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  1. I doubt it, I think a solo Rogue will struggle quite a lot by not going defensive or at least overly stealthy. Rogues have no real innate CC, thin defences and low health so I think they're best built as tank characters with higher damage than your average tank for solo rather than going for high damage. On most solo builds, it's also hard end game to not justify the use of Looped Rope.
  2. I wouldn't be playing Pillars if solo play wasn't viable, as I massively lean to playing games solo as a route for extra challenge, but you're right people shouldn't complain that the game doesn't cater for solo play - but I haven't heard anyone complaining about that in a long while. I think the difficulty is fine currently as it is, as for party play you can run greater risk-reward strategies than you can on solo play - in that way I think it's balanced as I don't believe most people want to be playing a game where to manage the highest difficulty every character has to be a tank. The gr
  3. I do solo, PotD, Expert and no re-specing (re-specing wasn't included in the base game so I choose to ignore it). I thought about trying for Ironman at some point, but I think you'd have to play so cautiously that it wouldn't feel rewarding for me personally.
  4. According to MaxQuest's great thread on it, the recovery is based on the main hand weapon for a full attack - which is why it's best to have a speed enchantment on your main hand if you're full-attacking frequently (see heading "Full Attack Action").
  5. Cheers! Yeah I'm pretty confident it'll work fine, I'm just about to plough through most of Act III and WM Pt I now, but overall I'm pleased with the results so far. I think I might take Envenomed Strike over Deep Pockets, as I haven't really got the lore to do too much with scrolls anyway and Llengrath's Safeguard can probably take some of the slack from Scrolls of Defence. That'll give the build some more punchiness, with the Defences it's really not hard to run straight to casters to take them out as disengagement attacks don't do a lot.
  6. For more on the WIP, something I've noticed with the build that the Will defence is a bit of a let down in terms of keeping Wizard's Double up, for a Wizard there is simply no good way to spell buff it solo like there is for Fortitude and Reflex (using Citzal's Martial Power and Llengrath's Displaced Image), and high end food buffs are costly or limited (Dragon Meat stuff and Mind Grubs). So, I set about trying to pump Will high while giving myself good defences in Deflection/Reflex/Fortitude too as a standard defensive mode, without using any really pretty late game items (Maegfolc Skull, Iro
  7. This is awesome. If they make something approaching Fallout or Arcanum in terms of sheer awesomeness, I'll be extremely happy.
  8. So after my minor tantrum when I thought the build would be entirely bugged more or less, I thought I'd update this WIP it seems like the bug is (currently) entirely isolated to Flesh Constructs. That's certainly something I can live with, I'm sure there'll be more examples of weird auto-hitting attacks but for the most part they seem absent in the game. I guess I shouldn't be so frustrated, but this is the worst game I've played out of a laundry list of extremely buggy games where bugs have interfered with me completing the game (usually as is the case for Pillars, they have broken the diffic
  9. Ugh, as another update it looks like Wizard's Double may be bugged so that some misses targeting other defences can break it (I've reported it with a corroborating screenshot). If it's a far-reaching bug than the USP of the build is thoroughly down the toilet, so I'll keep my eyes peeled - hopefully it's an oddly specific problem bug that usually isn't the case. It seems like I've barely played this game and not encountered some sort of specific bug which has made me give up on a build, having run into the Fire Godlike permanent Battle-Forged DR bug early, then the Bash bug on a Barbarian
  10. Wizard's Double is supposedly broken by hits or crits targeting any defence, but below is a screen shot of it breaking on a Fortitude graze (EDIT: And on a miss too, see below). As it's an extremely early Wizard spell and has been in the game since v1.0, it's pretty bad that something on this fundamental level could have been bugged for so long. I'll update with more instances of the bug as I find them, hopefully it's a weird fluke. You can see from the combat log Wizard's Double was cast and then it has been dispelled (with neither the physical Double visible nor the symbol next to the ch
  11. Expanding on my WIP, just got per encounter Wizard's Double and... it's good! Currently at level 9 with it active I'm hitting 140 Deflection. I just went through Teir Nowneth, and comparing it to a Dargul's accuracy we get (I love that the roll is high and it's still a miss): This 83 deficit means that the Dargul has a 2% chance to graze me, and a 98% chance to miss. The Dargul scored a lucky paralysis against me (I think they roll against Reflex), and what I then got was: Even while paralysed, he only had a 7% chance to hit me, 3.5% if I'd had Llengrath's Displaced Image active
  12. Literally any effect used on the character in the hat has a chance to Confuse the caster (whether it's you - in which case the hat eventually makes you immune - or your party). In all likeliness it's a bug, but possibly they wanted to balance the cost of the hefty mixed attribute bonuses the hat gives. I guess it's a little weird seeing as there's no "cost" for using the rather beastly belt. I find Confuse a little annoying anyway, as somehow it seems to heal enemies a little when it's used for reasons I'm not sure about. When casting Confuse it's okay as the blanket effect is well wor
  13. It unlocks fine on my end, possibly try a different form of ranged damage other than bow fire (e.g. spell damage).
  14. Yeah it definitely works like that. The trouble is, receiving crits to trigger Shod-in-Faith Consecrated Grounfs doesn't fit well with a defensive build. I guess currently it would be a way to shore up a low-defence class'defences (e.g. a Wild Orlan Barbarian), but it's also something that would be fairly natural to patch out if they were going to.
