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  1. Unless they're permanently pissed off from a long-ago stronghold defense fight that killed previous versions of themselves, after which I hired new ones, that's not the case here. I'll be coming up out of the Endless Paths to rest, and they're all "I've had enough of taking orders from you! Time to die!"
  2. Sometimes when I walk too close to my hirelings in Caed Nua, they go red and attack. It doesn't really matter since I can always just reload, but it's weird. And once I got a series of notes in the combat log: "Pallegina has engaged Goldpact Knight in melee" etc -- but in fact in that case they just stood next to each other not attacking. I haven't seen anyone else mention this -- no one else has noticed it?
  3. Yeah, and you can't leave the area til combat ends either. I had one case where my last survivor was running in circles hoping the mobs would give up the chase, but they never did and I just had to reload.
  4. Personally, I find the oo-me-so-evil companion type as much a boring cliche as the white knight or the Spunky Kid Sister Type. If it's something people want, great, but to me it's a step backward.
  5. After cheating my way through Grimrock 1, I made a solemn vow not to use any walkthroughs at all for Grimrock 2. I kept that vow. Unfortunately though, I'm kind of dumb, so I got stuck on a puzzle like two hours into the game and had to stop playing. Alas for me.
  6. Jesus, yes, and the same goes for the stash. I actually like the "realistic" loot system with enemies dropping the actual equipment they were using, but does create a mountain of five-copper items to deal with. If you are giving us unlimited storage that will very soon be stuffed with hundreds of identical hats, for god's sake stack the identical hats, or at lest group them all together so we can sell them all at once.
  7. I'm at 70 hours at the end of Act 3. I decided to finish Caed Nua, so I expect I'll be 80-100 by the end.
  8. I play my PC cipher like that too, just because a gish with finesse weapons is my favorite character type. I still roll face but I also die a lot, so I think this is a good idea. And it makes sense that you'd have to be close to drain people's brains.
  9. Well, that's fine. It's good to have a setting-specific magic system, with mechanics that emphasize how souls work in Eora. However, being a Cipher works so similarly with being a Watcher that even characters within the setting get confused about it. I think it would have made sense to just combine the two: eliminate Cipher as a separate class, but roll the focus mechanic in with the PC's special Watcher powers -- beefing those up considerably. Cipher/Watchers would be as rare in the setting as Watchers are now -- and this wouldn't require much of a change to the story, only the removal of Lady Webb's detectives. This would clarify the lore, make the added story opportunities for a Cipher PC available to all players, and help with the balance problem. Too lat now of course, but it's what I would have done. I currently roll with two Ciphers in the party, and I'm a tiny bit scared for my second playthrough, which will be PotD and avoid the class altogether.
  10. Cool concepts, but no reason to restrict access them by class. All this could be done with utility talents that boosted crafting/enchantment/traps etc.
  11. A simple split between two or three development paths would be a step back for a system like this. Characters of the same class should be able to end up in very different places at max level, but they shouldn't be locked into one of a few templates -- progressive choices like talent selection should have enough of an impact to really change the way a character plays. (At the moment, I think the effect of talents is a little too small)
  12. Minus the rocks (which would actually be more of a Palestinian Child background), the peasant weapon specialization is already in the game.
  13. I don't think they need to uproot it. You could simply add in a bunch of race-specific and nation-specific class talents -- giving players the option to nationalize or racialize a character as much or little as they like. But it would be nice to have talents with a bit more flavor, like the New Vegas perks. The ones in the game now are a little drily mechanical. Ha! Jinx.
  14. I'd like to see class specializations tied to national origin. Is your Barbarian a Naasitaq Wanderer from outside civilization, a Rauatai Pillager from the fringes of civilization, or a Aedyr Anarchist born in civilization but rejecting it?
  15. Pirate (or Swashbuckler, my very first BG2 character from way back when) would make great sense as a Rogue kit or specialization.
  16. Yes, more customization rather than more base classes is what I'd like to see.
  17. A couple of minor things: I fast traveled from Hearthsong to Anslogg's Compass, which took two full days. During the trip I had my first "supplicant" at the stronghold, but he got tired of waiting and left again before I arrived at the new map, so I never got a chance to accept or reject him. This apparently hurt my reputation, since I later got a message that "people are beginning to forget that you ignored that supplicant and your reputation has recovered. It's not the end of the world, but annoying. Also, I exited Brighthollow and one of my hirelings went insane and attacked me. So that was weird.
  18. According to Steamspy, 308K people own the game on Steam, and according to Steam achievements, 16% of owners are backers. So, very very roughly, that looks like about 250K Steam sales.
  19. I find encounter design of that kind gimmicky. You just have to die once to figure out the trick, and then it's easy.
  20. No need to wait, just enchant whenever you get the materials. You'll have more than enough of most materials -- I made some spirit-slaying stuff and an alternate beast-slaying set etc. The only caveat -- I've only found a couple of sapphires.
  21. On a related note, everyone in the game says WOAD-ikka, except for Durance who says WOULD-ikka.
  22. I have two. Unfortunately, the Confusion spell is just as overpowered in the hands of enemy wizards as it is in my own. Even hiding in the back ranks, my PC and the Grieving Mother nearly always get caught at the edge of Confusion's effect, and then I just have to wait it out. AoE charms are a thing that should never ever happen.
  23. Sensuki has written a number of long posts about the game over at RPGCodex. He seems to dislike everything about it! I also find the encounters fun and the combat tactical -- which I expect is because I'm the worst.
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