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  1. come on obsidian! it's time to tell us that the game will be translated to italian :biggrin:
  2. Hi, also my badges (backer and K badges) are not displayed
  3. Of course they will, but people would like to know when. A little bit of information on that subject is common courtesy in my opinion. I mean, the backers have made it possible to have Project Eternity, so that's that. I have to agree. An official announcement with brief explanation--like my assumed explanations above--would go a very long way. The last official information we ever got, however, was merely "soon!" But that's really not good enough from the public relations standpoint; I've heard that excuse far, far too often in the gaming industry to take it seriously and to be convinced of proper resolution. Even if it was just a "we plan on building the fulfillment backend in early 2014," that's infinitely better than "soon." "Soon" means nothing. "Soon" was an excuse used by devs of a particular game I played when it became clear they couldn't deliver certain game content on schedule in any meaningful fashion; and you know, I was fine with that because I'd rather push back content release than deal with bugs. But a fulfillment website should be infinitely easier to design and program than the game itself. If Obsidian decides to hire a 3rd party like the people of Wasteland 2 did to handle fulfillment, fine--tell us or at least let us know you're thinking about it (with over 70k backers not including Paypal contributors, you might end up doing that). ANY official commentary about this can only be a good thing right now. Edit to add: I'm not clear on this since I didn't back Wasteland 2, but have fulfillment surveys even gone out for that project yet? Yes, I totally agree with you
  4. Oh yes! It's clear the characters are far from the final version (as other elements of course) but for now all looks harmonious...fantastic!
  5. Oh yes! a great news Looking forward to the fulfillment site and the portal...I'm very curious
  6. So happy new year! I can't wait further the mail concernig the fulfillment program I look forward
  7. Not only america is watching and funding you guys Actually,according to this http://forums.obsidi...pe#entry1208187 , approximately 60 % of the backers are from Europe.I guess the US audience is more satisfied with the video games available on the market in recent years. So..an old school gdr and the old continent appears to be a winning combination
  8. very well I would like to join it My steam name is nimrod_of_the_obsidian_order
  9. ahahah you're right, IMHO what you said is as much fun as disconcerting. I no longer know what to say about it, except that our language is the most beautiful in the world, with or without the obsidian's consideration
  10. I have a question about this...I've already create a personal logo, but it's quite different from others that are on the obsidian order website. Should I change it?...no right?
  11. I also visited the website, it's fine! but I noticed that I'm not in the member's list
  12. I'm following this topic for a long time and I agree with you...even if only for a matter of correctness of obsidian to us! To respond to other posts about the convenience or not of the Italian localization, I believe that Italian is the most sensible choice considering the interest present in our country for this kind of games (I think Japanese, Chinese, Korean more oriented towards other genres and more accustomed to English than you might think). IMHO is arrogant and unjustly selfish who, being English, doesn't consider further translations useful.... we're all part of the same comunity that aims to make this game the best it can be ( and yes, Obsidian can make a great game) and the lack of a translation in their own language could be a big obstacle for many Italians to a deep understanding of the storyline and, therefore, to fully appreciate the work of obsidian [i talk about italian because this is my language and has obtained the majority of votes!] the target set for the achievement of 4 million is a big improvement of the game or not? for Italians who have made possible to reach this goal the translation in their own language would undoubtedly be a pleasant improvement
  13. once every 2 week, I think is good enough considering the required time for an update of this type
  14. I understand your state of mind, but I thought this project is too important to be reduced to a mere matter of language and so I decided to finance it although the lack of our language irritate me quite Unfortunately, if obsidian will evaluate the addition of a location based on the financial contribution of the applicants of this, your vote will be useless!
  15. however..welcome to new members! I think that find references to the Obsidian Order during the game would be great
  16. In the list I'm still reported as Auron89, Nimrod of the Obsidian Order...when you'll have time remember to change it in Dormin, Nimrod of the Obsidian Order don't worry, I shouldn't change the nickname again
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