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  1. 26-30. I remember having and playing on a Commodore 64, Atari 2600, and I remember my brother when he bought an NES. Although, I only really got into gaming with the SNES. Computer about the same timeframe I'd say. At least, a computer and computer games were somewhere in the house.
  2. Pretty much my new desktop image. About the time I saw it was in my screen size.
  3. Truth be told, yeah, I do prefer enchanted robes and traveling cloaks over what pretty much appeared to be dresses. Or the dresses are just fashionable, higher tier mage clothes that are ridiculously enchanted. But yeah, at least more practical stuff for the traveling spell slinger.
  4. Try the first post about burning from satire. It's pretty much what most of the arguments have been; hundreds of opinions wanting the resources devoted to what they believe will make a better game, at the cost of what others believe will make a better game.
  5. Probably thinking Dragon Age kill blows, which was pretty much running a sword through a chest, or slicing a neck, or a shield bash of some sort. Longer ones were for bosses at the end of the fight. Wouldn't be too bad. Sounds like the added details of yesteryear. Like, a fire spell igniting a target when it dies, or a lightning spell eletrocution.
  6. I don't know, what IS the equivalent of Icewind Dale in the contiguous United States? Also, hail to any of my distant Polish and Irish siblings.
  7. I like the upgradeable ruins idea. I'm getting the image of the loading splash being someone mounted and cloaked while walking between foggy stones.
  8. Maybe it should be like New Vegas without the karma? Different sets of beliefs trying to fight for power, and you're the wild card that will decide it?
  9. Both. One for the story of the world, another for your own interest. Who says having all player-generated has to be uninteresting? Some of us can really come up with stories for our ragtag groups of misfits adventurers.
  10. Thinking the talk about the state of one's soul might have the potential for initial traits? Better souls gives another attribute or two, fractured souls take away attributes but maybe give something else (bonus trait/feat/skill points)?
  11. I think he means doing dark themes just to be 'hardcore' is boring. If he thinks elements of slavery, drugs or something fits in with the story of someplace, he'll do it, and we deal with the consequences in the game.
  12. Going with classic here. Only needed lines from important NPCs, greetings, and voice packs for characters. I kind of like it like that, actually.
  13. Keep the complexity. Remove the random rolling. Hell, wasn't 3e IWD2 more complex than what we got in BG and such? I thought it was, but easier to understand. Not random but flexible, complex and detailed, but easy to understand is my vote. Also voting for a customizable biography tab.
  14. Although I more or less followed a guide, yeah, spotting the idea something is up, and being given clues but not being told what they are was interesting. You got a completely different ending if you did it wrong. Although I think that was more 4. 3 was pretty blatant.
  15. Yeah, I love the idea of it being a choice in there (if I actually cared about any of the characters), but if it ended up taking away from something I'd enjoy more, then I can live without. As for the last choice, I really see it just being limited to select, important NPCs you deal with in the story and companions.
  16. I was actually considering the idea of telling more background information on locations in the form of weapons and trinkets.
  17. I for one actually preferred the IWD way, because I just liked having more control over my group. Plus one can make their own stories involving them. Hell, make it a feature where you can designate the main character, and allow the creation of his own companions for a no-NPC game.
  18. Actually, with the whole elves saying 'chillax' thing, either it's a reference I'm not getting or we're getting stoner elves.
  19. Someone got it to work with Fallout. Recent visit to my bother also saw a meeting with his PnP friends, who were playing it.
  20. Already announced it'll be on GOG, per new update.
  21. Yeah, I think at this point, it's probably better to figure out what they're doing first, then listen to fan input on what they put out for critique. Otherwise, the fans are trying to make these guys make THEIR dream game, not Obsidian's. Ideas put up need to be considered and refined to Obsidian's tastes first, then take fan input.
  22. Difficulty that makes me use multiple tactics, need to have a varied party, and may go to hell if I'm not watching are what I'd like. Against random one-shot crits outside the gate. It's not that I'm not hardcore. It's just I'm not that good. I like to feel challenged, since those encounters are exciting. But I also don't want to feel like there's some straight cliff I need to scale to have fun.
  23. Well, Bell seems like he's a good composer, and in house is a plus, so I decided to vote for him. But my opinion is with Twinkie on this one: the music reminded me of Trine, which I felt was more fairy tale fantasy. Jeremy Soule did a good Icewind Dale soundtrack. But what about Inon Zur from IWD2? I loved what he did in Targos.
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