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  1. 3.6 million is not much money to publishers these days. I suddenly get this image of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers WE SHALL DOMINATE THE INDUSTRY WITH *zoom* 3.6 MILLION DOLLARS. Now if they sell 3.6 million units THEN that will attract lots of attention.
  2. Hopefully we will hear from George at some point about what sorts of things he wants to bring to the project. Very exciting news! Glad to see something so plot and story related being achieved.
  3. I also have a bit of a problem with gender relations and how they are presented as if in the past societies were woman hating, they certainly did not think of themselves that way. Yes they were pretty crap from a modern perspective but people in the past were not modern people and more to the point the women of the past were rough and tough people, it was not like they were just sitting their meekly being repressed for thousands of years. So when you put modern thinking people into a society like that it just wouldn't work. So I am not a big fan of trying to model some sort of historical gender relations thing. Besides that it is just too soon. It is not like those sorts of gender structures are ancient history or do not exist anywhere in the world today.
  4. Well it is not like dynasties fell all the time and sure people had to pay taxes and so forth to the powers that be. And when the lords and states did go over whatever line the peasants recognized as reasonable it did not end up well for anybody. But they also had easy times of the year and were always surrounded by their family and community. People lived like this reasonably happily for hundreds if not thousands of years. I dont find the picture that grim. Sure there were grim times of course.
  5. Is that a fact? Shows what I know. I was thinking it would be more like BG2 or whatever where most of everything was pre-drawn.
  6. We have pre-rendered backgrounds right? So there is not going to be that much customizable stuff. I am more interested in choices that impact plot and characters than just appearance anyway.
  7. I am a big fan of religion in role playing games. Religion is such a touchy subject IRL so it is fun to play with it in a fictional setting. And generally I think RPGs do this really well. But with all this soul metaphysical stuff going on in PE I am sure there will be religion around. I would love to have actual interesting and realistic ethnic and national conflicts and rivalries but generally RPGs do not do great at these. Even though they surround us IRL they require radically different cultures and perspectives and language barriers and all that. Also it is harder to simulate the intense emotional nature and family and blood ties and sense of identity and all that that go with those sorts of things. But if they could do it it would be fun. So I guess those are two things I would find fun and interesting. But at the end of the day what I most want to see are whatever elements from history that enhance the story they are trying to tell.
  8. Is Alpha Protocol supposed to cater specifically to the "real players" and the "hardc0re"? I do not mean for it to have a 'win button' I assumed that it would be a "Very Easy-Easy-Normal-Hard-Very Hard-Hardc0re" setting sort of thing. Yes it sucked. But it was easy and bearable like in Jade Empire.
  9. Are there? I guess I am too distracted by all the ones coming out with horrible twitch based action. I just assumed I did not find it fun because I do not particularly care for twitch based games.
  10. I understand all your points and all I can say is I do not find twitch based fun but I know many people do. I guess I do not understand why both of us cannot be catered to. It is not like there is a massive shortage of twitch action games out there.
  11. I am totally poindexter. I just want to do the strategy and let the character and his stats take care of the tactical stuff. However so long as the game has a suitable easy mode for people who are not action fans that works for me.
  12. As a male or female character, you can sleep with a ton of different people. You can also get married (including same-sex) and later pimp your spouse out as a prostitute. Odd I remember making a female character determined to sleep with every dude between Vault 15 and Arroyo and yet I found it puzzlingly difficult to find shaggable men. Most of them just wanted to kill me. Is that anyway to treat a lady?
  13. How quickly we forget. The previews for Planescape Torment made it sound like TNO was a sex machine and was going to have two women fighting for the right to get inside his immortal pants. Yet the game was nothing even remotely like that. I would not worry about it.
  14. A year? Oh well I have already been waiting since 2003
  15. It is July! Is it done yet? Just kidding. Really excited about the project Josh good luck!
  16. He becomes force sensitive? BAH how lame is that <_<
  17. You can only leave him on the planet if you go Darksided in the ending...and Carth only shows up in KOTOR2 if you chose "Lightside" for Revan in KOTOR1. I think you just chose incorrectly at the beginning of KOTOR2.
  18. An illogical break of continuity would of course be impossible in a Lucas film so there must be some mistake
  19. How far along in the game are you? Because
  20. Yes which is why we must look towards the future and hope Obsidian can continue to develope top selling titles like KOTOR2.
  21. If you are an indespensable employee who the Boss cannot replace and who is needed for the venture to be successful you CAN demand those sorts of things from your Boss. That is the point.
  22. My guess is none. I remenber a Feargus interview were he said people left after FO2 on how he driven that development so I dont think ex-Troika ex-BIS would want him as a boss again. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Huh? Troika announced in that thread that one of their former employees was already working for Obsidian
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