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  1. Yes, I'd back them. But I am afraid South Park will be a buggy mess, and if Project Eternity isn't spotless I might not feel like supporting them anymore. We'll see.
  2. It's both at the same time. Separate both of them are relatively mediocre but together they create a very appealing game, since Creative Assembly doesn't exactly have any competition in their niche.
  3. Well, there is no reason to buy Rome 2 over any of the previous titles. Which is why he has scored the previous titles higher than Rome 2. I mean, he gives it a 5/10, 6 with the bugs fixed. That's not a completely unreasonable number. And the reasons I play Total War is for moments like these that no other game offers: "Frenchmen witnessing frenchies explode" Duke of Wellington versus Ol' Bonie French artillery lines Approaching armies Dwarves on a hilltop defence against Orcs Approaching armies v2 First shots Just some quick screenshots I've taken from various Total War games. I mean, it's pretty darned entertaining, though not that challenging most of the time. My Rome 2 is bugged, so my graphics in Rome 2 looks like this. Pretty dreadful compared to the other ones.
  4. He shows a lot of example to back up his statements. And pretty much shouts at the game for being the suckage. Which in my opinion is more than justifitied. I've shouted more than 40 minutes at this game while playing it. Although, granted, 3 hours of that time I was just sitting try to get the AI to attack me in my village that it supposedly was sieging. I won 3 defences just by leaving the game on and play on my Playstation.
  5. Three steps to winning the AI on normal in Rome II as Rome. Step 1: Recruit 19 Hastati(in pic) or better to counter the standard AI army. Keep in mind that you can get Principes in like 5 turns, and Legionnaries in 10. Heh, just kidding, the AI never fields an army that's this good. Step 2: Anyway, if they theoretically would do that, counter their tactics by attacking them. Like, so. Step 3: Win! Yay! Keep in mind that ANY variation to this small tutorial will improve the results. Have fun playing, guys! I hope this helps.
  6. Few points I disagree with in your review: - The AI is way dumber than before. Dumb as bricks. - I've never felt the need to have more than 3 armies, because the Campaign AI is dumb as bricks. Played two games that combined are in total ~25 hours and no one has declared war on me. First on medium, then very hard. Now kinda bored with the game. The CAI has so far been incapable of amassing any significant army to stop me. Only once did that manage that, and the Battle AI effectively kamikazed the army against my troops to no effect. - Have not really had issues with public order or felt the need to capture an entire province. In fact, the entire feature seems a bit pointless and not fleshed out. - Provinces have no made it easier to manage cities either in my opinion. It worked perfectly well in Shogun 2. However this could be a problem with the UI (coming back to this later) - Indeed, the amount of different unit stats in recent titles are a bit needless. Pre-Shogun and this "wiki" of theirs it was easy to see weaknesses and strengths of a unit, because there weren't too many variables, and the info wasn't picked up from the web-based wiki. - Armies are an excellent concept, and I love them, but purely for roleplay purposes. Because the AI is dumb as bricks and due to the way I play, most armies get the same perks every time, because it compliments my playstyle. Few points I agree with: - Turn times long. - AI is indeed still dumb. - Battles are WAY too fast. I have yet to see their much touted facial expressions because the game always ends in a huge melee blob fight that over in 4 minutes. Additions: - The UI is a clunky mess at times. - The unit cards that could be really nice clash with the otherwise oddly modern look of the UI creating an in my opinion aesthetically horrible look. - The UI is really big and takes up a ton of screen space for no reason. This game is supposed to be enjoyed visually watching large battles clash, but it's hard when half the screen is covered in trash. See below for comparisons. - Have not bothered creating a navy. If I see enemy ships, I just grab one of my landarmies and transform them in to a full fledged fleet. - Performance issues, though in my case not that many. - Navy battles are a huge mess. The mechanics break down unless it's ideal circumstances. - Lots and lots of random bugs and glitches. Who designed this UI? Pictures are from Rome and Shogun, displaying the same info. Campaign map: Rome Shogun Battle: Rome Shogun Rome's UI is so cluttered. Why is that when I have 20 units the unit cards are in two rows? One row is apparently 16 unit cards, leave the second row with 4 and the just clutter. This in addition with clouds hovering all over the place just obstructs me my view way too much. Shogun II's UI is much smaller and only shows what is needed. And even shows more, like troop numbers. It is also aesthetically much more thought out and actually looks good. Anyone with half a sense knows that the more space you have in the middle of the screen the better. This is the reason why Shogun's UI excels over Rome's. The UI doesn't have a huge blocky thing in the midbottom of the screen, but keeps it as unobtrusive as possible. And the event screen only takes up as much of the screen as it has to, while Rome's event message screen is huge. And ugly. Overall, I'd say this game is a 6/10 at the moment. I've tried to enjoy it, but all the bugbears just amount to a frustrating experience. If they fix the bugs/performance issues, the game is a 7/10. If they also fix the Battle AI, it's a 8/10. If they also fix the campaign AI it's a 9/10. And for the final polish they could make an appealing UI and it'd be a 10/10. I fully expect them to fix most of the bugs and performance issues, but I fear the AI will not even reach the status of patched Empire:TW. That said, look at my tiny greek democracy. Damn you cloud!
