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  1. I think I got that one purely by chance. It's not good but.. It's what little growth and trust she shows.
  2. I can't answer this one. I enjoyed both quite much, but for extremely differing reasons. These games just seem insanely hard to compare in somewhat relevant manner. Push comes to shove: If you forced me to pick one and I had to make no justifications, I'd say I enjoyed Wiedzmin 3 a bit more. I'd place PoE1 above Wiedzmin 3 though.
  3. Since you are using GoG, I think this is possible: I'm using Galaxy at the moment, so this is done using that: 1. Go to Deadfire tab, on "More" click up "backups & goodies". 2. pick the version you want. The patches are there, as well as release version. Download the back up. 3. Uninstall (??) Deadfire. 4. Re-install Deadfire. On Galaxy click "More" and go to "Settings" turn off automatic updates. 5. Install the patches you want manually. 3 & ??: I don't know if you can do this without uninstalling Deadfire, I assume not and I'm not too keen to try out honestly myself, sorry. I don't relish the chance of having to download a lot of stuff again. But I think this should work.
  4. As far as I know, nope. Doesn't exist. I know I tried my best to make her less loony and more reasonable.. Nothing sticks. She is a fanatic and fanatic she stays regardless.
  5. Ixamitl plains for me. My watcher is a philosopher from there and yearns to return to his homeland after he was driven away by religious folk, due to his last work and magnum opus "In the defense of compassion". More seriously, Ixamitl, because my watcher is from there and I have far too little knowledge of Ixamitl. Also, they have that strong tradition in philosophy, which would be really nice to explore given the events in Deadfire.
  6. I'll refer to your points with numbers, because I don't want huge quotes. 1) No. 1% chance of always miss, 1% chance of always crit are negligible. They are meaningless. And why add more power to the rng in general? 2) No. I like the idea of Dampener being "dispel" - not caring about whether the effect is positive or negative. Magebattles that devolve to nothing but stripping off the layers of defence one by one were never fun or good gameplay, even in BG2. 3) No. This leads prebuffing, and we know where that leads. Also, if you could save resources you know what would happen. People would leave easy encounters alone, just to farm resources for harder fights later in the game. And this sounds even more stupid than prebuffing. 4) Maybe. More micromanagement in casting and optimizing INT, I don't see this as a really good thing. 5) Maybe. The idea is not inherently bad but a little meh. I could see this one working. What I would personally like to see? Making casters reasonable, and if someone doesn't do it, I might mod it in myself. Remove per encounter casts and put them in line with the rest of them. They get a resource just like every other class (maybe double the growth rate?). Spell cost is either the PL (if resource growth doubled) or PL/2, rounded up. Give all spells + 5- 20 accuracy bonus, scaling with power level.
  7. I'm mainly a Wizard guy. I voted PoE2. Truth of the matter is quite not so simple. In a way I enjoyed PoE1 better from caster perspective. PoE2 for other classes. Casting as a wizard, priest or druid is as far as I am concerned, the most broken thing about PoE2 right now. And while I enjoyed PoE1 system, I think it was not a good system, by any means. I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of moving past really outdated systems. But this current system does not, in my opinion, work. I might be crazy, but I really wish Obsidian had made casters resource-based too. And screw the ****storm that would have followed.
  8. Getting pretty much the same issue. Returned souls to the Wheel. I even got the item from Berath, but at Ashen Maw, when reuniting with my soul, it says I returned them to their intended bodies. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qqh1vn3rwyf4na0/AAB_j0VyJXMp6X4SOtJeN0k-a?dl=0 A dropbox folder, the save from PoE1 I imported, a quicksave in Ashen Maw before the discussion with Eothas and one proper save just after. Hope this helps and this issue gets fixed as soon as possible.
