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  1. One of the things that makes Kotor better than most of the SW crap is that it has practically nothing to do with the movies. Best to keep it that way. Unless of course they want to suck, in which case more Clone Wars!
  2. If I was a betting man I would put my money on Obsidian eventually developing Kotor III, but there is no reason to believe that they are already doing so. But in any case, I hope in future titles by Obsidian you dont have that feeling alot was unfinished like you do in Kotor II.
  3. Yeah doesn't give you the best sense of accomplishment I admit. <_<
  4. Have you read this thread? Does that clarify anything?
  5. Odd I played it with no problems. However Nar Shadaa is a tough one to figure out perhaps you simply have gotten stuck. I couldn't figure out what was going on either and did some other planets and I came back and then the plot was advanced. That clipping problem sounds horrible when did that happen?
  6. Darth Nihilus was definitly a let down. I was really nervous going in to face him after he had been built up as Death itself. I think it was because I had all three party members against just him. I had Visas heal while I hacked away. No problem. The whole game actually suffered from being just a bit underbalanced. I always felt if it was just a bit harder it would achieve a good balance. Sion and Traya were hard but I didn't break a sweat or anything. I just used Force Immunity/Life Support Pack/Master Fury until they went down. I noticed they did not use Force Breach which would have made it more difficult.
  7. I take it you are not a Darksun fan Mr. Drow? No worries only the land of the Halflings is actually desert as I recall. Games in Eberron would be very interesting. As long as they are party based BG-style (with new and improved technology of course B) )
  8. I dont know, if I had lived in ancient Greece and suddenly appeared in 1700's Greece I probably would not take that long to get acclamated. I mean people still plowed fields with their animals and raised the same olives and rode around on horses and all that good stuff and figuring out how firearms worked would be pretty easy to do...on the other hand if I was a 1700's Greek and suddenly woke up in 2004 I probably would suffer some kind of nervous breakdown as things have changed so radically. The last few hundred years have been the exception in human history rather than the rule. Another example, if I was an ancient Phoenician Mariner from 2000 BC and suddenly woke up in 1840 AD the difference between my ships and the ships they are using in 1840 would be very different, but they are still using wind powered wooden ships. You could argue that in terms of sailing no vast jumps in technology occured between 2000 BC and 1840 AD (well there were cannons and the triangular sail, and better hull design and navigation but all those are refinements on the original Bronze Age technology-nothing a Bronze Ager couldn't recognize)
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