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  1. I never even read Boeroer's first post in this thread last night, like some sort of madman! With regards to the Wizard's Double vanishing all the time, the Deflection bonus of Llengrath's Displaced Image (+25) would still apply if it does fade (only 15 different, so a buffed score of 190 total or 200 with the Defiant Resolve I haven't factored in). Looped Rope and Bull's Will (which you can take if you like) plus Defiant Resolve would make the 150 Will defence 190. Checking against Llengrath's dragons, one of them has 150 accuracy for the effect. I think the 60% hit-to-graze probably appli
  2. Very true. There is one talent slot free, so Arcane Veil can easily be taken, just not Harden Veil with the current set. However, accuracy talents can always be dropped without too much harm to the setup. All depends on how you want to shake it up. Definitely I think a Priest can get higher defences, but particularly on solo that's an awful lot of spells to spam and they don't have incredible durations (though certainly the Minor Avatar Intellect boosts helps - though you can get halfway there with a Mind Grub at +4 Intellect). I think the real appeal of the tanky Wizard above is that
  3. EDIT: I'm not going to keep this post updated with the entirety of suggested changes as I'm hoping to develop it fully into class build. Read the comments if you want to keep up to date with all the juicy details! With the new Deadfire DLC pirate armor and the extremely high defensive boosts it offers, I wanted to see what was theoretically possible in terms of making a solo tank with crazy high defences. My top priorities for this little project were: 1) I don’t care about the Will defence. Being Charmed and Dominated in solo play really isn’t a big deal, and it’s easy to buff against
  4. No, to clarify, you can have one of each category: Food + 3 (Dragon Meat) Resting Bonus + 3 (Chapel resting bonus) Equipment + 3 (Ring of Changing Heart) Or... + 4 (Siegebreaker Gauntlets) Weapon + 3 (Gyrd Háewanes Sténes) - only bindable to some classes Or... + 1 (Steadfast) Prostitute boon + 2 (Big Durmsey’s boon) So that's a +15 bonus for some classes, or +13 for others. So you'd need either a base 5 or base 7 Resolve, depending. Some classes have access to extra boosts through spells (+8 Resolve from Minor Avatar for a Priest, +5
  5. If you mean "do" you need it, then to fully unlock it, yes. Possible (sizeable or easily stackable) sources for Resolve are: + 3 (Dragon Meat) + 3 (Chapel resting bonus) + 3 (Ring of Changing Heart) + 4 (Siegebreaker Gauntlets) + 3 (Gyrd Háewanes Sténes) + 1 (Steadfast) + 2 (Big Durmsey’s boon) Individual boosts from weapons, armor, a resting bonus, a prostitutes boon and food will all stack with one another (as per usual, bonuses from two pieces of armor will suppress one another).
  6. I've unlocked the first few levels on a couple of different classes, and they don't appear to. Most disquieting part - it' a hat, with requirement of drinks. The drinks helmet of Eora, I guess.
  7. I've unlocked the first few levels on a couple of different classes, and they don't appear to.
  8. Yeah I'd have to agree. Looking at the defences of my Gunslinger build, you would think there's no way that could solo PotD. However, the simple fact of the matter is Dragon Thrashed is insane, and I was effectively buffing Dragon Thrashed by Blinding consistently. It was a cool build (if I do say so myself), and at least retained some challenge on solo, but I'd imagine Chanters in a full party have a tendency to make things a wash fairly easily.
  9. I guess try PMing a dev if you still have an issue? It seems like they were predominantly thinking this was a Linux/Mac GOG only problem.
  10. Yeah they should have probably done a little more testing. The self-confusion bug isn't too much of a problem as the hat makes you immune to the Confusion effect after a point - however it becomes a little tedious to hear the "enemy immunity" line of dialogue when you cast it on yourself (and I think anyone who casts a spell on you - i.e. Priests - can also be effected). I have it paired with Shod-in-Faith currently, so the procs on self and dialogue happen a lot. Potentially they could argue that the arbalest thing isn't a bug (it's powerful, so it fired more slowly, etc.) however I think
  11. Just testing it quickly, the animation appears to be the same as the Forgemaster's Gloves. Still, it's a fast animation from what I'm seeing, same goes for Torrent of Flame. As mentioned, the Flame Shield is insta-cast on a crit.