  7. I just hope and pray that the gameplay is solid.
  8. The reason for that is probably beacause both arms are body parts, so technically when buying an arm you can choose where to put it.
  9. Played it for 3 hours now. Didn't notice the time pass. My main problem with the game is the lack of a save system. Currently it relies on checkpoint, although, I haven't had to redo anything yet. Otherwise, I really like the atmosphere, story, sound assets and graphics. The only downside is the animations which are a tad clunky. The UI is easy to navigate and understand, and the combat is easy to understand and fluid. Haven't encountered any bugs. Playing a Dwarf Mage called Steely Greg Mainly spend my time nuking stuff and healing, but there are some buff/debuff spells as well. But I prefer the ones that combine debuffs with damage. Looking forward to the user created content, and I hope they do well enough to make a Shadowrun 2. That fixes the few remaining issues So far, based on my first impressions, I'd give the game a 8.5/10, dragged down primarily due to lack of manual saving.
  10. I've played through it and only bug I've encountered is the one where you can't recruit the new monk guy after you've rejected him once. Don't do dual screens, so hasn't crashed. Really loved it, though the blue color isn't that neat.
  11. What will also skew your poll is the fact that you're posting on a primarily RPG-centric forum about what types of games we play. But I assume you've posted this poll in all kinds of forums to get answers, so it shouldn't skew too much in that case.
  12. Am I the only one who ever wanted a horror shooter game where you play an imperial guard on a planet that is in a state of war with whatever enemy. It'd be a horror game because you're best means of surviving is hiding from the monsters/demons.
  13. Well, steam didn't have the nerve to ask you to pay for their "service". Besides, I'll buy a PS4 simply because my summer house doesn't have internet. It's nice to relax with a game in the evening after some work around the place, and the xbox just doesn't allow me to do that, so meh for them I guess. Good thing steam allows me to play with my laptop without internet aswell.
  14. Soon. w00t. I didn't get that mail, though I pre-ordered. Slightly worried now
  15. The important thing for me is that there are no numbers popping on the screen. Keep them in the combat log, thanks.
  16. All I paid attention was the standard hotbar button mashing number popping combat mechanics that's been the norm for MMO's since before they were known as MMO's. All in all not interested. MMO's always have vast empty worlds, with uninteresting combat and poor storytelling. Their only advantage over RPGs is that Legholas1337 is doing the identical quest next to you while playing.
  17. 45 bucks for Wasteland 2 and torment. Score!
  18. Patrick Rothfuss is fantastic. Thrilled to see him there.
  19. Shadowrun and Wasteland this year. Eternity and Torment next year. Lookin' good.
  20. The reason they want to mention PS:T is that there are a lot of people who have no idea who Monte Cook is. Like me, I had no idea who he is, because I don't follow Dungeons and Dragons lore at all. I just play the games + the tabletop game (with completely made up worlds and settings) However, mentioning PS:T piqued my interest. And that's the reason I'll be investing later. Then, I learned about Monte Cook and the rest of the team.
  21. Yes. That's a problem with sequels in general.
  22. That's kind of Fargo's idea. He's trying to create a franchise out of Torment. And the games within the franchise can be in different settings, but they are all like PS:T.
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