference, I'm using Tall Grass with the weapon focus talent, soul whip damage talents, and two-handed weapon focus. On PotD, I've been able to deal decent damage, quite easily, to gain enough focus to cast several high level powers in combat (only access to level 5 powers, still costly but doable). The increase to mental binding means I can lock down a more dangerous foe for longer, and even make the largest brute on the field my focus battery. In one figh
  2. Reporting in on this issue as well, GoG release. Doesn't happen on every character, but Durance and Calisca are affected by it. Not sure if it's related to the sound loop you get with the scroll closing, that was goddamn awful. Although closing and opening the game helped with that issue...
  3. Unlocked my Royal Edition on GoG, since the differences won't be in game, and I like having all of my IE games on one platform. Additionally, the downloader is better for getting the goodies where I want them. I unlocked my Hero edition on Steam to preload it. I would've liked to share the second key, but I don't know anyone who plays RPGs, let alone CRPGs, so why not make the best of it!?
  4. I've posted my Chanter below, for anyone who's interested! Got it from the post on /r/projecteternity, found in a gallery here: http://imgur.com/a/eOhqV
  5. Yes, you got it right - you can download from GOG and install game offline. Steam, as I explained above, does not allow it. This also means that if GOG goes down - you still own your games. If Steam goes down - you loose everything, as you don't own any games on Steam, they're basically rented to you (that's they way they are bypassing European Union laws). From other arguments on why should you pick GOG instead of Steam.... No bloatware. It's just you and your game. No overlays, no huge application running in background, nothing transmitting data in and out of your PC. That's not so
  6. I myself am on the fence. While a majority of my games exist on Steam, all of my IE games and D&D games are found on GoG, as well as the Witcher series. It'll also be where I probably install TW3 from, since it comes with more goodies and a better price than Steam can offer. It will also be MY copy of the game, which is kind of nice to know, and not just a licensed copy. So either you have Steam: - Convenience - Achievements - More active forum base - Easily take and upload screenshots or GoG: - Your own copy, not licensed - Doesn't require internet access or downloading patc
  7. I would say that the Chanter is still the best bet for the point you made "I think chanter would still make the best PC for survival and RP checks in dialogues and scripted events". For the first playthrough, you want to get a nice rounded experience, especially in a story driven game, and the Chanter might lend itself to unveiling the story moreso than the rogue or cipher. Of course, this is speculation, but it feels right I suppose. Besides, in the end will it really matter? You know you'll play through at LEAST 3 times. Choose whichever you will enjoy the most the first time through, th
  8. I played as a DPS chanter in the BB, and it was quite different from what you were considering. I created a necromancer chanter, that primarily used a rod, with envenomed strike when needed, and then focused on Debuffs, summons and then damage in that order. The stats were max Might and Intellect, to get the most out of my invocations. As he would be in the backline, I didn't worry about Con, Dex, and so I went with Resolve/Perception at the same level, as that fit my RP for the character. He played amazingly well, and the summons were fun to make use of, especially to give flanking bonuses.
  9. Even so, the fact that these are produced days away from the full release seems to suggest that these are meant for the actual game, especially since no one will have access to the BB after that time.
  10. While the concept is nice, wouldn't it be prudent to wait for the first day patch and everything to make sure nothing has been changed that would affect class builds?
  11. That's actually exactly what I was looking at; to have a character that would be able to navigate dialogue options freely to affect the pacing through RP, not so heavily in combat. A call back to Planescape. Except they claim the stat-based dialogue options are spread equally and aren't even necessarily the best choice. So honestly this means making a combat ineffective character for nothing. 'Normal' dialogue options (and reputation options- benevolent, rational, cruel, etc) seem more suited to RPing than 'you smell, so obviously no one would bed you.' Not that Might/Int is combat ine
  12. Those are also decent stats for a Chanter tank, who you can then bump up lore, stealth, and mechanics with. My first character will probably be a chanter with those stats, with minor adjustments for Con, Int, Per, and Res, Int and Res being the highest and Per/Con trailing. While Rheingold pointed out that they are a mostly passive build, the joy will be in the out-of-combat experiences such as exploring the world and getting to know the people around it. Don't let that fool you of course, as summoning a drake into the field is awesome, and that's where your damage will come from.
  13. I think only Holy Radiance has reputation mechanic and not the deity specific spells. Each deity has a special ability, such as Hope Eternal (Eothas), Prey on the Weak (Skaen), Inspired Flame (Magran), etc. Each deity spell gives a weapon accuracy bonus and a special effect. For example, Hope Eternal gives an accuracy bonus to Flails, and a spell that heals and reduces fear duration. I agree with the OP that a small buff to these spells would be nice. Alternatively, it may be nice if those deity spells also increased in power akin to Holy Radiance. Ah, I missed that distinction in
  14. I believe they do become more powerful as the game progresses, at least according to the in-game description and gamepedia. It's quite possible that they are weak in the beta because of a lack of reputation. In the full release, I would assume that the abilities will become much more powerful as the party aligns itself to the priests reputation requirements. Of course this is speculation, but I would hope it to be the case!
  15. I would say that combat happens so quickly, that it might be better to stick with that spread, and move some points from constitution over to dex, since they get a 'low' bonus to endurance. Since they'll probably been in the back lines, it shouldn't be much of an issue. If it is getting hit, then something's already terribly wrong!
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