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  1. come on obsidian! it's time to tell us that the game will be translated to italian :biggrin:
  2. Hi, also my badges (backer and K badges) are not displayed
  3. Of course they will, but people would like to know when. A little bit of information on that subject is common courtesy in my opinion. I mean, the backers have made it possible to have Project Eternity, so that's that. I have to agree. An official announcement with brief explanation--like my assumed explanations above--would go a very long way. The last official information we ever got, however, was merely "soon!" But that's really not good enough from the public relations standpoint; I've heard that excuse far, far too often in the gaming industry to take it seriously and to be convi
  4. Oh yes! It's clear the characters are far from the final version (as other elements of course) but for now all looks harmonious...fantastic!
  5. Oh yes! a great news Looking forward to the fulfillment site and the portal...I'm very curious
  6. So happy new year! I can't wait further the mail concernig the fulfillment program I look forward
  7. Not only america is watching and funding you guys Actually,according to this http://forums.obsidi...pe#entry1208187 , approximately 60 % of the backers are from Europe.I guess the US audience is more satisfied with the video games available on the market in recent years. So..an old school gdr and the old continent appears to be a winning combination
  8. very well I would like to join it My steam name is nimrod_of_the_obsidian_order
  9. ahahah you're right, IMHO what you said is as much fun as disconcerting. I no longer know what to say about it, except that our language is the most beautiful in the world, with or without the obsidian's consideration
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