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  1. I think with Wizards having a huge repertoire of spells to use, even if you want to make the main focus on summoned-weapons people will still want to be using spells too. I know when I play PoE 1 with a melee centric Wizard, I will always be using offensive spells too. Besides, if a melee Wizard is just going for Strength, that makes the issue of a known dump stat worse not better. It would mean there's truly very few situations where many classes would take both Strength and Resolve, with the exception being I guess a melee tank.
  2. Have you moused over the Deflection stat? That should show your shield benefit plus a separate benefit for it's enchantment, I think (e.g. Larder Door +16, fine +4), etc.
  3. I always play on PotD solo in PoE 1, so I'm well aware of challenge. Introduction of a benefit doesn't mean that the benefit is broken if casting times are adjusted in accordance to that benefit. Further, the way Dexterity is currently implemented means that there's diminishing returns in buffing it higher - see this PoE 1 post. Casting speed would be implemented I would say by the same system, and as buffing it is asymptotic there's no way you're ever going to become a complete spell-spamming machine by this system. I think this is all entirely subjective, as to me the new system is mor
  4. Yeah, I guess that's the trouble when I post the same idea in several threads! I agree with this more or less - if Resolve was offering a casting speed increase then casters should still be viable at the base level of 10 Resolve (but maybe feeling slightly below optimal to make an attribute benefit make sense). In this case, you need to do a lot of the adjustment legwork first really, and then think more about the ramifications of an adjustment stat. At the very least, if you make spell-casting faster, and then added in an adjustment stat, and then it was too powerful - you now have a
  5. It's designed as a solo build, so naturally you can't take companions to sacrifice them. However if you were to use it in party play, really whoever is fine. The attributes are pitched so that the build works nicely already with a boost, so I'd probably take one of the slightly defensively orientated ones (Aloth, Eder, Maneha, Durance, etc.).
  6. I agree there definitely needs to be adjustment to casting times whether or not benefit was added, and I'm sure there will be at some point. In terms of it being poor design to tack on a benefit to a stat, I think that's a fairly subjective point. You could say for the sake of argument that Concentration was tacked onto to Resolve in PoE 1 to deal with the interrupts for example. Certainly when accuracy was added to Perception, it isn't became a stat you couldn't realistically dump on 90% of builds in PoE 1. I would also say that arguably now Resolve is a must pump for casters due to t
  7. Personally I think if you're going to have an import system from PoE 1 to PoE 2, it's better for several non-subjective reasons to keep attributes more or less true to their original incarnations rather than change their function. I think regardless of all the subjective abstract ideas about whether Strength or Might is better, the idea of any sort of import (even if you don't import their attributes) makes such a change jarring. From my point of view, the main issue was that in PoE 1 one of Resolve's primary advantages was Concentration. In Deadfire, the interrupt system was more or less
  8. I think it depends on how you view casting time in general. Personally I see it as a new mechanic, as casting time wasn't at all the same in PoE 1. If they've removed a mechanic that effected casting time originally (interrupts being ubiquitous), and removed an advantage that went along with that mechanic from an attribute (Concentration), to me it makes logical sense that Resolve should now benefit from a new advantage that reflects the mechanistic changes that have been made in PoE 2 (longer casting time).
  9. I think an argument could be made that someone who was wilful would have a better command of magic and that could translate to faster casting - their desire to enact a spell is stronger and so they're better able to make it happen. You could also have it effect ability casting to for all the classes, and modify existing ability times accordingly (likely extend them a little, but not to the same degree we currently see for spells). To me it seems like lengthy casting time - as a borderline new mechanic - needs a specific form of address. While giving Resolve as casting speed increase would
  10. I get what you're saying, and agree with it. But I think "spiritual strength" is a cleaner concept than bringing the real life physics of shooting lightning bolts out of your hand. It's hard to say really. I'm sure that could work, but it seems like the casting speed itself is bumming people out the most. Maybe both could be added to Resolve to make it more relevant. As I mentioned, after saying casters must be physically strong to hit hard with their weapons: "However physical strength ≠ muscle bound. I've mentioned elsewhere that if you take any of White Wolf's Vampire
  11. I've posted this in the general discussion for PoE 2, but I think it will get a bit more coverage here both for the fanbase and (hopefully) for the devs too. I think Resolve should modify casting speed, and Strength should just become Might once again. In terms of its implication on Dexterity, I think it should still keep a 3% overall action speed increase, but also offer a 4% or 5% attack speed increase (whereas Resolve would just get the spell-casting increase, probably at a 5% or 6% level given how onerous the spell casting times currently are). By this I mean, "5% physical attack speed inc
  12. I think the crux of all the Might vs Strength debate is whether that truly is the devs' vision, or if they're just caving to more established genre tropes for broader? As Might already was a distinct vision and implemented in that way to avoid dump stats, it feels like to go back on that they're compromising themselves. I guess none of this may be true, maybe the devs have wanted Might to be Strength for years, but it seems like to many that any kind of walk back from a more unique concept to a less unique concept isn't the devs making a bold decision at all - but actually weakening their
  13. I guess with so many FO1 and 2 staff working on PoE 1 I've always gone with the drugs-are-good mentality, seeing as they were very prominent in those games. Plus with playing solo for most of my playthroughs, I find they feature more prominently in solo play that in you would have in party play. Regardless of tactics I think the Goldrot Chew + Svef = a version of Frenzy is easily better than taking Outlander's Frenzy. It's definitely a somewhat worthy alternative, and nice that it's essentially a class-less potent combo.
