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  1. Better listen to the epitaph author's own words than all the wild speculations around it, right? That's what I did, this is not a matter of opinion but a matter of sources and Firedorn is the best we have. All the rest comes from people's imagination. Yeah, I already read what he said about all this. That doesn't mean that people weren't, and still are, trying to prove or otherwise convince other people to change their opinions on the matter. That was my only point – it's largely a waste of effort when people are not likely to “switch sides” once they have picked one. There are other similar events happening in the real world, at least in the U.S., that echo what happened here and I think that's why some people are so passionate about it. Thank you for pointing out Firedorn's statements. I'm sure there are people who might not have read that, and it's pretty key to understanding the big picture.
  2. Make that all companions (NPC ones included) and I'm all aboard. As long as I'll have to get a hold of a ___keeper tool to make cosmetic changes to my NPC companions, I'd see no point in doing it half-assed with just PC companions. I haven't done anything with voice or biography, but I've already changed the portraits of 2 of my companion NPCs. They are simply files at <game path>\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\art\gui\portraits\companion\*.png. Just make a new png with the same filename and you will see it in the game.
  3. Jipped how? - Almost no nobody reads theses epitahps because they break immersion and most of them are private jokes that don't make any sense to the common player. This is totally optional and backer BONUS content not even remotely related to the game itself, only those how who backed high enough to get their own message put into the game should really care about it. You are not missing anything at all. - The only person entitled to feel "jipped" would be Firedorn the author of the limerick, and guess what, he is satisfied with the way things went with Obsidian. He came on this very forum to tell everyone the real facts. The new limerick is also his doing, he wrote it and he suggested it, not Obsidian. Don't believe all the crap you read about it on Twitter and all the other social networks, people are using the whole affair, distorting facts, for their own benefit and don't care about the game or Firedorn. Those talking about censorship don't know **** about what really happened. - There's a mod if you so want to have the original limerick back in the game (and good luck finding the right tombstone to read it). Even if, like I said, there's little point putting it back if you are not Firedorn himself. With all due respect to your opinion, it is only your opinion which does not override anyone else's. Feeling jipped does not require any kind of “entitlement”, it just something that people either feel or don't feel – other people's opinions won't change that. I've just now been reading about this event after the fact, but the one thing that seems clear to me is that different people have different feelings and opinions, and yet both sides are trying to *prove* that their view is the correct one. There is no correct answer; some people liked the original content while others didn't. The other observation is that the content in question is clearly trivial and meaningless (to the game), but the principle of what happened (to the backers) is obviously important to many. I haven't downloaded the mod or the patch yet, but it appears that players have a choice, which is all I would have wanted.
  4. I don't mind much one way or the other, but I always felt that torches and infravision were part of the PnP game that did not translate well to CRPGs.
  5. I think some level of sexism would make the game more interesting, as long as it does not seriously impair a players choice of a male or female character. By that, I mean that any limitations of being a female in one case should be more or less balanced out by playing a male in another case. I would not want the game to reward (e.g. more total XP potential) if you played one gender vs the other. However, the more different the experiences and interactions are for each gender, the better the game and more reason for repeat play through. (And unfortunately more work for the writers).
  6. Pardon if this was already mentioned, but how about including the new god created at the end of BG:TOB? I know that this is not Forgotten Realms and I'm sure there may be IP or copyright limitations, but if it is possible I would love to see some reference, even if only vague or indirect, to the "Bhaalspawn who ascended". Just throwing it out there.
  7. I like any of the BG/BG2/IWD/IWD2 styles, which I would think is sort of the point of this whole project. If you want something different then why follow PE? More important than the style and mechanics of it though, is what you would use it for and how the game drives that. As a few others mentioned, keeping the available loot down would remove the urge to scavenge for half the game. Far fewer, but high value items to loot makes sense. Maybe allow for picking up dropped weapons and armor early on, in case someone in the party needs it, but otherwise make them not worth it to pick up and sell. By not worth it, I mean heavy encumbrance penalties with little to no money value.
  8. (1) The fact that it did poorly on the market wasn't because it was a bad idea or a bad game. (2) Given that this project has almost tripled it's $ goal from fan support, I wouldn't write off the possibility of a PS:T sequel so quickly (3) I wasn't suggesting a continuation or sequel to that game, only adding some of the flavor and settings from PS:T's setting, which is not under IP license
  9. I always wondered why there was never another game based on the Planescape setting, not even close as far as I know. It allowed for such a broader range of potential, weird characters, and fantastic situations than the traditional 'elves, dwarves, mages and humans-with-swords' fantasy setting. I realize PE isn't going to be in this setting, but any chance of adding a dash of it to the game? Maybe an NPC who is a Modron or some berk from Sigil, or even a quick side quest to one of the planes? There are such colorful and trippy possibilities.
  10. Allow importing of custom portraits - PLEASE! No amount of 3D face tweaking can give you exactly what you want. You need to be able to find a photo or drawing, maybe tweak it with a drawing tool, and then import it into the game. With IWD and IWD2 my enite party used imported photos, and the playing experience was uniquely mine.
  11. I never saw much point in drinking in BG or BG2, but in Mass Effect there were a couple of funny bits resulting from drinking.
  12. Just an idea here, but one thing that I liked about the DnD based spell systems that PT/BG/BG2/IWD/IWD2 used is that they included a very wide and varied list of spells. Many spells were redundant with others, and some were extremely powerful while others were almost useless. This was in part because they were taken from the PnP game, but it wound up being a good thing for the CRPG. The reason for this is that choosing your spell repertoire was not a simple matter of "get the best possible spells" but instead you had to evaluate and assess each spell, and maybe try them out in the game in order to determine which ones fit your playing style. This added to the depth, complexity, realism (well, sort of - it is magic), and overall enjoyment of playing the game. IMO that's the #1 weakness of all other games with magic - there's not much strategy or thinking required. So my idea is this: start designing a set of of logical and concise spells, but then mix in some extra ones, maybe shuffle some things around, add some filler and redundancy and less logical ones. In other words, don't make it so perfect that everyone will strive for the exact same set of top spells. Then leave it to the player to discover what set of spells are the best combination. More importantly, see how different players pick the ones that they think are best.
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