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  1. This is probably too big a change to make post-release, but what about simply having ciphers start combat with zero focus? Too me it makes more sense with lore anyway, since they're supposed to depend on draining soul energy to fuel their powers -- why would they walk around fully charged?
  2. I built the prison at Caed Nua as soon as I could. But I've just finished Act 2, and I haven't yet been given a chance to imprison anybody. Did I miss anyone in Act 2 you can put in the dungeon, or are they all later on?
  3. You have really strictly limited combat items. You have an unlimited stash -- which affects nothing in game balance but convenience.
  4. Well, they must be at least fairly happy with the sales, because according to Twitter, they're hiring.
  5. I remember reading that there's a specific landscape painter the art director was inspired by in choosing the palette and quality of light for the game -- but I can't remember who it was and I can't find the link anymore. Anyone have this info?
  6. You get XP for fighting new types of enemy -- until you completely unlock their entry in the bestiary, after which you've learned all they can teach you and you don't get any more XP. The first several times you kill a new type of monster, your combat log will show what percent of the bestiary you've unlocked for them.
  7. I've been playing steadily every night since release, and I haven't finished Act II. Some of us are durdlers.
  8. I did skip a couple of rooms on the way out of the Skaen temple, and was very happy to have the freedom to do so.
  9. I let the Vithrack live in the Engwithan ruins under the lake. Did I give up my only chance for a "soul vessel" to complete the quest with the stone heads?
  10. I stealthily stabbed Lord Harond and then snuck away. How am I getting either positive rep with Dyrford or negative rep with Defiance Bay? The whole point is no one knows I did it. Also, I'm super-irritated that I didn't get the opportunity to ruin him but let him live. Also also, kind of distressed that Aelys didn't make it to the chapel of Berath like I told her. Did the beetles get her?
  11. I pumped Int on my cipher, but all he ever casts is Mind Blades so it doesn't do me a bit of good.
  12. I've never met a multiclass system I didn't try to break, but I don't think this game is really meant for it. The class mechanics are too specific: keeping track of Focus, Wounds and Chant verses on the same guy would be just ridiculous -- even the icons are in the same place on the portrait. It's something I can see happening with a more generally reworked class system in a sequel three years from now -- but not an expansion.
  13. Here's an idea: pet death actually inspires the ranger to berserk rage -- for a brief time followed by a debuff period to avoid abuse of the effect.
  14. PoE monks aren't supposed to be the "karate kids" usually associated with this class name in other games. They're supposed to be more western-styled ascetic monks who gain power through sacrifice and mortification of the flesh.
  15. God, this thread is trolling me so hard. I'm actually curious to know what the sales figures are, so every time some twit bumps the thread to whine about the dirty quatrain (it's not a limerick!), I get suckered into clicking by the optimistic hope that there's some on-topic information being posted. And I suppose I'm now doing the same thing to someone else with this content-free post!
  16. Oh ... is THIS why I always have to rehire hirelings after every time I defend the keep? They're turning hostile and getting killed? I can't be expected to keep track of every blue circle!
  17. I don't know how scientific this is, but according to Steam 17.2% of players have the "Kickstarter Backer" achievement -- so we are a sizable minority of the game's Steam audience, but still a minority.
  18. I think they should make the Brighthollow resting bonuses stack. It wouldn't be that unbalancing -- the best you could end up with is a +1 to all stats which is good but not huge.
  19. There's no real reason to tie scouting to stealth. It should be a passive based on the Mechanics skill.
  20. This shouldn't come as a surprise -- an entire new source of XP was added late in development. It's natural that they didn't have time to completely rebalance the game after bestiary XP was added.
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