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  1. Yeah from what I tested ToTV procced every time on the Bash from the Cladhaliath Stun due to the massive Deflection debuff stunning provides, and as mentioned the build can Stun constantly on hits of the Stun role (with great hit to crit conversion and reasonable accuracy to facilitate crits - which once they start should keep propagating from the Deflection debuff). Deathblows is also easy enough to achieve when Stun is pretty much guaranteed from other Strike abilities or from simple figurine flanking. I really need to test this out fully to legitimise it a little more, currently I'm wor
  2. So I don't have access to the beta, but I've been avidly looking at the related threads, and I had a few ideas: 1) Revert Strength to Might. The idea of Might being a combination of physical and magical/mystical potency (with characters not necessarily representing as physically muscular) seems to be a popular one, and Strength now seems extremely niche and unnecessary spell-caster characters for the most part - and instant dump stat. I think healing should probably stay with Might too, to make attribute balance more complex and less by-the-numbers - but it can be moved to Resolve if neces
  3. Just had a quick read of MaxQuest's thread, and it appears that the main weapon has full recovery as you say, but the Bash attack has half recovery, so yeah it's a little slower. Still as mentioned I like the two affliction rolls for a Rogue, and Thrust of the Tattered Veils triggers more or less constantly with the build. The key thing that was tested was that the Dex and Int allowed for the desired Stun-chaining on Stun-roll hits for the spear, so even with the increased recovery you can still get the chaining that's needed.
  4. Personally I'd still go for the bash. Recovery is halved when you're two weapon fighting, whether than be two weapons or a weapon and bash shield. This translates into you hitting marginally slower with the spear than with no other attack at all, but you still attack reasonably fast. The Bash is also very useful in giving your Strikes two chances to score a crit on the affliction duration - particularly with Blind which targets Reflex (so the Bash can graze for the Blind effect, but then because Blind massively debuffs Reflex the second Blind roll coming from the spear will often crit - result
  5. Cool thanks, ill go there as soon as i have had Azzuro sell me Scwath Gannek. He is really testing my patience, ive been traveling back and forth for 2 hours straight. At first he wouldnt ever appear, when he finally did it took him ages again to show up again. Meanwhile ive had to defend my stronghold countless times, undead Raedric armies included... Now he keeps offering me Gyrges Guantlets. Im about to explode Yeah it's a pain. I would shoot for Hiro's Mantle over Scath Gwannek - you mentioned you were using Sura's Supper Plate so I presume you haven't gotten it yet? Larder Door
  6. Something I was thinking about is that if you play Vampire the Masquerade (pen and paper or the games), a vampire's physical appearance never normally changes, but they can still get - even surpassing the limits of human strength. I thought always thought of the approach in Pillars being more or less the same thing, where Might means you could be muscle bound or you could be semi-mystically powerful and strong. I think by giving both healing and spell damage to Resolve, they start to make the mechanics more arbitrary - as all casters are now inherently more tanky and so they will probably
  7. Any of the areas with Lagufaeth are extremely tough and will require pre-preparation (preferably with scrolls against imprisonment, or failing that Scrolls of Defense and something like the Orlan's Bramble Ring), but Russetwood and most of the outside areas of Durgan's Battery are simple enough and allow for completion a fair few quests. For the initial fight at Stalwart, you can stealth most of the way to Darzir. Head down and left along the docks and then when you hit the a few stalls head straight up the middle of the map. When you get to the top of the map head left again - there's a s
  8. I think the Gathbin quest line was supposed to address most of that, yes. It's triggered after you first get to Defiance Bay and then travel back to Caed Nua. It starts with a task and then after you complete that you'll get a quest in a few days. For free content, it was pretty good - a mini-expansion almost.
  9. So if you're willing to invest five talents into it you can get +30 accuracy? That's quite a lot, though whether it's worth five talents is debatable I guess. I think so, both WF Soldier and Adventurer were active when I looked so I see no reason you can stack them all up (though as I said, someone should double check this). As you rightly point out though, the Talent investment to get +30 accuracy is a hell of a lot - so it's a little tricky to justify.
  10. White March would be your best bet, yes. There's plenty of areas that should be clearable, plus you get the Ring of Changing Heart which allows you to Dominate enemies and helps a lot with CC. I would recommend picking up Munacra Arret if you haven't already for the same reason (should help with Adragans quite a bit). Split-pulling is your friend, so I'd recommend a lot of that if you're playing solo too.
