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  1. This is great news! I'll be able to donate more once I get my next pay check. Whats wrong with an old submarine ?? Well i like your idea
  2. Anyway to adjust combat speed ? More than it is allready... there are only slow /fast..
  3. Sen, Can you name the top 3 rpg you played please Just curious to see if i missed one of them.
  4. Its hard to find this forum..Ill bet not any knows its here.. please move it to : https://forums.obsidian.net/forum/87-pillars-of-eternity/ and move ; The Baker Beta thread to this subforum. The last entry was 14 april...
  5. Bet Sensuki could answer this, but guess he has moved on to another path...
  6. I don't play GTA V or Bloodborne so there's not really any other new games to talk about at the moment. The next upcoming RPG is Serpent in the Staglands, in about a month's time. Which reminds me, I should probably go report some bugs for them. Do that, because you aint gonna get a job at Obsidian..............Guess thats why your so pissed at this moment....... But you have what i takes though...
  7. Sen, are you really done with this game ? Meaning , dont want to play it because it sux or whatever ? Just to sad to see all your great work with the bugs and stuff, and then suddenly you dont want to do this game..
  8. My Wiz has 17 in Perception... Shouldnt that be enough ? Im in stealth mode.. Got it !11 Mechanics it is.. Hired a Rouge with 8 in Mechanics... It helped Please close.
  9. Cant find that switch that should be on the wall !! ?? Is it a Bug ?
  10. So are all the firearms. I'm sure they just brought down to be in line with the other slow but hard-hitting weapons. I havent even used a firearm in this game.... Why ?.... Because its not suitable for this kind of game
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