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  1. I've stopped backing games few years ago. Been burnt a few times and also suffering from KS exhaustion. Intend to keep far away from crowdfunding. I rarely even touch Early Access. Thats not to say the devs aren't reputable and the game will turn out a failure, i have confidence in them to deliver but now i prefer to buy a game after reading reviews and playthroughs.
  2. Playing Shadow: Heretic Kingdoms. Kinda bored now cos i'm waiting for Tyranny, Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Stellaris Leviathans release. Any recommendations for RPG games? I don't mind if its cRPG or ARPG etc as long as its not too old, is not an MMO and is somewhat entertaining.
  3. While this is quite likely correct, it shows a fundamental difference in how DoW 1, 2 and 3 are approached. The two original games didn't actually concern themselves with balance and competitive play that much - sure, these aspects were hardly ignored and a lot of resources were invested into at least sort of, kind of balancing the races so that multiplayer remains entertaining, but entertainment was always the main concern. As I see it, Dawn of War 1 and 2 wanted to portray two slightly different aspects of conflict in Warhammer 40k universe, and they wanted to do so with with style fitting WH40k. They were games which brought this universe alive, and focused on details which throw off balance but add in substance and differentiate DOW games from your usual "Units dat stand in front of each other and shoot until one of them falls over" - this attention to detail and utter disregard to esports was why I always preferred my Dawn of War games to ... Majority of RTS really, including both StarCraft games which always felt incredibly sterile to me. Well, lo and behold, Dawn of War 3 now feels rather sterile from trailers. On the other hand, let's be fair - Dawn of War 2 was a very different game from Dawn of War 1 and I enjoyed both. I won't condemn the game before it's released. But thus far, watching a gameplay video from DoW 1 or 2 still feels fresh, the games feel very ... Relic-like as Relic have always been kings in making thematically strong RTS games. Gameplay vids from Dawn of War 3 feel like watching Generic Rts no. 106 with cool unit designs. And even if it is good - let's just say StarCraft 2 is also considered good and it bores me to tears. Agreed. Even if its good, it can never compete with Starcraft 2. From the day WoW was released till now, there has never been a WoW killer. Same goes for Starcraft 2, never was an RTS that could be the Starcraft 2 killer. And again with DOTA 2, despite coming in late into the market(behind LoL, HoN etc), it is still massively more successful than other MOBAs out there, there never was a DOTA2 killer. DoWIII can attempt to take a bite out of the RTS pie, but in the end it'll just be wishful thinking. At best they'll end up having a very small multiplayer community like in DoWII, maybe slightly bigger. At worst, the game will be dead in 1 or 2 years turning into a cult classic where people only play heavily modded versions. It has been proven time and again across all genres.
  4. Go back to DS and DSII. I thoroughly enjoyed DSII. DSIII had so many things wrong. Go back to the drawing board and play DS and DSII, the magic is there, then make DSIV.
  5. I'm not one for survival horror though i do love watching playthroughs of them. But all that i got out of that Agony trailer is damn huge red boobs lol...
  6. Don't really like the direction Relic is taking with DoWIII. They're going for the competitive RTS gameplay of Starcraft II. Even the gfx, animation and art are drawing influence from SCII. Looks aside, i dislike the new RTS mechanices in DoWIII. It is too fast paced the way i see it, again just like Starcraft II. More focus on macro management with micro being the determining factor that differentiates an average player from a pro. Units are expendable strategically and build orders are crucial to set up your strategy and flow of battle, moreover for replenishing your blobs of army. The underlying gameplay itself moves away from DoW and DoWII, it is adopting Starcraft II playstyle. Does not feel like a DoW game anymore. Although i'm not an expert in SCII, i am only a low tier Gold Rank in SCII League but i know SCII gameplay when i see one. Next is the unit upgrades & skills, squad leader upgrades and hero upgrades. These are the defining features of the DoW franchise. In DoWIII it is hardly there. Unit upgrades(burner, heavy bolter, plasma, lascannon) have all been separated into their own units. Basic Tactical Marine squad still has option for burners but it is now a "skill" rather than a standard loadout. Unit upgrades in DoW and DoWII encourages thoughtful planning for unit progression and preservation while unit skills gives players flexibility and ability to counter no matter their army composition. DoWIII totally removes this mechanic. Unit upgrades and unit skills go hand in hand and should not be dumbed down. Squad leader upgrades(sergeants, commissar, warlocks etc) also removed. Squad leaders are important tactical decisions for players to make due to their buffs and adds an additional layer of tactics to the gameplay, players need to judge the right time and place to requisition them