  11. I tested Firebrand earlier as I was curious, and multiple unrelated Weapon Focuses seemed to stack. Not something I'm looking to exploit, and almost certainly a bug, but if you want to make up for it's crappy accuracy that's currently a way and easy to patch out (though please test it every which way first, I don't want my lazy accusations being gospel). I'd suggest Tidefall personally, it's found in a fiery cave so you can enchant it that way thematically and the wounding lash is great (I think you can still lash it on top of Wounding, it's been awhile). If you can get your accuracy high
  12. Thanks very much! I probably won't get round to playing this now for a little while, as mentioned with the v3.08 changes I would want to re-start the build and seeing as I already got most of the way through that's a little disheartening - particularly with tank builds that don't really pop so much in the first place. I have something new in mind I'll probably character build first. Still, even pacing out in theory an only-graze-or-less build I think is pretty neat. While you can do better with other characters using Wizards Double potions and such, the key draw of this concept is it's all
  13. That wouldn't stack with the Iron Circle, so I doubt it (Yenwood stacks as weapons and shields count separately to armor). Look for an attribute not already boosted by the other equipment, any kind of boost is useful to shore up defences even if not vital for the build.
  14. I think they did a pretty good job with the Stronghold in the end to be honest, I'm not looking to play Sims and I like the dwelling/base of a particular game to feel personal to that game. Part of why I found Fallout 4 so weak is because all your homes/bases, while they allowed for "customization', pretty much tend towards the same dull thing in terms of gameplay as there's only a few set ways to optimise them.
  15. No, some sort of Stun/Prone on crit is needed to make the damage of the build worthwhile as it essentially makes the Rogue's Sneak Attack always on and Deathblows on when you use Strike abilities. A generic spear won't cut it, but other Stun on Crit and Prone on Crit weapons will work, just with less accuracy.
  16. In part I of this topic, the goal was to more or less get close to 200+ in as many defences as possible, in light of the +20 Deflection +20 Reflex/Fortitude/Will introduced by the pirate outfits in 3.07 as part of the Deadfire item pack. This was to be achieved by using Wizard's Double, which offers +40 Deflection and so long as you're not hit/critted by any attack roll (not just those targeting Deflection). As mentioned in the previous thread some attacks seem to break Wizard's Double whether they hit you or not, but these are very unique circumstances from what I've seen and for the most par
  17. So, as 3.08 is going to heavily nerf the pirate outfits (from +20 Deflection +20 other defence to +9/+9), I'm going to post a part two thread and shelve this one because enough of the information is soon to be obsolete. I'll link in here when I've posted the new thread up. EDIT: Here's part II.
  18. No I just had only Soft Winds of Death at the start, if you just put a single Phrase in a Chant it will repeat over and over. As Soft Winds of Death is fairly fast Phrase, it makes getting your Phantom invocation out even faster - and is kind of a necessity seeing as your DPS with guns is pretty shoddy early game (though of course that's all part of the fun). Certainly Phrases are situationally useful, so you can have a few separate Chants prepared and use them when you need them sort of thing. Just Soft Winds of Death is good for quite some time though.
  19. If it's a bug, write a bug report - it's what the technical issues subforum is there for. Sounds like a powerful and broken combo on a lot of builds if it's as you described (zero recovery), though as mentioned I have no personal experience with the items so I can't really weigh in.
  20. I rarely play anything but solo (never take on any companions even for adventure equipment), so it's really not my wheelhouse I'm afraid. I'm sure I've heard of Boeroer or someone else talking about those kind of items not stacking, hopefully one of those wise sages can clear it up for you.
  21. Check out the Act I section of the "Different act equipment and chant/invocation advice" heading, it gives the some early game advice. The Chants/Invocations/Talents listed in the build were my picks for particular levels.
  22. The Battery is pretty hard from what I remember, so I'd hold off longer personally. Any other bash shield can do the trick to an extent, though Sura's Supper Plate of course has Retaliation.
  23. The defence boosts stack, individual defence boosts (+Deflection, +Reflex for Llengrath's) stack with defence boosts that apply to everything (+all Defences for Scroll of Defence). They patched in at some point the ability to get the spear on solo (it was blocked for a while), I forget the specifics but it's perfectly possible to get it solo. I can't find the a specific thread to verify what you need to do, but it can be done (my old solo saves have it, where I didn't use the console at all). EDIT: Here's a link for why solo CladhalĂ­ath now works.
  24. I always thought that Might in PoE 1 while it could be about physical strength it could also about metaphysical potency, and so it was never really a case of, "It feels weird to have muscley wizards casting high damage fireballs because they can bench 350 lbs," as they could be potent without being physically muscle bound. It also seems to have made Might a dump stat for a lot of spell casting classes (though some, i.e. those using summoned weapons a lot, will still take it), whereas in PoE 1 it seemed like the original ethos was no dump stats and I think that was achieved to a reasonable exte
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