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  1. I was a big fan of KotOR I and II, but II was majorly dissapointing! So many more thing were promised, sush as the Droid Assasin Rifle in the HK-50 quest that would have made HK-47 immortal. Or Bastila's Lightsaber. Or the HK-50 Factory. Or downloadable content (grr x a google, thats 100 zeros if ya don't know, or maybe thats a googleplex, anyway, the bigger one). Skipping over things that were promised or let out is just evil! Now Im a fair person, I know you (or LucasArts) rushed to get it out before Christmas, and thats the problem, look at Half-Life 2. It took 6 years to develop and now make Halo 2 look like childs play (though my computer is too pathetic for Half-Life 2 so I have Halo 2 on X-Box). Also, work out the bugs. I dont think anyone went through KotOR II bug free. I know I havnt, and Ive been through it with every prestige class (for a total of 6 times if you dont know). However I went through KotOR I about 10 times and got bugged a grand total of 5 times. All in the same game (the file got corrupted somehow I assume). So if it takes you guys 6 years for KotOR III, TAKE THE 6 YEARS OVER HAVING A BUGGY, AND DISSAPOINTING GAME! On a possitive note however I can't seem to stop playing KotOR II, hell, Im playing it right now as a matter of fact. REMEMBER: OE please take you time, and if LucasArts tries to rush you, show 'em the birdie (Not really they'll probably firr you, just make it clear you can't be rushed).
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