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  1. Make them really quick to cast outside of combat, slow to cast in combat.
  2. So, apparentely SEGA has been pissing off a bunch of people on youtube. Why? Because in the past few months several youtube accounts and dozens of videos featuring SEGA's Shinging series have been removed from Youtube due to SEGA copyright infringement notices. The most prominent account affected being TotalBiscuit(TotalHalibut). This includes videos that don't even contain any video of gameplay, just a person talking about gameplay. And keep in mind, most of the videos are made by fans talking very positively about the series. I mean, it's a bloody 15 year old series or something, by now. Here's a video detailing the story in detail, background info and all: And here's the reddit article: http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/13glp8/sega_starts_quietly_removing_youtube_users_videos/ What on Earth is going on with SEGA? Are they really doing this to skew the youtube search results in favour of their latest Shining game? And if they can do this with Shining series, what stops them from removing Total War or Alpha Protocol videos on a whim aswell?
  3. And they have also stated that as they develop Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition they will be adding features from it also to Baldur's Gate:EE, so you can expect quite a lot of support.
  4. This did happen in original BG aswell, though. Random spawn points were designated to spawn a certain amount, and depending on your level it spawned more creatures on them. Then there were encounters that always have the same amount. But in truth, since this is running on BGII rules, the spawn system does aswell.
  5. Well, as I've said. For some reason my BG hasn't worked on my computer. BG:EE is my only way to play it. BG2 does work, though.
  6. I know the mentality, because I used to have it. Nowadays, I do try and avoid rest abusing. But those who do it, will just save and reload until the desired outcome with all percentage based events.
  7. And here's a quote from the devs regarding the issue:
  8. So to fix rest abusing, you solve it by forcing the rest abusers to save before resting and reloading if ambushed over and over again. Not exactly a solution.
  9. Frankly, if two out of the next three kickstarter high profile old-school RPGs fail(Shadowrun, Wasteland and Project Eternity), I think we may aswell bury the genre. No big developer will dare to touch the genre afterwards.
  10. Huge buildings in an isometric game tend to cause problem when they cover a huge area behind the building since we can't rotate.
  11. If you guys are playing the enhanced edition, it's bee reported that it contains less mobs than the original for some reason. So that may give a bigger feel of emptyness.
  12. Heh, when he said badly designed, I thought he meant badly designed in some other ways than actualy gameplay-wise like stats and inventory slots. Carry on, if that's your criteria.
  13. Only way I could accept this is if there was, say, 5 ways to end the game, and 4 of them end in you losing or dying. And 1 is a happier ending.
  14. I'm wondering about the sorcerer class. Is its stats fixed from BGII? Or does it still lack a primary stat? What should I focus on if I rolled one?
  15. I have to say that I think the new cutscenes look a lot better. Then again I played Baldur's Gate when I was 10 so my memories are very fuzzy. Everything that happens is a new surprise while at the same time reminding me of the good old days I do remember that the old graphics didn't even impress me when I was 10. So far its run flawlessly, unlike my another copy of Baldur's Gate I bought two years ago which just refuses to work properly.
  16. Honestly, though. I would love to play a fat mage or something. Too often heroes are in too good shape along with the rest of the world. I want realistic and varied body types dammit.
  17. It's not the mens fault women are oversexualized. It's the womens fault for being so god damn sexy. That's my opinion.
  18. A dwarf, don't care what type of dwarf. But dwarfs make everything cool. And probably Cipher or Barbarian.
  19. As long as failure is more meaningful than "Quest Failed" and actually implements consequences to the story and the people around you, then I'm all for it. If not, then I'll probably just reload to see how it progresses when I finish the quest.
  20. 50 dollars. It's all I can afford. Even this much means skimping on food. I'm a poor student. No parties this month. This is totally worth it though :D
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