  9. Well, yes, but multiclassing potential is also what makes a class strong, in my opinion. And druid/priest comparison is mostly because they are the closest to Wizards, and I would say, simply because of how much they can do, they pretty much are currently above all others. (Or would be if they had enough non-situational stuff to use). I've mostly played a multiclass wizard, but let's see. PL I: Fleet feet (+5 dex always good), Chill Fog, Spirit shield excellent spells (+ concentration, use if casting a big spell in-combat). PL II: Miasma is one of the strongest debuffs as far as I know, Veil is a amazing panic button (+ concentration, can be used pre-emptively for big casts). Lance is a good nuke. PL III: Dampener is insanely good, fireball is good, minor blights is amazing, expose vulnerabilities is excellent. Bounding missiles is decent. For spellblades and Battlemages Ryngrim's Visage is so good it's not even funny. With patch 1.2.0 DAOM is back! This is a stupid powerlevel because everything is so good. PL IV: Reflection is situational, but nice. Ironskin is good but lacks +concentration. This powerlevel has the +elemental passives. Pick up at least one. Summons are always good. PL V. Enervating terror is to die for if you like to stay in the back row. Call to Slumber is great, Helpless beast is situational but good, Malignant Cloud is very good. PL VI: Gaze is still insanely good. Freezing pillar, Chain Lightning and Piercing Burst are all damn good. and so on and so on. What to do ? CC the damn out of your enemies, reduce their deflection and armor to pieces. Make sure you aren't interrupted and and while your enemies are helplessly lying in the ground or screaming around terrified or puking their guts out as they are sickened blast them to pieces with everything you've got.
  10. Does anyone care to speculate, beyond the quoted post, why Wizards are most popular in the poll? I am asking because I do not get it and perhaps I play them wrong. Well I answered Wizard. Some reasons I have for this is: Compared to the other caster classes: you have 2 extra spell for every power level for free thanks to Grimoires. The other caster classes only get 1. I can't remember a single power level from wizard tree that was absolutely subpar. I think both priest and druids have such power levels, but I'm not too bothered to check up on that. Generally a very good spread of AoE-nukes, singletarget-nukes and best CC in the game (both AoE and single target). Then there is the equipment: Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry is stupid. Wizards are very versatile in the roles they can fill and specialise in -> good multiclass potential. Extremely good PL IX-X abilities, meaning single class isn't out of the consideration. And while in some ways there was a bit of an effort in Deadfire to make the Caster/non-Caster class discrepancy smaller, 2x casts/spell level means you can be constantly casting, if you have something worthwhile to cast. And a Wizards do. You can pick a situational or generic-use spells. and use what you need. That's my take on it at least.
  11. You can head to Deadlight right after Port-Maje, and he will still tell you about Remaro even though he barely knows you. The only difference between the quality of his motivation and Tekehu's is that you are okay with one character but dislike another. If you want to talk about companions who don't have proper motivations to join you, look at Eder who goes back to Adyr to reunite with his parents if you don't finish his quest in the first game. Yet in Deadfire he is suddenly by your side because reasons, even though he doesn't really owe you anything. He can decide that you get things done based on your initial encounter with Benweth and his head scan. And he's still 100% more suited to your real mission than Tekehu is. As for Eder, regardless of where he was at the end of PoE1, he's not there for you- he's there for Eothas who's up and walking around. I mean. I like Serafen in a way, but I've no clue why he is in my crew and sticking around after the whole deal with Ben & Remaro. He has... no reason. I don't know about being more suited to my mission. He doesn't seem to care about it too much.
  12. I'd like to point out, again, that Castol wasn't in it for the money. He talked money to the VT Board, but money is second in his mind. he did collaborate with slavers, which is reprehensible, however considering two of the other factions did the same I can't really hold it against him, especially since it seemed as if he genuinely disliked not only dealing with Pirates, but slavers as well. @Daggerknight To me it isn't just what's best for the Deadfire. Frankly, the places seems pretty much ****ed no matter what. So I took a step back and looked at what would be best for the world. If all options are just about equally bad, may as well pick the one that benifits the good of the rest of the world. Besides, the Deadfire is part of the world. Castol is one man, how many Vailian governors there are? How many of them are dedicated to what Castol wants? And Castol's position is precarious enough, even if the immediate threat is removed. Don't get me wrong however. I think the VTC is the second least-worst. My love for science is quite possibly blinding me there. And even then, I see Deadfire getting screwed over. Vailians don't care about the Deadfire. It will be stripped bare of resources by Huana hands who see nothing of the gains, until there is no more resources and they are abandoned. The hope is for the rest of the world. I consider the Huana the least worst, as I've made pretty clear before. That gives the natives of Deadfire a chance. It's a small chance, likely it won't be taken and Deadfire gets screwed over. But at least there was a possibility they could've made it work.
