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  1. Nevermind. Found 'em. Dunno if I missed them the first time, or they just appeared. ...spooky...
  2. Completed all four challenges, clicked on the Pickup Rewards tab, was told that I successfully redeemed my reward, but the spooky dice aren't in my Collection. Played on Steam, linked with my Android account. PFID-CF031CDB6D9E2BA4
  3. Been a while since I dropped by here... I can't claim anything 100+, but I'm still pleased...
  4. Thanks SB. Lookin' forward to the patch. If I let undead beat Lyra up, does that get around the problem?
  5. Device: Android OS: Android 6.0 Model: HTC One M9 PFID#: 1AD368E6C53B9ESB Pass'n'play: off Mode: Story Characters: Merisiel, Kyra, Lem Locations: Merisiel (Woods), Kyra (Farmhouse), Lem (Academy) Turn order: Lem, Kyra, Merisiel Scenario/Difficulty/Wildcards: Brigandoom!, Legendary, Don't recall Card encountered: Jubrayl Vhiski First or subsequent explore: Subsequent Aid from other characters: None Horde?: No. Merisiel encountered the Villain (Lem had just defeated him two turns before). Both Kyra and Lem were at closed locations, so there was no need to temp-close. Merisiel had only two cards in her hand. Being Jubrayl Vhiski, I had to recharge both and, being Brigandoom!, drew two cards (both Staves of Minor Healing). I selected my Backstab power and discarded one of the Staves. The 8-sided die disappeared, as did the skill check display. There was no way to go back, make the roll, or do anything by click the Options and Store buttons. I tried going to the main menu, exiting, killing the PA process in Settings, then re-opening the application and hitting Continue. I came back to a screen where Backstab had been selected, and I was being requested to recharge or discard a card. There were no dice in the play field, there was no check display, and when I discarded a card, I was in a similar spot. I took a screenshot at that point. I then forfeited the scenario.
  6. My understanding is that dice skins aren't related to a CHARACTER. They're related to a PARTY. If I'm correct, then that makes perfect sense. When you add an Experienced character to a party, then they would suddenly have default blue dice, despite what they had in another party. I got this impression from, I believe, release notes. The number of any given color of dice you have is a limit on the number of characters in a single party that can use that color. That's why there's no point in having more than six of a single dice skin.
  7. Did the location close? And if it did, was there still a card in the location deck?
  8. Actually, they are ALSO buttons, and sort of fast-forward you to that phase of the turn. The green star represents the is the Explore phase.
  9. Yeah, this saps some joy out of accumulating gold if you have the Bundle. Grinding for 20K is no longer going to be a thing. I'm kinda sad to see it go.
  10. Commons don't come from chests. Those are the ones we get from the main set, the adventure decks, and the Character Add-on deck. No borders.
  11. If you don't have an experienced Ezren, I imagine you could form a party including Ezren, plug through Approach to Thistletop, and then create a new party with just that Experienced Ezren...
  12. So, do the dice REPLACE a card in the chest, or are they in addition? Is there a chance we'll lose out on our rare card? I love the idea of dice skins, but not enough to lose cards over.
  13. The latest I heard was Before The End Of August. Check here.
  14. Invokes is a relatively new term that means "the check has the trait, or is against a card that has the trait"...
  15. I actually can see all my Kohls of Uncanny Discernment, but Flask of Force Missile (Epic Item 5) is gone, and I'm 90% sure I had one. PFID is 1AD368E6C52B9E58
  16. I'd recommend Lem for just about anyone, 'cause even though you already have Arcane, Divine, and absurd Charisma, he keeps being insanely useful. Seelah would also be a good addition, since her big power makes just about any task possible. Others would probably recommend Harsk for his remote combat support.
  17. I'm actually having pretty decent luck with all the Divine casters (Kyra, Lem, Lini, and Seelah). They're reasonably diverse, and they can all cast Cure. B-)
  18. Both are known bugs. First, closing locations in the scenario Here Comes The Flood is unnecessary, so I recommend you don't close anywhere. This is how you get around the General Store Close bug. Second, the scenario ends when there are no more cards left in any location deck. However, there's a bug where if you don't encounter the last card in the last location (i.e. it's eaten by Black Magga), you can't advance on to the next scenario, even if you achieved the scenario goal. Both of these bugs are listed as Fixed in the notes for the next patch (
  19. Yup. The first time Mammy is defeated, she is undefeated. When a villain is undefeated, the blessings come off of the blessings deck. I dunno... Is the "same thing" now to only roll when you try to play a chained card? Since you were playing a monk, there WERE no chained cards (unless you'd acquired a spell or something), so it probably didn't come up.
  20. That discount has been available to everyone all along. I don't believe there's a discount on any other adventure. It seems much more "first one's free (or cheap)".
  21. Lemme do some math... Three base sets with 7 characters each = 21 Three Character add-on decks with 4 characters each = 12 One "unlockable" character in Wrath of the Righteous = 1 Three Promo goblin characters (Ranzak, Ekkie, and Tup) = 3 Seven Class Decks with 4 characters each = 28 Eight Class Decks with 3 characters each = 24 I'm coming up with 89. Two more class decks with 3 characters each in the next month or so, one more in August, September, and October each, and then a new Base Set and Character Add-on Deck in October as well. So, before the year's out, we should have 26 more (27 if we get another promo character, though that might not happen 'til 2017 on Free RPG Day).
  22. Well, the Keen Scythe +2 has an Adventure Deck number of 5, which means two more adventures have to come out before you'll see that one. Flame Cannon is AD4, which means it definitely won't come up until the next Adventure is released. Have you seen any of your Chest cards from decks B thru 3 yet? Personally, I'm getting a ton of Beast Skins, Dilettantes, Noble Brats, and the like. I'm even seeing some of the rarer stuff now and then.
  23. It's not SUPPOSED to, but I can't promise you that it won't. I've deleted parties and created new parties with those same characters before. I found it easiest to nickname all the characters in the party first so it was easy to find them again.
  24. That was specifically for Here Comes The Flood, because that scenario ends when all cards are gone from all locations. You're exactly right about Thistletop Delve.
  25. If quitting the game didn't help, you may have to go to the main menu, choose story, delete your party, and create a new party with the same experienced characters in order to play anything else.
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