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  1. I don't understand above post. NDA is a confidentiality agreement. It does not stop anyone with access to beta accessing beta.
  2. Eh. I'm donating 50 dollars before the kickstarter ends. This essentially halves my food budget. Will be eating noodles this month Also, I'm not old-school. Nor am i particrarly Biowarian. I enjoy D&D 4th edition. Really dislike the direction Bioware went with Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I also really enjoyed some of the old school RPGs, though they had some niggling issues I really disliked. So... Wat.
  3. People seem to miss the point of grey choices. They are not to be confused with neutral choices. Grey exists in situations where there is no right choice. Whatever action or inaction you do will lead to good and bad, so you have to choose who benefits and who suffers. Sometimes there might seem to be an apparent good choice that leads to unforeseen consequences that really made the choice grey in nature. Choosing good too often leads to winning without consequence.
  4. People keep talking about crafting, but i have yet to see a crafting system that isn't just a massive grinding bore. I hate crafting. Can't stand it in any game.
  5. It's just a boom headshot. If you don't get the awesome play on words there, leave my thread!
  6. If you have no idea what I'm on about, don't let me keep you ----> http://www.purepwnage.com/original_series/video/life-pro-gamer So, who else of you watched and waited for Pure Pwnage episodes back in the day and was sorely disappointed when it was cancelled? And when the TV show got cancelled. They suffered the death of a crew member, and the two main characters had a falling out, and generally stuff did not work out for them in the end, so they stopped. Well. There's some light at the end of the tunnel: http://www.indiegogo.com/purepwnage I have to say, I'm thrilled to see them conclude the series. Can't wait and hope it gets funded. I have been waiting so long...
  7. Why did I not see this: http://kotaku.com/5944589/two-gaming-companies-find-true-love-on-twitter here?
  8. My only gripe with 4th ed. is that the powers don't really make sense for fighters, for example. But that's a minor gripe I can take for better gameplay. Then again, my groups games are fairly houseruled when it's required. (Cyberpunk campaigns, skill challenges involving more than dice rolling in form of "mini-games", reflavouring classes to suit the character as much as you want, etc)
  9. Fairly sure that's what I wrote. Twice. In any case, I never played Fallout 1&2(yeayea), so I can't comment on its problems.
  10. It's simply because previous version of D&D are not as suitable and easily adapted to video games as 4th edition. And I personally prefer 4th edition, even though people bash it. Then again, I only played 3.5 twice.
  11. Publisher are traders in risk. A developer accepting this would accept the smaller profits for smaller risk. They would not have to fund anything themselves and instead only gain money, even though the publisher would be the one making the most money, but would also carry more risk. Basic course in investing and funding would tell you this.
  12. Shamelessly promoting my own topic because it directly correlates with my own opinion on this. http://forums.obsidi...nse-of-urgency/ It's essentially a power system similar to 4th edition D&D.
  13. The idea is that if you don't complete it in time, the demon will be summoned and you will have to destroy it. And as I stated, I would not necessarily wish these time limits to all quests. A quest like kill the bandit chief before my trading caravan arrive, would be an example of a side quest where this could be more easily implemented. EDIT: I would only wish these where it makes sense. Warlock in temple suggestion would have been a general assassination mission that must be completed within a 2 days, or you won't get the bounty. Quests where danger is imminent, should be made clear that they must be completed in time, or you fail.
  14. Here's an idea from a person who plays 4th edition D&D(which is much more easily adapted to video games). Not necessarily saying this is a viable suggestion, but it may inspire someone to do something with it. I read another suggestion in this forum that they want a sense of urgency in the game. Too often the world is about to be destroyed and you are the sole person able to do it, except you're debating philosphy in a bar instead, because you want to explore the entire game content. This has probably happened to everyone in some RPG. So how do you get a sense of urgency? Simple, time limits. Now personally, I hate time limits, because I want to explore and I do not want to feel too stressed when playing an RPG. This is often due to, in my opinion, poorly implemented time limits. They're often in the form of "10 minutes to fetch water from the Undying Well" or something, and then you rush to the well and barely make it, or realize that you stil have about 8 minutes left on the clock when you finish it. Now here's my suggestion: Assume that time passes as fast in the real world as it does ingame. 1 second in RL is 1 second ingame. Now, saving the world, it's not a 10 minute job. It can be a matter of hours, days or weeks even. Now assume that you have 2 days to kill the Warlock in the Temple of Evil. This would mean that in Real life you would have 48 effective hours to explore and do side quests, or even just finish the quest instantly and do the side questing later. Now why would this time limit matter? Here's the jiffy and the idea from 4th edition. Assume that you have At-will, Encounter and Daily powers. At-will powers can be used whenever you feel like it, encounters per encounter and daily per ingame day. Bear in mind that it does not have to be daily, it could be a 12 hour cooldown, or whatever the developers feel like having it as. This would cause resting to be an obvious choice to regain your most powerful spells, except, you are on a time limit. You can't sleep 12 hours(ingame of course) after every encounter, because that's not enough time to finish the quest. So, you are instead forced to spend your daily powers sparingly, because you only have a few of them before the quest is failed. Now if you instantly go to the