  13. Poverty with an opportunity to rise is not nearly the same thing, and not all societies actively embrace classist thinking let alone put religious significance to their classes. Well, to paraphrase the Durance, "the last thing the Deadfire needs is another foreign incursion." If you can convince yourself that you're doing good and that it's your place to decide, I guess there's no stopping you. I'm pretty comfortable with a free-for-all ending, myself. If the Huana want freedom, they're going to have to figure it out for themselves. when nobility are still a thing class decided by birth are plaguing everyone and everything ofcourse it must be corrected but don't choose side between huana vtc and rdc has no significant effect on that No. Nobility didn't litterally, at a systemic level, force the poor to eat garbage. True, doing that has been the modus operandi of the worst class/caste system ever. The one touting about merit and freedom. The system where the "official" classes have been torn down but still de facto exist. The one that heaps praise and more wealth on the wealthiest while stomping down on the poor. Telling the poor it's their own fault.
  14. I really, really hope not. I haven't played DoS2, but I played a bit of DoS1 and... It wasn't bad. But it wasn't good either. I can't stand voiced protagonists. Full VO is I think one of the worst decisions that was made for PoE2. Co-op, please no. What I really loathed in DoS was that "emergent gameplay". Meaning have random barrels everywhere and make combat something that revolves around using the barrels to maximum effect. Oh please no never that again. I have a deep, deep hatred towards barrels nowadays just because of the few hours I put in DoS.
  15. It almost seems like you consider communism a negative? Their prize-share system is deeply flawed. The whole culture is deeply flawed and the caste system is horrific. At the best of times, it seems to work relatively well, but this is not the best of times. However, they are the indigenous people. It is their land, this is beyond question. Now we as players see things rather differently but the Huana, for all their faults are one of the more sympathetic factions. But that is due to perspective one can gleam from being outside Eora. What has colonialism and imperialism wrought in our world? The RDC with their "White man's burden"-arguments, the VTC with their "East India Trading Company"-shtick. We have external knowledge about how these things have a very good chance of going. In the end, trying to curb those colonialistic&imperialistic ambitions is work done to prevent Deadfire from turning into the Middle-east of Eora. But honestly, this was probably the best aspect of the game. All the factions are pretty horrible.
  16. I've been avoiding doing this post for a while, but eh. I think I must do it. Looking at the location, maps and what Ukaizo is like, I think it is rather obvious that Obsidian ran out of money and/or time. I think this is beyond questioning. And I can't blame them too much for that. It happens, it's the facts of life and game development. It doesn't make it right or good. I can see a way Ukaizo could have been an awesome location and a final dungeon. It wasn't but I can live with it. I don't mind personally the last confrontation and that it doesn't lead to a fight. Somewhat anticlimactic endings can work and I do most passionately disagree with the assessment that inactive/powerless protagonists are a sign of bad or inexperienced writing. This is not the case. Doing that well is another matter entirely. And whether that kind of narrative fits videogames as a medium another. In general, I would argue that it doesn't. There have been some games that have done it well, and many ones that have tried it to one degree or another and failed badly. The problem, and I have a huge problem with the narrative of Deadfire and this is something that really becomes apparent in Ukaizo is that.. Deadfire is an interlude. A middle part of a trilogy and not in the "Empire Strikes Back"-way. I can see the myriad of reasons for how it came to be this way. And while none of them excuse it, it makes sense. PoE 1 was a personal story, with a huge revelation in the end, but that revelation was made to you, personally. The revelation wasn't broadcasted. You want to use that revelation in further stories. And Deadfire lays the groundwork for that. Would it have worked better as a companion novel? Maybe, even probably. Yet this was the way it was decided to be done. I don't think it's a bad narrative or ending even. Unsuited for the medium, maybe. Suffering from being an interlude, certainly. The groundwork has to be done somewhere and PoE 1 was, by the nature of what it narrative was like, a hard one to make a sequel to. I can't fault the team too much for not doing a better job. TL;DR: Ending and Ukaizo were lackluster and disappointing and showed the underlying issue in the narrative. Yet I understand why it came to be that way. Makes the disappointment far more palatable?
