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  1. Then only thing that Diablo 3 dev team did wrong was to completely destroy the dark gothic setting of the original Diablo. All else they did as the fans asked. Fans wanted some major problems from Diablo 2 addressed and Willsons' team did exactly that. It turned out that it was not for good. Fans wanted harder game, but thy didn't like it so Blizzard nerfed it. Fans wanted to do something different than Baal runs, Diablo 3 gave it to them (rare and champions packs) and the fans didn't like it. Fans wanted more choices of endgame items, Blizzard gave them rares to improve randomness and diversity but fans did not like it and wanted legendaries back, again making them the most sought items (as runewords and uniques were in D2). The list is long. So the whole development of Diablo 3 was centered around addressing the issues of Diablo 2, but in the end the fans didn't like it and wanted the old issues back. If anything ruined D3's launch, it was too much listening to the fans. The main issue is that fans don't know what they want. In most cases a good idea turns out to be bad when actually implemented.
  2. First of all, thanks for your reply! I trust your judgement completely. Ideas are ideas wherever they come from and they're cruicial to anyones' learning experience. The only thing I wanted to stress is that whining and bitching are so popular and aggressive these days that every dev could start questioning himself if his ideas or concepts will please the audience. Don't let such emotional tone get to you.
  3. Dear Obsidian, don't listen to the crowd. Make the game as you have planned it. Make it as you'll love it. There are some awful ideas on this board. Please stay true to the spirit of the games you use for inspiration: Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment. Do your best to revive the great experience these games have been in the past. I trust you and you alone know what is best for Project Eternity. People in your team have made great games - games that set the standards in the RPG industry. Listen to the gamers but don't let them decide for you. You are the pro's! I'm 100% certain that people contribute to your Kickstarter not because the want to play a game they've designed, but to play a game that YOU have created - your concept, your ideas, your execution! Wish you luck!
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