Temple of Evil, you may kill the Warlock in 1 hour(ingame and in RL). You spend one daily to knock him out and the rest of the dungeon you make due with encounter and at-will powers. This would leave 47 hours in your time limit, this 47 hours you could have easily spent on exploring the world and side questing, while making your way slowly toward the Temple of Evil instead of skipping it in the first place. This would be great, I hope you may agree. But the problem is that the average player, me included, probably can't be bothered to think about a time limit for 48 hours and may fail a quest simply becaue they underestimated the time or effort it would take to finish the quest. This is where penalty systems would have to become a little more creative same as the explanation for the time limit. A failed time limit should not lead to a failed quest/game. It should in most cases, simply lead to making the quest harder to finish, but not impossible. Quests like "Destroy Cthulhu" should be made clear that if you do not instantly destroy him, the world will succumb to a nightmarish hell and you will die. Not all quests would have to be timed either. The power system would come with the added bonus that you could change your parties powers to suit the enemy you are facing instead of having all spells available constantly and a mana bar, creating more tactical gameplay. (For example having 6 at-will, 3 encounter and 1 daily available at any time for your characters). Some powers would have casting times so that they would not be spammable(to compensate the lack of mana bar). Random bandits you encounter while exploring would not take long to finish, because you do not need to call down a meteorite to kill them. You just levitate a fork in their eyes. This would also resolve the annoying memorization and rest abusing that I believe no one really enjoyed in the classics, and resting within enemy strongholds would of course be impossible. Essentially, some benefits from this would lead to more tactical(preparation) combat, a sense of urgency, removal of sillyness in old game and more powerful spells that would not be spammable and used only when the need is great. This would also give the interesting competitiveness that some enjoy. "Who can complete the game in the least amount of ingame hours?" Now, as I said. This may or may not be a great idea and may include a bunch of holes that I cannot see after a few beers and sauna, so feel free to discuss and modify it as you please.
  15. In my opinion we should never have idle companions sitting in camp cooking food or something. As the game progresses, though, the paths to the same companion may cross a few times and he'll be the appropriate level for the area.
  16. I wouldn't have objected on the Bioware founders leaving. I certainly would have laughed at Project Eternity. Glad I was proven wrong
  17. A blunt sword does less damage. A rusty but sharp sword does same-ish damage as excalibur, but breaks and blunts easier. I think running around and constantly seeing bigger stats on the weapons diminishes the magic of finding magic weapons. Sure there can be magical weapons that do more damage than the average sword, I just hope these would be rare and prime quality weapons would be rare-ish, etc. Finding a good quality sword in early game should be as fun as finding a magic sword late game. And the difference between these two weapons should exist, but it should not be a huge gap like this: Sword - 10 damage 50 weapon changes later(including 45 magic weapons) Magic Sword of Thunder Lightning Mana Awesomesauce God Mk. II - 10 000 damage This is ridiculous. They must strike a balance in this.
  18. Eh. I miss the "I don't care" option. I have faith that Obsidian can make a grand story regardless if guns are included or not.
  19. Some sort of a diminishing returns effect on spell could work. Spamming spells over and over could require more mana or whatever if you cast them often(2 times in 10 minutes causes twice the mana cost for these medium tier spells). Some spells would be one use only until rested(major spells). And a simple spells would be at will. Basically, D&D's, At-will powers, encounter powers and daily powers.
  20. Personally, I'm thrilled to see dwarves. Never cared much about elves, but I have yet to see a game/book/movie where there were dwarves but no elves. Dwarves are cool. And seriously. The races don't matter if done in an interesting way. This update made me extremely happy.
  21. Not only give unique rewards for thiever, but also consequences for murdering random people guarding a gate.
  22. No, I really want to thank you, Obsidian. When I saw this announcement on kickstarter this morning in my hungovered haze and opened the trailer and absent-mindedly reading the text below talking about an isometric RPG I was overjoyed to see that someone still made these games. Then my eye wandered to the name of the developer and I was shocked and at the same time the video games that defined my childhood started popping up on the trailer. I literally cried and laughed. I mourn Bioware due to what they have turned in to and I have to admit that my faith waivered a bit with Alpha Protocol, but if you do this right, I will not only pledge my money but I will also pledge my undying support to you. A huge chunk of my childhood was spent sitting next to my brother when he was playing Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape, etc. I was 8-10 years old. It truly was a wondrous time for me. The epic stories and the company of my elder brother while we explored them together. It's memories I always treasured. I of course dabbled with them when I was a child, but I did not speak the language and the difficulty was too much for me. However, 10 years later, when my english had become sufficient I stumbled upon Baldur's Gate 1&2 in a shop and played them. It was great. So I decided that more of my childhood was out there, so I started the playing the rest of the classics from Black Isle Studio's. They are truly great. And now this. I honestly am happier than I ought to be about this and I definately know what I will buy my brother in April 2014. I have not pledged yet, though I will. Minimum 35$. - Lord of Lost Socks and Master of Misplaced Mittens.
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