  17. "Casual game on PotD"?! Given that on release PotD was the only difficulty with even a potential of being difficult enough that you can't alt-tab out of all combat and let the party members auto-attack everything, that isn't as ridiculous as it might sound. EDIT: And I'm not, in general a PotD player. I played mostly on veteran in Pillars of Eternity and struggled. Struggled the right amount for the most part too. I'm not the guy who wants that "You need to sweat/cry/bleed bucketfuls to complete the game"-difficulty anymore. But I do want a difficulty where I have to pay some attention. Preferably enough that I can't alt-tab out and win everything.
  18. How far in the game are you? They don't appear often and you can go long stretches without one, there's also some that are quest triggered. Done Hasongo and most factions are one quest away from going to Crookspur. I've gotten the quest triggered ones, but they aren't really random are they? Could be I have just had very bad luck this second run, but on my first time they triggered pretty evenly. I even spent 30 minutes today running from exit to exit and district to district trying to get them.
  19. I started a new playthrough with 1.1 but for some reason I haven't seen a single one of the random encounters one can get in Neketaka. I expect this would be some sort of a bug. Has anyone experienced similar, found a fix or am I the only one suffering from this?
  20. My opinion is both yes and no. Eder and Aloth I like. I got some callbacks, some additional info on them, what they did after Thaos. I would say I got too little of that and in a way the problem with them is that I got to learn practically nothing new about them and particularly Aloth (who I admittedly used very little) was kind of dealt with in 2 conversations. I kind of understand this however. It is a problem with recurring characters. Serafen: no real opinion. He was nice, but short. Didn't really feel like I got to know him. Xoti: Xoti I liked and her story-arc I liked. And I mean I liked her writing. Her, as a character, I didn't like. But I like not liking characters. She was no Durance, which of course is "bad". Because Durance I loved, but comparing them, just because they are priests isn't perhaps the most fair thing to do. Tekehu: Again, another one I liked. He was invested in the story. His personal story was meh to say the least, but discussing what he should do, now that was interesting and his character arc worked. His story was kind of more spread out, but still very short. Maia: Maia is where it gets hard. I liked her arc and story. But her writing was otherwise... uninspired. She just wasn't engaging. But finishing her personal quest felt like a punch to the face, which is a great thing. Too bad it came from such a bland place and the resolution and possibilities were, uninspired. Pallegina: Oh, Pallegina, Pallegina. This is where it gets hard. Her personal quest? Really uninspired. Ending-retcon (Which I approve of. Retcon if you must, I would've loved to see a kind wayfarers Pallegina, but if it makes for a better story, retcon away.) that wasn't really used. Her general interactions I liked but some of her fire seemed to be gone. I wished for more exploration of the mores of Vailian Republics through her and we got nothing. She was nice in general, but lacked the passion. And the retcon. I can't not speak of it. As I said, I approve of it, in principle. BUT and this is a big but. It was not used in any way. I can understand the devs wanting a Valian Republics loyalist in the party. That however is not incompatible with Pallegina being cast out of the republics. There was this huge potential for a very, very tragic storyline with Pallegina. Being disgraced yet still a loyalist. A patriot at heart having done what she thought was right. But it plays no fact at all. And this is what irks me with Pallegina. She isn't bland, really. Or badly written. It's just that there was huge potential for her storyline, that was not used. In general I guess my feeling about the companions could be summed in that. Most of them had potential that was used or not used to varying degree and at least seemingly, favouring the latter.
