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  1. Wait. It releases on PST time? So actually the 27th here not the 26th. Gah damn you round Earth.
  2. 6GB! Awesome it's not going to take all day to download even on crappy Aussie internet.
  3. Would have been nice to have some more details on when the keys would be released. I think people would be a bit more chilled with a little more communication. The backer updates went from regular to practically non-existent. I'm not mad just nervous there's some issue with the keys. If my key doesn't arrive PoE will have to wait cause I'll be playing DA:I DLC.
  4. I kind of just assumed this was a poll to see if we like the idea of more stretch goals. If there was interest then stretch goals and all the details everyone is asking for would be worked out in detail. After this we would be voting with our $$ as to whether or not we like said stretch goals.
  5. Just an idea but why not have the different areas of the game have different skills in blacksmithing. Then instead of +1 we could have leather armor made by the smithy in city X which has spent years reaching the pinnacle of leather working technology but in city y is a smithy who makes the greatest plate mail. Could even name the armors for regions or by specific smiths as armor levels. Trade exists so I'm sure these armors could appear out of their region/area in some circumstances.
  6. As long as caves and buildings and lots of areas are named and that name comes up in a sensible dialog option when a quest is started or a chain of events leading to that information is begun I'm more than happy to remove quest markers. DA2: 'You need to kill Malkoy Shmarmo' and that's all the info so you get so a quest marker is given to direct you to his estate. I'm hoping PE is more a suggestion that killing malkoy could earn you some coins is given.Then you ask people in that area about him. You find out some info such as his estate is on the western edge of town or to be careful it's guarded by marshmallows.
  7. It would be a nice touch if we could choose a background job and that determined what gear we had to start. Someone that was a farmer has a pitchfork, soliders a sword/shield, fortune teller has a staff, monk is a unarmed, priest is in robes with a ceremonial mace (I can't think of the name of those things right now), huntsman has a bow etc. I just think starting gear should make more sense for each character and what they would of been doing as we enter the game
  8. What could be fun of course would be to have one of the NPCs believing there are no gods and its all just coincidence etc. Lots of interesting story lines there as they defy the evidence that's scattered around the world. Could also be fun if that character believed they were a god instead of not believing in gods their magic is their godlike powers manifesting.
  9. I'm ok with some fetch questing as long as it serves a part in a larger story. Where I find the frustration sets in is when, as mentioned earlier, you either have to battle respawns or boredom in getting back out of the area. The only alternative I've really seen is the Skyrim style quick exit from a dungeons end point back to an impossible to reach door near the start of the area. It worked but it felt a little forced most of the time
  10. because you like to, because some problems can't be solved by sending an army in, because of diplomatic issues (someone you want to get at is in another sovereign state.) Thank you for making my point. If armies are part of the stronghold by the time we reach this point all quests, stories and events have to be guided so that our army isn't useful or else our adventurer party pretty much is useless. Now if our army isn't useful why have one? The only reason is basically a mini game where we play at war.
  11. I don't know if I'd be pleased to see vampires and werewolves running around. They are about as innovative and interesting as skeletons wearing helmets and wielding swords.
  12. I've had a go at almost all styles but usually end up with sword and shield because there seems to be a thousand good longswords in every game and only two or three decent other weapons. Hopefully PE will balance out the weapon types so there is more decent quality maces/great axes/short spears/flintlock rifles etc (or less good quality swords). so it's worth trying different styles.
  13. Probably won't use it until I've at least gotten a good feel for the companions available. I enjoy the stories etc from in game companions.
  14. I voted BG. Mostly because I'm playing BGII right now and that sort of display works well for both organisation (red/blue) as well as symbols relating to spells.
  15. The cipher sounds interesting and the monk looks like a beast so that'd be my two favs so far.
  16. I like OP's idea also the idea of multiple items being moved together. I do like to be able to sort through all the loot available but it there's definitely room for improvement in management of this game aspect
  17. I'm usually go with a sword and shield fighter type of some sort but I won't be sure until I get a good read of the manual. 2014 could be time for something new!
  18. Great day. Thanks to all the OO peoples on the comments section for a fun chat.
  19. Got my title! Thanks guys! Also the livestream is funny as. MCA is hammered!
  20. So if there is 500+ members that's at least $4000 raised here. Which is straight up pledging for nothing but love for the guys and gals at Obsidian. Top work folks!
  21. Just threw down my last 8 dollars I think I'd like to be 'official cooper of the obsidian order' :D
  22. Damn! I think I did my math wrong. Now I'm pretty sure I won't get paid until after the campaign finishes... No pledge update... Nooooooo!!!!
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