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  1. Hah! Getting the bestiary XP as a half-measure toward combat XP was the fanbase's big victory during the backer beta. Now we're complaining it's too much.
  2. In my party, Aloth and Hiravias switch out with each other, since I use Hiravias mostly as an offensive caster. Edit: I answered on the assumption that you didn't want to cut Sagani for sentimental reasons. Objecively, she is the obvious choice.
  3. At the end of the Built to Last quest, it's revealed that creating Forge Knights involves binding stolen souls to them. Because I have Benvolent-3, Dunstan comments that he's surprised I'm okay with it. Well, I'm not okay with it! But there doesn't seem to be any option not to go ahead with the plan. Is there an alternate resolution I'm missing?
  4. I'm starting to feel this myself. My second playthrough will definitely be on Path of the Damned.
  5. You are assuming a system in which everyone's abilities use spell slots, which isn't the case in this game.
  6. It's completely freaking me out that the poll options are not meaningful answers to the question in the subject line. Q: Is it fun? A: Yes, I did. [redsocialknight's brain]: AAAAA THE WORLD MAKES NO SENSE
  7. Nope, you can decide not to do the pre-buffing, save time and start offensively even if pre-buffing is possible. That is obvious but pointless -- sure, some fights might be so easy that buffing doesn't matter because you're going to faceroll them anyway. That doesn't change the fact that pre-combat buffing is never a negative. In-combat buffing is always both a negative and a positive -- you must decide how to use the scarce resource of combat action. That's what makes it an interesting part of tactics, rather than just busywork you have to go through before every fight. Buff or attack in combat: interesting decision, fun. Buff or don't buff pre-combat: boring decision, not fun.
  8. Yes, this is irritating -- not so much with the character models as with the sparkly combat effects obscuring who is where. I frequently pause combat and then click back and forth between portraits trying to figure out who is standing in which green circle.
  9. I love this feature. Pre-buffing is obviously an advantage to the player, but it's a boring advantage. It's a no-brainer. Buffing in combat is a strategic trade-off -- buff or attack? It's nothing to do with "balance" (which is kind of meaningless in a single player game) and everything to do with keeping combat active and interesting
  10. Probably not, but... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwWnx91Rq_E
  11. I'm pretty deep into Act 2, but I don't think I've noticed any in-game effects from the various regional reputations yet. Am I failing to notice a vendor discount in Defiance Bay, or something similar? Or are the reputations mostly just window-dressing?
  12. Yeah, I was totally expecting to get the bonuses from all my buildings at Brighthollow rather than having to pick one.
  13. Yeah, that guy is a net zero prestige/defence and costs more money than the hirelings who are a net positive. Unless you're desperate for defense for some reason (I haven't yet encountered persistent damaging bandit attacks, so I don't know if this'll ever come up) I can't see why anyone would use him.
  14. As far as I can see, down is down until the end of combat -- with the exception of the "Second Wind" ability on the armor Eder comes with (which my PC snagged and has been wearing ever since).
  15. Well, before the game came out I saw no need for romance, but now I've met Durance and I can't rest until I become his FIERY WHORE. Make it happen, Obsidian.
  16. Really? I saw a lot of critical response to the Beta -- particularly to the attribute system, combat XP etc. Sawyer stuck to his guns in many cases, and made modifications in others. One point of agreement: yes, perpetually speed-sneaking is a little irritating. Really I don't she why trap detection shouldn't just be a constant passive for those with sufficient skill. There's no meaningful in-game trade-off to having it on or off other than player convenience. Personally, I do always sneak into fights, but there's no reason parties have to be built that way -- you mention that you have a rogue, and obviously sneak attacks are a style of play suited to rogues. But a party that had (for example) a front line of two fighters and a paladin, and a back row of two ciphers and a priest should have very little trouble just rolling into combat without too much maneuvering beforehand. The design of the game does make control of the battlefield central one way or another -- and that's a feature I like a lot. The rest of what you're saying I just can't agree with at all. The magic system is great. I rely on buffs, debuffs, and CC constantly -- I don't know how I'd get through fights without them. And my offensive spellcasters, Aloth and a PC cipher, are according to stats my primary damage dealers by a comfortable margin.
  17. Interesting. Chimes play a significant role in defining one character -- the Grieving Mother -- but Sawyer didn't write her, Avellone did.
  18. To his clubfooted child said Lord Whipple, As he poured his post-prandial tipple, "Your mother's behaviour Gave pain to Our Saviour, And that's why He made you a cripple." (Hey this one's actually kind of PoE relevant)
  19. A pious young lady of Chichester Made all of the saints in their niches stir When she knelt down at Matin Her behind in pink satin Made the bishop of Chichester's britches stir
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