  21. Okay, I only skimmed the thread, sorry if what I'm going to speculate is, well, already here. The way I see it is about this: The engwithans created the gods, possibly through some sort of animancy, or maybe they "ascended" to godhood. Not all of engwithans obviously went that way, missionaries remained, as seen with Thaos. In regards why it would be a big deal whether the gods were created or not? I think that one was obvious, people are going to be pissed at being lied and manipulated. There are other implications to the gods being created too, like, hey, they can be uncreated (killed). Eothas in particular was the precedent for that. Also, they were created, so, really, do they give answers to the questions they claim to be the answer to? The big ones I mean, who are we? Why are we here? Of course the answer is no. There is also the matter of these gods meddling in mortal affairs, what right do they have? Instead of nice semi-benevolent creatures that are a part of the natural order of things they are these tyrannical created constructs screwing people over. The big questions I had were: Just who is Thaos and why was he, well, who he was? Why Woedica was the god Thaos was most closely allied? Do the gods know they are created? Well, Thaos, I think was one of the guys who came up with the plan, did the deed and made sure the great lie kept rolling. It gave him meaning. I agree with the position that he was rather a tortured soul. In regards to Woedica: I think this just comes down to what the gods are, how they were created. Woedicas aspect is justice, she is the god that embodies the idea that led to the engwithan-solution in the first place. Thaos and others created her so she would be willing to break the rules, to make sure the lie will never be discovered. She is immutable, justice through any means necessary, but that justice is cold. She is the embodiment of an argument for moral absolutism and "any means necessary"-attitude. The plan of empowering Woedica: I think this was a new development, triggered by the saint's war. The saint's war showed to Thaos just how flawed the plan was. It just doesn't work. So, instead of admitting that and giving up, he and Woedica decide that their previous solution was too soft. So the plan was: Restore the Queen that Was to the Throne (that she probably never held). Usher in an age of absolute peace and justice. They realised they couldn't change the people the way they wanted just by preaching about the gods, so take a more active position and force them to become what they wanted. Do the gods know they were created? Possibly, the more I thought about it, it doesn't really matter, apart from Woedica. She has to know so that my theory works. She is the one that cares about it. The rest of the gods, I don't think they know, or if they know, actually care. In the end they are quite "stupid", being so locked in their aspects. Take Wael for example; He'd think it as just another mystery to found out about, still, he probably wouldn't meddle too much and allow it to be found out, why would he? His whole thing seems to be just kicking back and let things happen, maybe spark some interest?
  22. Don't know if this is a bug or just, something the devs didn't notice while cleaning up, screenshot here: Not really harmful or anything, no crashing etc. Just weird, Shows up only when tabbing, as the npc is hidden by the wall? (I assume it's an npc.)
  23. Okay, yeah. the favourite games and why, I had to like your post PJ. We do seem to share quite a lot there. anyways. Here I'll go: 1) Planescape: Torment - I mentioned in the good, bad and ugly thread that I consider it the best game, yes, it's combat is quite bad, it has it's defiencies pointed out by people in the G,B&U thread better than I ever could. Still, the quality of the writing, the atmosphere, the storytelling, the way it did grip my imagination and pulled me right into it, how it actually did use the mechanics it established very well (IMO). 2) Deus Ex - Quite good writing, (arguably) good mechanics over the board, good gameplay, good storytelling. I personally didn't much like the conspiracy-theory thing, never have, yet I didn't mind that aspect because of the way this game yet again pulled me into it's world. 3) X-com or UFO: Enemy Unknown, depending on where you live - This might be considered something of the odd-man out. It simply occupies this position because it actually is a game that to me almost perfected the mechanics in it's particular niche. I love it. what can I say? 4) Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magica Obscura - Oh dear, Arcanum, how I love you? I love arcanum, I admit it. I love the world, I love the story and writing, though not quite as good as some games. I love, above all, the character creation. I love my odd characters I've used to complete the game, more or less, the beatiful half-elf woman, the electrical engineerging gnome called Nichol Tesla. Every one of them. So much that I don't mind one of the worst UI:s ever, one of the most broken combat-engine ever. 5) Witcher 2 - Good gameplay, most of the time, the world