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  1. I DO. Rarely, aside from the (mostly purely RP-reason) Drinking of Eder and some others, but I could do without. They simply do not last long enough to be worth the effort (cant use them in a pinch, and rarely you know ahead of a figght that you`ll need them). So yeah...not the most exciting or welld esigned "foodstuff" I must say. ^^
  2. While I am all for a reintroduction of a way to actively improve Accuracy, I am against using perception as its only generator. Splitting it between 3 Attributes (for cc, ranged and magic) should not be harder at all, and if the bonus is small enough /say +1acc per 2 points above 10 or so) the overall impact on builds should not be too huge (but positive overall due to making choices count more). A respecc in any case is a good idea, after all we dont want everybody to cry over "crapped Characters" do we? My Deflectionmaxxed Paladin with perception 19 for example would be a wee bit .
  3. That would be the best Solution lore/RP-wise, yes. I doubt it`ll come to that, but I would very much prefer this path. On general: I agree with the OP: Spiritforms need (a little to mediocre) nerf early on and scaling increases during levelups, eventually with some more (good) Shapechanger feats. If it was up to me I`d make the form at will, scratch casting while changed (or at least limit it, but scratching is easier) with some feats to differentiate them. For example: Civilized Spiritform: All non-armor-non-weapon-item-bonuses work while shifted. vs. Primal Spirit-Form: No
  4. Nah, Belkars not sadistic. With one or 2 exceptions maybe. Cruel and (especially) Agressive, thats him.
  5. Seems pretty inconsistant for me as well. Mostly its around one Game Day, but sometimes one rest (with a total of less than 12 hours) somewhere in the wilds is enough to cancel them.
  6. Give Pathfinder a go then. Its mostly optimized, debugged 3.5 with FAR fewer exploits. @ OP: Then I`d suggest going Legends of the Sword Coast.
  7. Of course it can be adapted. The question is: Why? As I see it there are 3 valid reasons for doing so, in order of "makes sense to me": 1.: You want to play PoE in a Pen and Paper Group. An Adaption to the D&D 5 System is easy, the CLasses can be adapted simply, the Lore and World need not be touched. Probably going to try such a thing for one of my groups, although we vastly prefer Pathfinder to D&D 4, and as far as I`ve seen it so far, 5. 2.: You like the Lore a lot, but do not really like the System and want to PC-Adapt the Ruleset. Not as easy, as it involves (re)prog
  8. Hmmm, since you actually show the exact opposite profile to me regarding the Games you mentioned (only thing that made NWN 1 worth it, in my opinion, was Expansion 2, which was simply epic), and I am more or less THE Player type targetted by this Game (BG1+ Player, liked them all, loved ToB and Planescape Torment (despite the crappy Rule implementation in it^^) and likes tactical approaches and detailed control of the party), I`d say: Try it, but dont buy it yet. It is probably not really up your alley.
  9. Sigh.... Troll is trolling. Not to say that PoE does not have its ... flaws, both if viewed as inofficial "new BG" and as its own Game (and some of them, like the incredibly boring encounters 90% of the time for example, or bad Talent balance, or MinMax Heaven that is attributes are not close to making me "rage"), but none of the ones mentioned in this abysmal post are among them. As we say in Germany: "setzen, 6!"
  10. If you do "Subquests", ergo take the longer/more torough path, you usually get more XP, or some Money, or Items. But as far as I can tell (Act 2) its not MUCH.
  11. Dang, and I hoped that there WAS a reason to go for a Ranger now..... I just cannot get the Picture of a (restatted of course^^) Wolf Companion holding down an Enemy an ripping its throat out while his master dual wields Pistols slightly behind and blazes away out of my head....
  12. That he is. Either I really was blind last timne, or he actually only is there at certain times (which I doubt). Thanks.
  13. OK, so I am doing smaller Quests in Defiance Bay, and Final Act wants you to speak to three people. The one called Osy, who is supposed to be visiting a Whorehouse (Salty Mast) in Ondras Gift is simply ... nowhere in Ondras Gift. I walked through that area 3 times yesterday evening. Nowhere any Osys. Am I just blind? is he somewhere else?
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