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  1. Fighter is probably going to be my first. Almost purely from mechanical stand-point. Fighter probably just is going to be one of the hardest classes to screw up completely. A class that I can use throughout the whole game while learning and getting comfortable with the system and still be fairly powerful, thinking via the companions and how they work about what kind of character I should make next, what kind of build. The it is probably going to be a wizard. Or chanter, or cipher. Those really are the classes I'm perhaps most interested about. Or if I can make that cynical, disgruntled excommi
  2. Yeah. The core four. The fighter, as per OP, in IE games, they tended to end up as quite boring, but still, powerful. Hit things, hit hard, endure punishment. Simple and effective. This design did have some upsides and downsides. Sometimes things could be both. The Fighter didn't need very much micromanaging - time that could be used to manage classes that needed it. And yes, you could micromanage the fighter too, perhaps even increase his effectiveness somewhat by it. Given what I've gathered from the posts, in PE every class will have these pseudo-magical soul-abilities, I don't think th
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