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  1. Yeah it was the best day since day 2. I think the last day is going to be big and should push us over the top but we will see. Certainly the last day for P:E was bigger than any of us could have predicted at the time.
  2. This game looks amazing for people who love RPGs (even ones polluted by Adventure elements (which Fallout sorta was and we loved that right?)) Anyway here is the website for the game itself: http://www.hero-u.net/ And we are at 340K! Still need 60K left but lots of time to do it!
  3. [quote name=Hormalakh' timestamp='1353029012' post='1277777' http://penny-arcade....story-structure Wow something trashing Fall Out New Vegas and praising Fall Out 3. Blasphemy.
  4. Yeah got to rally the troops...if you have any troops to rally. 4 days to get about 100K.
  5. I am an original QFG fan but I feel we are just inundated with games that we feel we should fund, I guess you can't fund everything? Well hold on now. We are starting to see an uptick. Maybe a late rush could get this thing done. It would be really close though. Anybody want to toss a few bills in their direction?
  6. I don't know. It was pretty shocking how streamlined Oblivion was after I had enjoyed Morrowind so much. Even the little things like the competing Vampire Clans, something you would never even know if you never became a Vampire, were absent from Oblivion.
  7. Thanks I posted it over there. NOthing left to do but wait and hope I guess.
  8. It might be too long. The old QFG fans might have moved on.
  9. Dang I don't know if this game is going to make it. I hope for a late push.
  10. I have run into this bizarre bug where I cannot exit maps, the curser changes but when I click the characters just move as if it was a regular spot on the map. I think something in the magma room triggered it, but now even when I load up old saved games it does the same thing. I even re-installed and loaded the game and no dice. Is there a fix to this? I have looked around online and no dice. Sorry for posting this here but this is the closest to a BIS board that still exists.
  11. NOPE. Why would you want this? "Oh, wow look at all the work the devs put into making this building, but too bad this abandoned city will never see the light of day!" Because it would be filled with monsters and treasure and stuff.
  12. I was thinking more like Medieval Beijing after Genghis Khan was done with it.
  13. Well it is because of the culture war stuff I am almost positive. So when the economy tanks you can think those people in the other party. Presuming the Republicans are actually good stewards of the economy, which they are not and have not been since the...um...maybe fifties I guess.
  14. The biggest thing about the gay marriage and legalizing pot in this election is not so much they are actually winning in a few States...it is that it is no big deal they are winning. Man this country has changed alot in a short time.
  15. No interest in this at all. If you guys who want it get it than good for you. I just remember how bad the IE games were multiplayer and if this is going to be the same I would just assume they not bother.
  16. No I do not have the time to play MMOs anymore. The game needs to wait for me, sometimes a few weeks.
  17. Then they would lose their abilities since Good is not allowed for Shar worshippers and Evil is not allowed for Torm worshippers. Then I would boot them from my party for being useless.
  18. Seriously? Does every single piece of media have to be a fight over social issues?
  19. Is it asking too much to request my stronghold be a Ship? Like a warship complete with 20 cannons? With my stronghold I could raid the coastal towns of my enemies. Ok maybe not that far but still...what about a ship as a stronghold? That could be cool.
  20. I thought they sort of did already didn't they? I thought firearms were mainly useful in being one of the few non-magical ways to penetrate a mage's defenses. Or did I imagine that?
  21. Wow. Finally something that makes JRPGs seem at least sorta cool.
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