and prioritize which squads need that squad leader upgrade based on the battlefield situation and resources available. Finally Hero upgrades, more prominent and fleshed out in DoWII, it can radically change entire war tactics just by swapping to different Hero loadouts. It is a core gameplay element in DoWII and to a lesser extend in DoW. Different war gear bestows an assortment of buffs and skills that define various types of strategy and tactics. Disapponting that DoWIII relinquish these mechanics in favour of SCII macro/micro. Then there are cover mechanics and garrisons. Its been overly simplified into domed shape shields, capture the point style. Even DoW's cover mechanic which seemed so basic offers much more tactical options. DoWII nailed it with the cover mechanics though i'll admit it won't necessarily work in a game like DoWIII with large scale battles but it is possible to tweak it to reasonable amounts of micro. Theres also so far a lack of garrisons or garrison mechanics as a whole. It might actually already exist in DoWIII but just not shown. That said, garrison mechanics is another must have feature imo. Gives infantry units an edge against certain tactics and army composition and adds a whole new stratagem to gameplay. Finally we have base building. It is a late mission of the campaign and they only have access to the most basic form of base building. Essentially there are only barracks, vehicle factory, headquarters and listening posts. Even DowII with the lack of base building in fact has an in depth, well defined base building element in the form of a variety of turrets(with arcs), relay beacons, bunkers, webways, banners, icons and whatnot. We need meaningful base building, something that is relevant and applicable to battlefield tactics and strategy. DoW and DoWII had a nice spread of useful structures like minefield, various turrets, relay stations, bunkers whatnot to create chokepoints, defensive positions/outposts, retreat/form up areas, to fortify strategic points. Basically strategic buildings that complement different tactics. There are also other minor mechanics missing that could have enhanced gameplay. Like Relics, it should also make a return in DoWIII, it should not only have requisition points. Having Relics adds another competitive resource for players to fight over and account into their strategy. DoWII had an equivalent system with capturing relay towers which grant points though Relics are a much better mechanic. And theres also air units, DoW had a very shallow system for that and it was absent in DoWII. With DoWIII returning to large scale warfare implementing air units and aerial combat mechanics introduces more creative gameplay. Furthermore air units, air support is heavily canonized in WH40k lore, they always play a major role in the battlefields of WH40k. Honestly aerial mechanics should be done from the start instead of via later expansions(like in DoW and Soulstorm), get the foundation built up and solid before expanding on them.
  7. Have always wanted a Warhammer 40k MMORPG. Sadly Dark Millennium got scrapped.
  8. Whats the state of the game now? Kinda been wanting to go back to Swtor but at the same time reluctant to lol. I quit Swtor ages ago before the F2P. It was a great game especially the singleplayer stuff(companions, quest etc). The MMO component though was terrible. The balancing in Swtor was horrendous, it was biased towards jedi/sith in both PvE and especially PvP. I remember during launch and months after launch, everything was wielding lightsabers and not only because it was cool but because lightsaber classes were OP as hell. Plenty of PvP guilds prefer jedi/sith classes and their team tactics revolves around such classes. Was tough for my Vanguard, Combat Medic or Scoundrel to find a spot since they weren't optimal for competitive PvP which was what i was aiming for. There were 2 or 3 instances where I was accepted into the team but was told to swap to jedi class. Went along with them with a Jedi Sage but i soon left as i didn't want to play a Sage. In the end i ended up jumping on Raid Guild bandwagon. Ironically though, Raid Guilds love non-jedi/sith players LOL. I was shared between 2-3 Raid Guilds like a whore. Funny thing is that i'm bad at Raids/PvE, i'm the PvP kinda player and i usually do reasonably well in PvP but when it comes to Raids, i get scolded a lot lol, like in WoW. However the sad fact was that its not because non-jedi/sith characters were good for PvE, its because they do not compete for rolls on jedi/sith gear lmfao, thats why they take in a raid scrub like me. Jedi Sage was the most solid healer but they'd take a Scoundrel or Combat Medic just to reduce the no. of competitors for gear. On the brightside, i geared up on full raid gear in the shortest time possible since i'm the only 1 rolling for it. I've never played a game where its so easy to get raid gear till i played Swtor LOL. Per raid, i'll get like 1-5 pieces. The 3 classes i played always was the most geared in the guild, its hilarious. And the best part was i was able to acquire multiple sets of raid gear for offspec/alternate spec. Raid gear at that time was superior to full PvP gear if its mixed set(PvP+PvE gear) so that was plus too. But yea, the biased and balancing issues lead me to just quit Swtor. Is it different now?