  15. Sounds good! I'm playing that tanky WIzard currently so I won't be able to solo something like this concurrently, but if anyone else wanted to run with the idea have at it! Speaking of the items, one weird interaction I've noticed is that the bug that allows the Company Captain's Cap to target the player with Confuse (even which the hat itself makes the player immune to Confuse) will trigger a Wild Orlan's Defiant Resolve. Not really overpowered or ridiculous in anyway (and likely something Obsidian will patch out sooner or later) but for the time being it's pretty neat when it occasionall
  16. Yeah it is only on the secondary rolls, it just had it dispelled by a Reflex targeting bolt from a Will-O-Wisp. Still, not having to worry about secondary rolls is something - a lot of enemies seem to have attacks target Deflection and then have an annoying secondary effect that targets a difference defence, so it's definitely a plus that these don't break Wizard's Double.
  17. How recently has it been tested that Wizard's Double is dispelled by other attack rolls (i.e. those targeting Reflex/Fort/Will)? Because I got hit by the Prone vs. Fortitude part of a wolf attack and Wizard's Double didn't get dispelled. I suppose it could be because it's a roll on top of a roll (the wolf needs to at least graze for the Prone part to proc), and not an attack which is primarily targeting a non-Deflection defence. I'll find out through play I guess whether other rolls dispell it, but it's at least good to know that rolls from other rolls (all the Rogue strikes, that sort of
  18. With this build currently I've not taken on Magran's Faithful - I've only just started! I prefer with solo builds to play the entire game, as if the build can't progress at any point then it's a little meaningless whether or not they can do one of the high end encounters anyway. It's naturally a bit of a time waste to warp there through console and spawn all the items too when you know sooner or later you'll deal with it during a playthrough. I did do it with the Chanter, all dragons and bounties solo PotD. It was problematic as the Chanter's starting Deflection was low (when you start Bli
  19. Well nothing is perfect, and at some point you have to draw a line in the sand and move on as a developer. I'm now happy enough for the game to be left as it is (even if some of the 3.07 items don't work properly) because it feels mostly there. I was extremely annoyed when the devs were looking to not bother fixing Confident Aim for Fighters, as it was more or less on the critical path in terms of taking an ability for a Fighter (there would be only two other options at level 3 - and it was certainly one of the better options). Fortunately after enough bitching and moaning, Obsidian saw sense
  20. Thanks for that spot, you've saved me a lot of misery if I had got to the stage of taking the Talent (given my no respec-ing rule). I'll definitely take Deep Pockets now over Cautious Attack. While it's a bit of a shame I can't hit some of the nice round numbers that I was originally desiring (180 Deflection for example), as the Deflection is tending towards the extreme end of what is possible in the first place, in doesn't matter too much (apart from upsetting my adoration of nice round numbers). I'll make an edit at the top of the OP to read the discussion, as I'm not going to keep the O
  21. I think it's a little crazy that Long Pain does so much damage. Caedebald's Blackbow only does slightly more damage, and it's a 8th level Wizard spell. I think if the devs were to go with one last rebalance of the game (which I doubt they will now), they should really nerf monks. They're so strong (with their Wound lashes applying to so many Retaliation effects to a ridiculous degree) that to an extent you could consider all other classes a little irrelevant. From what I'm reading for the PoE2 multiclass system, it seems like Shattered Pillar or Hellwalker monks are pretty big deal for mul
  22. Quite possibly, however I'm dithering as always do with builds! For one thing, I like my builds to be geared towards solo play, and even with only being able to be grazed by that Raedric's Hold guard I still only just survived at level 3 after a few tries (on the restarted character, naturally) - so less CON would make that scenario pretty grim. I think it's pretty important for the build to be able to handle the stealth route of Raedric's Keep on day 4 on the month (something like 6 days in I think), because it nets you both Gloves of Manipulation and Boots and Stealth. Boots of Stealth a
  23. Hmmm, thinking about Fulvano's Blunderbuss, I bet that Charm chance (5%) is per pellet hit or crit - not per shot hit or crit. That's how Silver Flash works with Divine Mark, meaning that the chance for it is higher than you'd expect. If I remember high school statistics correctly P(at least one Charm) = 1 - P(all Charms miss). If we assume all the 6 pellets of the Blunderbuss hit or crit, then P(at least one Charm) = 1 - (0.95^6) = 26.5% Charm chance. Not sure how useful it would be, seeing as guns are painfully slow to reload, but it is pretty neat. Might form the basis of a Swift Ai
  24. So I started playing the build, and I thought I'd share my level 3 Deflection... This means that the guard up the vines at Raedric's Keep has zero chance of hitting my character - only grazes and misses - and unlike Arcane Veil there's no duration associated with your increased Deflection. Keeping in my a lot of early enemies only target Deflection, this means your character more or less can't be killed when you have Wizard's Double on. Something I did notice was that unfortunately the Helmsman's Uniform can't be attribute enchanted (the +Def and +Fort already count
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