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  1. Boy does he have that right. I keep telling myself things like do not feed the trolls, do not respond to youtube comments, and all that. But man it is really hard because something is sure to get to you somehow and these are not even personal attacks on me.
  2. Man I loved exploring Baldur's Gate and was a little bummed Athkatla felt sort of small by comparison. But hey eitther way works for me.
  3. Yeah me to and I will not let myself get away with stealing Christ Avellone from myself.
  4. Well in addition to the stretch goal they also supposedly expand the game a certain percentage for each 10K dollars raised. Not sure how they measure that though...
  5. inXile already stole him once for Wasteland 2 now this! I am filled with righteous indignation and outrage! You know if the same people are going to keep working for both companies maybe they should just...you know...become one company. Obsdianxile
  6. For me Crusader Kings 2. Man I love that game.
  7. They are obviously not important parts of gameplay but rather important parts of story telling.
  8. A few missing movies? That is a huge percentage of the movies. I mean it won't ruin the game or anything but why take out very cool content to replace it with nothing? You have to understand how those movies aided in the story telling and tone. There would be elements of the story that just wouldn't be told without those short little clips.
  9. Well...yeah. The Devs design the game the way it is supposed to be played. If it is designed to be incredibly easy then I will judge it to be so. I suppose I could play the game not wearing armor or not casting spells or whatever as an attempt to artificially make it more challenging but then I am not playing the game as designed. Nobody flipped out during the IE games that we couldn't save during battle that I noticed. Or was that a really huge outrage? I don't remember.
  10. Chanter. Bard classes are always a little different and I would interested to know what mechanic they are going to use.
  11. Ok I guess my problem is I always come into these threads thinking we are talking about BIS and Obsidian games. So I get confused. You are bored with the way other people's RPGs have worked in the past? Great but why would Obsidian make somebody else's games? Is that even remotely in the cards? Do you have issues with how Obsidian games have worked in the past? Because it sure seems like their games do what you are saying.
  12. Yeah to a large degree all you should get for good actions is warm fuzzies. Just like in real life.
  13. I can already figure out what I consider moral. What is the role of the game then? When I play a game there are consequences for my actions, I expect the devs to provide those. Who they are are the people who constructed this world. If my actions have no consequences beyond what I imagine in my head then why am I delving into their world? Why not write a novel about my own world? Granted I find 'rationalizing murder and robbing so it is actually good to me' not particularly interesting. But even if you did I expect the people of the game world to disagree. If I went back in time in a game and killed Hitler as a baby I would expect to be prosecuted for murder.
  14. Well in the IE games you could not save in the middle of combat. I certainly hope they do not allow that.
  15. There are all sorts of very rational reasons to wipe out entire cities. History suggests once you wipe out a couple the amount of fighting you have to do going forward is pretty dramatically reduced.
  16. So I should have choices that produce no emotional responses in me? How...um...compelling? 'I want a completely emotionless dry game where no themes of morality play a part' That cannot be what you are getting at but I cannot piece this one together.
  17. If there is no black and white then there must be one uniform shade of grey. Everything is the same doesn't sound very relative to me. If there are shades of grey then something are close to black and something are closer to white then yes? So therefore there is black and white. So...you point is entirely lost on me. Can you give an example of a game that had a morality system you liked. Generally in D&D doing good things for others was considered good and hurting others for your own ends was considered evil. At least that is what I could gather, more altruism versus selfishness than anything else.
  18. Yeah me to. I sometimes enjoy playing the character who has a cause, something he or she has absolute faith and conviction in, because real life is so darn convoluted.
  19. It is done. Funded with plenty of time to spare. Thank you to everybody who donated! I saw alot of you Order of Obsidian types on the funding list.
  20. This game is going to be great, you guys who pledged will not regret this. Getting really close now. Less than $3,000 to go with 6 hours left!
  21. I know heh. I have certainly caught myself thinking during this KS 'if only one QFG fan had gone on to become an eccentric billionaire'
  22. KIckstart limits you to 10k or I totally would! Actually even if I had the money my wife would probably kill me.
  23. 380K! 20K to go in 15 hours. Still a bit of sweating to do.
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