  12. Well if you compare any build to the monstrous Monksterlasher, it's probably going to come across as a little weak! I'd say the upside for such a Barb build in comparison is that it can open with Dragon's Leap, HoF and Barbaric blows, so you might kill groups slightly quicker due to access to those highly damaging nukes. Retaliation then would become more a matter of cleanup, and provides fast weapon attacks due to Blood Thirst, so I think it pulls away slightly from being a dedicated Retal build - Retaliation just becomes a very nice extra. In terms of Forgemaster's Gloves + the potion, i
  13. I just want to say I think restrictions are great in an RPG. I know this thread became very quickly about pre-buffing, but I agree that giving buffing a time cost in combat makes it more of a tactical choice - and so to me that's better. In PoE 1 you can use food to pre-buff, and in PoE 2 I think that's now involved in resting bonuses or something? In any case, the decision to make buffing happen during an encounter or before is an arbitrary one. You can argue that logically if someone can cast a buffing spell then they should be able to pre-buff, but by the same dint maybe they need the adren
  14. So I've mentioned elsewhere I thought this would be a good combo, but let me just say this is ridiculously good. Blood Thirst gives you zero recovery. The fully upgraded the belt gives you +3 Might, +3 Dex and +2 Int, as well as 3 per rest of Firebrand, 1 per rest of Torrent of Flame and 1 per encounter of Flame Shield when hit by a crit (which for a Barb is all the time). I'm only in Act II on PoTD solo, but I'm playing a 21 Might Living Lands Aumaua, 24 Might with the belt (I've not even had time to get the Training Grounds yet). This gives me 37-56 damage with Firebrand, 57-86 damag
  15. You can use this with Shod-in-Faith, and crit yourself with the Confuse effect on a Consecrated Ground pulse (with the hat making you immune to it's own Confuse effect), which sparks another Shod-in-Faith passively outside of combat if you crit yourself. This isn't exactly a common occurrence, but it has happened to me already.
  16. For the armor it seems on any tank build it becomes massively superior late game to give you sky high defences, however early game you can stick to plate and only use the pirate robes when one particular defence is being hard pummelled. I will say with the Helmsman's pirate gear my Barb achieved 100 Fort defence against Stun before Caed Nua (high Con and Might, Frenzy, Coastal Aumaua, etc.) and yet unless I was facing a single Phantom they would still Stun-lock and kill me - despite having a defence about 40 higher than their attack I'll also add that the Belt of the Royal Cannoneer is p
  17. Boeroer mentioned a while back that Blood Thirst can be used on Barbarians to cast spells with zero recovery when they get a kill. With the new soulbound Belt of the Royal Cannoneer you get a pretty sweet spell-binding in Torrent of Flame that could be used for this purpose. In addition to Torrent of Flame, Belt of the Royal Cannoneer also activates Flame Shield once per encounter on crit (perfect for a Barb with their sucky Deflection, and pairing nicely with Barbaric Retaliation, regular Retaliation and Battle-Forged) while offering great stat boosts for a Barb (+3 Might, +3 Dex, +2 Int)
  18. The hotfix is available on GOG, and the previously alarmingly pink saves on my Mac are fine. So if you update, you should be dandy too. Huh, I could have sworn I checked and there wasn't anything there, but now that I've looked you're correct. Might be an issue on GoG's end, as I don't use Galaxy, and occasionally they don't post up patches outside of Galaxy quite so quickly. Thanks, and I'll redact some of my crap talk elsewhere on the forum - I genuinely thought they hadn't fixed it only to go and enjoy their turkey day.
  19. EDIT: I didn't think the hotfixed GoG version was up, but it is! Just a heads-up if you weren't aware, like me.
  20. As a heads-up Obsidian have posted in the Deadfire Backer Beta Announcements subforum that the offices are closed until the 27th, so mac and Linux GoG users like myself will be out of luck until then. It's always good when a new patch introduces game-breaking bugs and then requires around two weeks to get resolved
  21. When behind a wall or under an archway the pirate outfits don't go transparent, however the rest of the character model does: Might be worthwhile getting it fixed if this is the definitive version of the game, as it looks unsightly.
  22. Should games started in v3.07 with the missing textures still function fine with the version of the patch with this corrected? I've started a few and didn't want to lose progress, however it'll be worse if I go to start WM Pt I there's some sort of issue.
  23. I prefer dual weapons, but something cool someone mentioned is trying the new Deadfire DLC Soulbound belt to use Firebrand with Gauntlets of Swift Action. You can also use one-handed with Cladhalíath or Wē Toki, going one handed gives you way more accuracy (and hit-to-crit conversion if you take the perk) allowing you to more effectively Stun or Prone lock enemies by earning more crits. See the Trashman build for more details.
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