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  1. Two questions? 1) in the card game it is possible to have two members at an end battle. One character can take one of the two fights, and the other character can fight the second one. How do. Do this in this game? 2) I just finished adventure 3 with a party of four. What happens to these guys if I start a different group?
  2. I defeated mammy in the first battle, the computer took the necessary blessings for uncles do lcations from the timing deck. That ain't right, is it? Hag card says "before you act .....". I was attackng with a monk, I cared not about the spell problem. It did not give me the before you act roll. I really wish the game consistently did the same thing every time.
  3. All I know is that when it came time to make the rewards for adventure 2 three of my characters had exclamation points above their head and Lem had an O with a line through it. He did not get the end of adventure reward. He did share in the lot rewards for that last scenario. On that, I moved all of the loot rewards to below the line during the scenario final setup. When I went back to move the rewards to people who could use them, they were gone!!! I ask assuming there is no way to get them back!
  4. My party finished the second adventure and is now ready for three. Lem did not get a card feat. All of the other members in the party have 17 cards. All lived to the end of the adventure. Lem has 16. Lem had died at the end of adventure 1 so did not here that advancement. Also, goblin war chanter that asks for a wisdom 8 check does not make th check.. It assumes you fail, automatically. I also wish there was an easy way in game to make a bug report
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