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  1. Thanks! A fantasy Earth, in the same way that Tolkein's Shire is intended to be England, even though there are no hobbits in the real England. Science fiction frequently features other planets, but fantasy usually takes place on a slightly different Earth -- one that has elves and/or dwarves and/or dragons and other creatures not found on the real Earth, one where magic works or where praying to a god or gods gives a priest magic spells.
  2. Here on Earth, we have 24 hours in a day. But on the Pillars of Eternity planet, they have at least twenty-FIVE: Wow. I hadn't realized that this was supposed to be taking place on another planet. Is there a backstory for this that I've missed?
  3. This is important; I missed a lot of party interactions before I realized it. Now if I use the map to send them someplace, I pause, click on where I want them to go, then go back to where my characters are before I unpause again; I hear a lot more party banter that way.
  4. It's hard to win because you're supposed to resolve the problem without bloodshed. The game doesn't reward you for slaughtering people; it rewards you for figuring out problems.
  5. There's a gender field on Nexus? Where is it? I looked at my profile but don't see anything. For the record, I'm a woman, I use the IE mod, and I made a huge pile of mods for the first Witcher game.
  6. If you have Eder with you, there's something you need to do in Defiance Bay that you can only do once your reputation there is high enough.
  7. When I entered the tower, the game said that I used the password that I'd gotten from the Acolyte in the Temple of Woedica. You could try going back to the Temple and talking to the guy who's practicing; I think he's the one who gave me the code words.
  8. The patch is available on GOG. Some people aren't seeing it until they refresh their account, but it's there.
  9. The dispositions are on the character sheet as soon as you actually have dispositions. I found that I had to say something benevolent two or three times before "Benevolent 1" was listed on my character sheet.
  10. You don't put the hood on manually, via the inventory; you put it on with a dialogue line. I think it's when you click on the door to enter that you get the option to put the hood on via dialogue line if you have it with you.
  11. I haven't met Grieving Mother yet; I'll look forward to that, since people seem to like her so much. My Durance almost never says anything. Given what he's prone to saying, that's a good thing... I could listen to Pallegina talk all day; I just love her voice, or maybe her accent. I really like both Eder and Aloth. I keep wanting to get a miniature giant space hamster for Eder, since he likes animals so much. And I really like Aloth and feel sorry for all he's been through and all he's still going through. But then, if you look at my avatar, you'll see I have an affinity for
  12. She moves after she gives you the quest to fix the lighthouse; she's closer to the lighthouse than she was before, just a few steps outside the door to the place.
  13. I haven't run into any serious bugs so far, just a minor one.
  14. Lumdala is part of a quest called The Final Act, which you get from a cipher in Hadret House, once Lady Webb invites you to go there. If you haven't been invited yet, just keep following the main quest line, and it'll happen eventually. If you HAVE been there, then try talking to some people in the house besides Lady Webb, to get the quest.
  15. Maybe this map can help orient you: http://guides.gamepressure.com/pillarsofeternity/guide.asp?ID=29872
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