is different and thrilling and the quality of the writing is exemplary. I do like the twitchy gameplay though I suck in it. But it is the story that really gets me in the witcher 2. Sadly, I got into the Witcher with the second game - I tried the first. It wasn't the graphics that got me (I really care nothing of graphics) but ther weird semi-twitchy combat that I couldn't stand, which is quite weird, considering I could deal with arcanum's combat. I just couldn't get past act1 IIRC. 6) Vampire the masquerade: Bloodlines - In the vein of Deus Ex. Except with much, much more broken system, sadly. Yet still, I wish I could place it higher on the charts, and on a different day I probably would. I do love this game, it just is one of the better ones. Even with it flaws, namely, most of the end game. After the sewer the game just falls apart. But still. This one is one of the good ones. It did pull me right into it's world, once again. 7) Spec Ops: The Line - This probably should be far, far, higher up, but it's been such a short time since I've played it, and I haven't been able to quite fully process it yet. Let's just say that it was a game that affected me quite a lot. And this is the part where rating gets real difficult. So, I'll just clump these together. Baldur's Gate 1 & ToSC Icewind Dale Chrono Trigger (seriously, one of the most beatiful games, ever) Final Fantasy Tactics ( fantasy war of the roses, yes please!) Final Fantasy IX Um, more than 10, I couldn't help myself. Bsically, games that really pull me into their world. Well-written and rounded characters, good writing and good storytelling, believable worlds, writing that doesn't consider me an idiot, if possible writing that allows my character to be quite the genius. And, quite a lot of different genres, What I really care about cannot be defined by the genre. And there are a couple of examples of just games that really do the gameplay part right. Games that have so great gameplay that it just amazes me. Ps. PrimeJunta: Näköjään täällä kohta suomalaiset tekee jotain foorumivallotusta, pitäis varmaan itekki aktiivisemmin postailla ja lukee. PPS. Primejunta, given the games you seem to like, if you do read and aren't afraid of tackling series with quite large scopes I do recommend Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen to you, I've got a feeling you might like it.
  24. BG & ToSC I think may quite well fall into the category of games that you really had to play it when it first came around and be impressed by something about it back then. So, umm, nostalgia coloured glasses may be required? It hasn't really aged well. Yet... I'm willing to admit, I like the original BG much, much more than BGII . I might lament the dull copy-paste environments, the broken & repetitive combat, the fact that I have to turn my brain from logic-mode to AD&D-mode, I even don't like Forgotten Realms as a setting. What then, was it about BG compared to BGII that really makes me go back to the original rather than the sequel every once in a while? For me, it really is the exploration, trying out different parties, playing the game in different ways. The RP, making my Gorion's Ward whatever I feel like doing this time, trying out some character-concept. BGII on the other hand... I always felt was too restrictive. The quality of the writing in general was superior to that of the original but, it wasn't spectacular enough for me to return to that story every once in a while. Trying out different characters fell always flat because of the plot, it forced my character to care about Imoen (I as a player didn't particularly care about her) it forced my character too much into certain things. IWD & IWDII: I really liked and still like these too. Awesome portrait art, the games where I didn't have to import my own portraits. Oh, they were linear dungeon-crawlers, but as such, really entertaining, and even the story really wasn't bad, it may have lacked in characterisation but I didn't mind. PST: THe game I return to every once in a while because of the sheer amount of awesome it is. Seriously. I think it is kind of sad that it still is the best game ever made. It's been what? 14 years and not a single game has had a story quite as good, art & environments as great, music so haunting, characters so likeable and well-rounded and sympathetic, a game with such a good story&gameplay integration and storytelling that takes such a good advantage of the medium. (Okay, Deus Ex did the last part well too..)
  25. Requiring to have a intrusive third-party program that, unless properly configured starts at launch is so subtle DRM that people don't notice it? Um. Not so. I kind of gave up on my Steam & DRM hate for a while, given that a lot of games that I wanted required steam. So I gave up. I soon got my hate-vigour back when steam updated a game I had even when I had specified the auto-updates off and if I recall correctly, I was even running steam in offline-mode. The problem was, the update broke the game for me, in addition to breaking the mods I had. Never again to Steam.
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