  9. SC has been off my radar for a long time eventhough i'm a backer. Their marketing is flawless and evil LOL, i really don't have enough capital to keep spending. I kinda regret too for investing a substantial amount of money into the game on impulse. Besides, i kinda expected it to delay launch a couple of years and i have no qualms with that. After you recover from all the hype, nostalgia and dreaming, you realize that the scale and detail they're aiming for is beyond ridiculous imo. Don't get me wrong, its good that they had so much planned for the game but devs need to be realistic imo. I've no doubts the game will launch sometime in the future but whether it'll be successful, meet player expectations and also able to sustain a healthy enough playerbase for the longevity of the game is the thing i'm most concerned about. The higher you climb the harder you fall.
  10. NWN multiplayer was the best imo, great community, mods, servers etc. However i like the new mechanics in NWN2 like the party system and i kinda enjoyed the storyline more than NWN. NWN2 had a better singleplayer experience imo.
  11. I can't comment much on Mechanics and Balancing so i'll just throw out content based suggestions. 1. More classes. Preferably classes unique to PoE series. 2. An expanded and colorful multi-class system. 3. Romance options. 4. Dedicated modding support. 5. Multiplayer/Co-op 6. DM mode like in Neverwinter Nights series 7. Multiple storylines, diverging paths. For example choosing to be a conqueror in Act I will put you on storyline A but locks you out from B and C including the playable areas in them, maybe you could visit the minor areas.
  12. I'm having the same issue. However its with my companion Kana. I had this issue twice. The first instance was when i was at my stronghold for a hearing with Berolt at the start of Act II. After sending him off i swap Kana into the party and suddenly there were 2 Kana. 1 was naked standing beside me, the other was in my party with gear on. I saved and reload but Kana disappeared from my party and from my game. I reloaded to a much earlier save and it was all fine, i've also reinstalled the game to be safe but towards the end of Act II, it happened again. Swap Kana into the party at Copperlanes Inn, he was naked. All equipment and items gone. I don't have anymore working saves. All my previous saves were bugged too.
  13. I don't really get that. Character writing has always been what Avellone does best. Well, that and just generally tearing existing properties into little pieces. personally i am waiting for the 2mln stretch goal... Same here, could really use a DM/GM mode. Sword Coast Legends is horrible and a disappointment...
  14. Having same issue here too. It bugged for both my playthrough saves. Started 2nd playthrough to avoid this bug but end up bugging another skill. So i just gave up playing and am just waiting for a retrofix.
  15. Grinding Age of Wonders III

  16. Thats good news. Alignments were cool when it was first implemented but in the end its literally a hidden resource and pigeonholed players into specific routes...
  17. I wouldn't mind if they delayed it to 2015 really. Lost of KS games are doing it im more or less used to it. So long as the outcome is a damn polished product. Now if they gonna delay it to 2016+++ then, all hell will break loose. I haven't had a decent rpg since Baldur's Gate or something... I can afford to wait a bit more...
  18. God no. None of that random Diablo type loot drops please. Hahaha, i love grinding. Good stuff needs 90% effort and 10% luck. But yea, not many people like it.
  19. I'd go with a few options combined: For non-set Legendary, make it a extremely rare world drop. (I'd rather not have non-quest World Boss dropping Legendary, it should drop lower tier gears) For set bonus Legendary, make it acquired through a string of epic quests that leads to killing an epic boss. (i.e. it is not farm-able and cannot acquire multiple)
  20. I'm really against an MMO version. Swtor couldn't pull it off, TESO lost steam etc... Theres a suite of SP RPG lore games that went MMO route and was lackluster or failed miserably... I feel SP RPG should remain SP and seperated from MMORPG... What makes a great RPG is its inherent SP component too while MMORPG focuses on totally different mechanics, design that only applies to MMO to make it successful, which usually involves slaughtering the aspects that make a great RPG...
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