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  1. Yep, stash and character inventories. Nothing. When crafting was successful it ended up in my stash.
  2. Due to Fampyrs and their gaze, I was crafting Captain's Banquet when I noticed that upon crafting 5x Captain's Banquets they didn't appear in my inventory. Luckily I had enough materials for three more which did appear in my inventory. Seeing this I reloaded a save and crafted 5x Captain's Banquets again with the same result (not appearing). In an attempt to bypass this apparent bug I reloaded the save and crafted 1x Captain's Banquet, which did appear. Crafting the remaining four resulted in normal behaviour. Has anyone else experienced a similar crafting bug?
  3. Nah, I find it's quite a welcome change. It's a bit 'slow', maybe.
  4. Ghost Heart (Ranger) / Beckoner (Chanter) - The spirits from both classes caught my attention.
  5. Almost there... again.

  6. Hi, I'm a returning backer that finally got around to buying the expansions (Season Pass). I have a question while I'm downloading, I understand that you need to load a save after Act 2 of the main campaign to start Part 1. I have no problem with that. I've tried searching on how to start Part 2, but no luck. I would really like to to play the expansions in the correct order without reading spoilers. Can anybody explain to me, simply, how to start Part 2 and whether it's possible to play Part 2 and skipping Part 1, which I don't want to do. I hope you guys understand my question
  7. After sending one of my companions to do other adventure where the reward clearly stated a "minor item". The item did appear in my treasury. I think the problem is that the log has a general message for every finished adventure even though there are no items rewarded.
  8. Thought this subject needs its own thread. I've sent my spare companion to do an adventure on two occasions. Every time they say the loot in stored in my treasury. When I get to the treasury it is empty. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen anything in it. As I understand it the treasury is just behind the merchant in the your main keep?
  9. I'm also experiencing the empty treasury. I've done two of those adventures and every time I check the treasury is empty.
  10. To be honest, party AI would be great, with the option to turn it off. I understand the micromanaging aspect all to well, but some people might prefer faster combat and not to learn every single class in-and-out.
  11. Dark? I haven't experienced anything like that. Maybe your "fog of war" is somehow bugged?
  12. If I could I'd make a party full of fighters. Might try that second play through. In short: Fighter, living lands. Almost 0 micro-managing and tough as steel.
  13. My philosophy to this game, and most RPGs, is to do all the side quests before continuing with the story. My party is level 6 and I haven't explored the catacombs. Which I understand is part of the main story and a "task". I've also encountered the "ceiling/level check" on some quests, but simply do another to gain some experience/new party member. I've killed the drake on level 5 of the endless path and I've done one bounty, with the right approach was quite easy. TLDR: Maybe focus on side quests for a level or two and then continue with your current train of thought.
  14. This. I even tried him on my level 3 fighter and still got my ass handed to me. Love it. My main focus tonight will be killing that damn bear.
  15. I'm wondering the same thing. Hopefully we don't get 2gb+ patches like in wasteland 2.
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