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  1. Not really. The amount of exp needed for each level ramped up pretty steeply so if you got a level 1 wizard or whatever she would quickly gain levels until she all but caught up in a pretty short time.
  2. Well sure if we take it to an extreme conclusion, but that is not even relevent here since P:E already has a selection of playable races. I was saying something more like 'give us a limited choice of races but make that choice have a significant impact'.
  3. And they have not even showed us models of the characters yet to even justify the discussion. It is a general pre-emptive strike against other games Obsidian did not even make.
  4. Well it is not like every single man in fiction is the hero. What character exactly are you referring to here?
  5. Just culturally. In earnest anyway. But I guess now that you mention it, it gets used as a tasteless joke sometimes to show a character is really backwards in how they think about gender, like Eric Cartman or something. Or people trying to troll women so I guess it is still around.
  6. Is "women in the kitchen" really still a norm? I hardly ever see that one anymore. Well maybe in some cultures.
  7. Well I don't dislike half breeds. I just always prefer cRPGs do fewer things and do them really well. Fewer races mean your race can potentially mean more as the developers have more resources to make each race distinct. So I would prefer we not have half breeds. But that is just me, it seems like a ton of people love lots and lots of choices even if those choices do not actually impact much of anything.
  8. Well...except for the Ravel and company. But PS:T was also stylized way over the top. The main male character was always wearing a loin cloth or whatever and the men had huge shoulder armor and other things emphasizing their body builder physiques. I did not mind it in PS:T. In most games those outfits would have been absurd though. It is a question of tone and so forth. Also the graphics back then kept PS:T from really being erotic.
  9. Well the context is important. If everything is highly over the top and stylized then it fits in fine I suppose. It is ridiculous when there is an otherwise more serious world where that sort of thing happens. But it did not happen in the IE games or KOTOR 2 or anything else BIS/Obsidian did so I do not think this has much to do with P:E.
  10. I think games should, and in general they do, reflect modern sensibilities. The reason I feel this way is it is just too soon, gender inequality is hardly something distinctive to the medieval world. Also we do not want any disadvantages to come to the players who prefer to play female characters.
  11. I loved the Bleakers. One of my favorite factions. Anyway I think being atheistic in a setting like this is asking a little much, we cannot expect them to include large variations of theological philosophy here, but surely you can not actively be religious/worship any particular God?
  12. Oops what I found crazy was the sheer awesomeness of the Tarrasques abilities. Not what you were saying which is spot on.
  13. Unless they do something stupid like use the 4 million to finance a triple A title, this is not going to be a triple A title. Period. But I don't think that will negatively influence the game much. There will be no full orchestra or big name Voice Actors or anything like that though. Which is fine with me, plenty of other games to get that sort of thing from.
  14. Well it is not about agreement really it is just the nature of the beast. I find it pretty distracting myself, especially as graphics become more realistic, being presented with sexy bodies all the time (like wait what was it I am trying to do here?) . As for a realistic and immersive world, I just ask that the world obey its own rules and has a certain internal logic to it.
  15. Well there is no reason at all except for fanservice (Well...and creatorservice). But people like that stuff. The fanservicy races are always the most beloved and played in MMORPGs. This is entertainment after all. As for real people...I don't know that they didn't. People wear/wore all kinds of weird crap into battle and out in their normal lives. I have no idea why the Ancient Gauls charged into battle naked and why at one point in the Middle Ages men wore shoes so long and pointed I have no idea how they walked in them (and that was considered sexual, the church condemned it which only made said ridiculously impractical shoes more popular).
  16. One thing that kind of concerns me is the 'Adventurers Hall' thing is going to keep Obsidian from making truly weird and unusual. No Miraluka/Sith Lords/Wizards who are on fire/floating sculls likely this time. Or not. Maybe they need to be to make up for the fact the NPC companions will not be customizable. So I guess what I hope to see is 'none of the above. Surprise me.'
  17. Yeah I have no idea. The female characters in Obsidian/BIS games have always been awesome so do we really need to state more than 'keep up the good work'?
  18. Well, as you say, it depends on the artistic style of the game. If people are wearing crazy artistic weird clothes, like say PS:T, then weird stuff like Annah's outfit is no big deal. Likewise if the men are fighting in loincloths then women in chainmail bikinis is not going to bug me. But yeah if the men are wearing full plate then lets stay consistent here. But I think the good people at Oblivion understand artistic motif. I mean expect most of the characters to be sexy, this is fantasy after all, but lets not go overboard unless we are going overboard as an aesthetic. From what I remember from women is they do not mind crazy sexy clothes on the females so long as the men get the same treatment and that's fair. And generally I think that is what they have gotten from BIS/Obsdian in the past.
  19. That's funny. I never even thought about it because it seemed so obvious they just forgot about the letter from the first game. The idea that did it as some sort of vast secret history is highly unlikely. They just messed up. Now we can still try to reconcile them but if they really meant there to be this big secret story there they would have hinted at it in TOB.
  20. Yeah that dungeon is going to be amazing. Heck I would be interested in this game if it was nothing but a 15 level dungeon. Instead we get two huge cities and a game world...plus that dungeon. That is crazy.
  21. I have always loved Avellone's style. He is the main reason I backed this project and plan on following its developement.
  22. Yeah I am thinking of the dungeons in the IWD series. Or Durlag's Tower. You know just much bigger.
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