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  1. R.I.P. Yoshimo ... we all loved you! We would have revived you 1000 times if possible ... God damn it, why am I listening to sad piano music at the moment!
  2. So, as far as we are now, the side which wants XP for the inactive NPCs is kind of outnumbering (48.75 <--> 31,25) the other extreme. But still this is one of the closer polls I have seen yet. The problem I see with this, is that you destroy the emotional flow of the story itself, which also consists of a certain, realistic timeline. I don't know whether this is just a cosmetic, an important or no point for you. Do you want this, just to have all quests and sidelines done, or because it doesn't even bother you running around for ages, leaving the main story behind?
  3. I've kind of implemented that in the 2nd question. Next to the last choice! ;-)
  4. Since this argument is going nowhere I opened a thread with a poll to the questions, that came up: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/61934-should-inactive-npcs-get-xp-or-not/ Feel free to make this more reasonable and fruitful!
  5. Following the heavy discussion of the following thread (http://forums.obsidi...60#entry1261314), I would like to start a poll, to find the best way through this important decision. It would be nice, if we could mostly gather pros and cons for the different points of view, or suggestions for other approaches. Don't just repeat and ignore former comments, please, and try to be reasonable! Since I'm more on the no-XP-side, I might have forgotten important points or suggestions, just tell me, or add them! Important: I considered the XP to be limited when making this poll up. Like it w
  6. The idea is good, and fits with the concept of us getting a stronghold. But it needs to be balanced. It should be really expensive.
  7. 100 areas are much beter than 25 (like in BG2). If you dont want to explore OK leave the area or don't go there. Through the quests and dialogs you will find the important one and will be able to focus on them. In BG had lot of exploration and I loved this game much more than BG2. The Pool is OK. The choses are clear, stick to the story (like in BG2) or the story + lot of exploring (like BG and even more). The rich and complexive world is more interesting, and I'm shure, for allmost everyone RPG fan. Obsidian will have to decide... Well it's true that Obsidian has to decide, but yo
  8. Shock them, shock them hard!!! Maybe autodeinstallation if someone enters Drizz't. Or automatically set the enemies damage on "infinite".
  9. I don't think so: Giving every player the freedom to swap their NPCs whenever they want to foils the concept of NPCs interacting with the character of the PC. For instance, if you choose to be an evil guy and to be reckless to your companions, there should be a disadvantage out of a logical point of view, since you also choose to be a "lonely wolf" (not every evil character has to be a "lonely wolf", its just an example of interaction). People relying on teamplay and keeping their party together should be rewarded - compared to all-time-swaping - because it is a difficult quest, to keep your
  10. This poll doesn't allow different opinions than black and white ... I'd go with the balanced way, although I really enjoyed the density in BG2.
  11. I don't really think it's possible to state it as simply as a ratio. I mean I'm fine with something like Crom Faeyr being in the game as long as it feels like something rare and special and the game isn't balanced around having it, and comparing fighting with Crom Faeyr to using a regular un-enhanced warhammer is a pretty gigantic difference, but it doesn't make you feel like your character just exists for the gear to have someone to carry it around. Sure you can have a ratio, all RPGs are at their heart and soul a system of values with modifiers. Besides, I'm not asking for a hard cap
  12. How about a romanceable dragon and when you kiss, she transforms into a hot, busty chick and you live happily ever after? All sexism aside ... This is the kind of stupid ideas we need! I'm kind of bored of the stereotypes and cliches we all have to face in every RPG we play. But also I don't want this game to be slapstick comedy like the extreme version of this short suggestion implies. But spiced with story etc. such ideas become wonderful parts of wonderful games ... we just need a good mix of old and "stupid", new/creative ideas! And by the way: The concept of souls at least a
  13. Well people, I really wonder, how this comments came up, since most of the people voting in polls want BG-Series or PS:T to return. No doubt there are epic, tactical fights, but still, both games are about people choosing their destiny by sword AND word. I enjoyed all the easter-eggs, the romances (lots of talking) and every stupid conversation possible. This should be no MMORPG, where everything you enjoy is just the wonderful 3D-graphic and slaying 1000 times the same enemy. Talking and dialogs give depth to the game, it is the difference between "LOTR" and "Sharktopus" (probably still a
  14. I'm still struggling to gather friends to pledge! Just so many MMORPG-players missing a chance of their life! I'm going to up my pledge from 80 to 115, that's all I can give. Same student-related problem here!
  15. I REALLY enjoyed those party vs. party fights in BG-series. Not to mention the bridge district house you can enter with a rogue stone ... Enemies loaded with protective magic, superior attackspells and clear advantage giving melee skills (vampire + beholder), while your party has nearly reached lvl6 debuffs. That's just amazing, multidimensional-realtime-chess (with lots of luck)! Please don't forget a complicated protection/debuff system for mages ...!
  16. Although this will probably never happen I'm going to suggest another way of multiclassing: NWN2 + MotB Probably one of the most interesting concepts for multiclassing, since it has both at once: Restrictions (mostly by level and stats/skills) + Variability (by number)
  17. Well, but the blacksmith who made a weapon could improve it possibly with very rare compounds, like the flail of ages in BG2 + ToB. I'd say, legendary or named items should be non-craftable items to 95%. Other weapons could be improved by lets say up to 30% in their stats, or could be enchanted with a special ability(e.g. vampirism, dunno). It's all about the balancing!
  18. I don't know if we really need new classes, since we got already 11 + sub/prestige. Shapeshifter is just kind of a druid and still there are threads discussing events of becoming a vampire/werewolve etc... And also a necromancer is just a evil priest focusing on one art. From now on things to give more variability in this game should be talents/skills/spells(-tree), races, and special events by choice.
  19. Well, I really love this idea! The only thing I wonder about is, whether it improves the game for us or not. Dialogue trees are kind of complicated and every bit of an option should enlarge the complexity of single parts by a lot. So in a broad approach this would mean too much effort for Obsidian. This way I would prefer it as an often, but not too often, appearing extra. Not as a general way for questing. We're limited, sorry! )
  20. I'd have no problem with this as long as they're assigned an appropriate share of the loot (maybe even allowing the player to negotiate percentages when hiring them). Otherwise they'd never have anything to buy with because the PC would be hoarding all the resources. But the likelihood of that happening is low, I'd think. In-complete control includes, that the player can't decide the items a NPC would use? Thats kind of unlikely and probably not the way the poll is meant to be. It also doesn't include not controlling the NPC in battle the way I understand it. Concluding this would
  21. Well I see, I'm kind of outnumbered here ... But just a last (probably unfair) question to all of you: Who played Minsc without a two-handed sword?
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