  14. What's your opinion on them? I've never really heard much discussion about their use, and it seems mostly people don't bother with them at all. I mentioned a long time ago Whiteleaf is great for Dragon fights by making you fear immune, and it perfectly offsets Sickened from Mind Grubs - allowing you to further boost your defences. However outside of that known use, I was trying to think about other combinations. For one thing, Gravestep can allow Rogues to reach 100% hit to crit conversion against enemies with low health using a one handed weapon: Gravestep - 25% Hit to Crit Dirty
  15. You're probably correct in that they're suppressing one another, I'm probably mistaken. I'll check again at some point, too lazy right now.
  16. A quick test, I consoled these in but I don't see why that would break anything? Using the belt, not the gloves. I don't thin it's so broken given Firebrand's accuracy is so sucky in the first place, but for other Wizard weapons I'm it might be quite busted. Even so - it's still single target damage - Rogue will best it all anyway.
  17. They should employ you Boeroer. You and MaxQuest should slap them about the face until they give you a job on PoE 2. Do it!
  18. And here you've fell apart. And let me say I'm blasted drunk right now, but I'll still try and go for more intellectualised posting than implying people should be called a weasel - because that's quite simply how I roll. I'm not going to lambast you for cosying up to poor concepts while not being able to properly articulate yourself in the heat of the moment - because I'm just not that guy. However you say things like, "Start by deciding with concepts," like they already did in PoE 1 which is why the Beta testers in PoE 2 aren't necessarily converts - and then you're more than happy to ap
  19. You say you appreciate intellectual integrity, but tried to devolve this all into cheap shots at an early opportunity. I would say that demonstrates a lack of intellectualism, as you have been unable to talk about a subject without making things personal - rather than discussing the logical merits of the topic itself. If I was trying to raise your point I would have called it a "logical fallacy", rather than calling someone a weasel. A person can relay an "honest" opinion in an intellectual way without descending into rudeness and you will get a better discussion from people if you did so,
  20. This here, ladies and gentlemen, is called weaseling. Don't do it And here's what we call lowering the tone of a conversation. It's surprising from a person calling others ladies and gentlemen. The point was quite clear, it's a popular concept with a lot of the fanbase. Strength would likely be a more popular concept with a broader demographic. Raking over semantics is pointless, everyone else seems to get the idea apart from you who seems more keen on throwing insults around. I hope next time you pick one slightly poorly chosen word in something you've taken a bit of time writing someo
  21. While I'm 100% behind this statement, I find it somewhat of a struggle to apply it to attribute mechanic design. Yeah, I kinda edited my post to elaborate on that a little more, but the main point of that was A) there seem to be two competing designs working at cross-purposes in the stats right now and B) Jojobobo kinda suggested reverting back to Might because that 'seems to be popular'. I wasn't talking of reverting back for popularity's sake, more so that it offered a unique vision that people liked in the first Pillars that was quite different to what you saw in other IE games
  22. I don't know, I want to give this one more of a thorough playtest before posting first. It mentions somewhere that builds should be playtested before submission, so really I need to do that on both this one and the Rogue one I posted up before they should be added to the list. Echoing Misery definitely seems like a good alternative, I'll edit it in as a potential option. I think the main reason I listed Viettro's Formal Footware as the no. 1 option is that I like the nice round 30 Dexterity gets buffed to when it's equipped (though it's definitely redundant, as the Deadfire belt is already
  23. Well ask, and you shall receive! Alluded to earlier, I recently found out that Citzal’s Martial Power works with all Spellbinds - not just Charm effects. This offers three obvious advantages: (1) the +20 accuracy boost on the spell rolls, (2) the +8 Might adding to damage and (3) the +8 Dexterity increases speed of spell-casting. With this concept in mind, I wanted to use Citzal’s Martial Power was to combine both Charming and offensive spell bindings to make a very versatile all-rounder, unlike the fairly shrimpy purely Charming build I mentioned above. Citzal’s Martial Power also wor
  24. For some encounters yes, for others it's hard to say. No one's ever tried, so that's kind of the point in looking into it - as while in may look shaky on paper it might be fine in practice. I don't think there's much of an issue keeping the Deflection up against Thaos. Anything else apart from Deflection should be more or less always maintainable I would say in other fights, and Deflection in some fights isn't as important as the other defences (probably against Llengrath it's less important than Reflex and Fortitude for example). In any case, I would say regardless of whether or not t
  25. Your build sounds great! Have you had time to test it further? I'm tweaking it and playing it as we speak - I'm just not going to dump Might as mentioned somewhere for the build. I'm also going to package it up with a few other ideas that I've not mentioned here to round it off a bit better. Should be an extremely versatile all-rounder when it's finished, while being on of the best builds for Dominating given the Martial Power/Gyrd Háewanes Sténes combo. One nice thing is that the build makes it incredibly easy to dump Resolve, as if you take both Ring of Changing Heart and Gyrd Háewa
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