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  1. How about people not walking right over a trap you just spotted, or instead of only being able to take the trap you can just turn it against your enemies. And maybe just maybe add bash to the appropriate list of ways to open a door or locked box
  2. Oh my. Is it too late to add a new stretch goal? it would be a cool AoE weapon, and i love that channel he always finds some interesting stuff.
  3. Hey I just found this on one of my YouTube subscriptions it's a wheel lock hand mortar.
  4. Maybe we can call in fire from our ship on to our unsuspecting enemies, assuming you have big enough cannons.
  5. So we have seen discussions of Special ammo, which is an interesting idea though it is a hole can of worms. But we are looking at increased use of Pistols and Muskets in Deadfire so i was kind-of wondering if we are going to see other changes to the Firearms in the game here are some of the ideas I had. Rifled variants of all firearms, this would be a modifier that increases the hit/critical chance of the firearm with maybe a small hit to the reload speed. Smooth-bore, this would be faster to reload but would be less accurate for a solid slug but my be filled with shot to possibly used mor
  6. I agree, though I'll be honest—and I certainly appreciate being with the minority here—I would like it even better if the falcon companion was exclusive to this NPC. It would make her more special. That's not to say PC rangers can't have more animal companions that weren't in the original game. It's just that I feel NPCs with their own unique perk tend to be more interesting/attractive, and a ranger with a unique falcon companion would be very much so. We are going to a hole new ecosystem, we may be up for some really cool new wildlife. I keep thinking about a strange mash up of th
  7. Looks male to me. Though if the Falcon is a new Ranger pet that would be awesome.
  8. Can we please have a sentient ooze named Shlock that works for a mercenary group?
  9. hey guys any more Q&A's planned as of yet? And if so can we start a thread to collect questions along side twitter?
  10. Maybe instead of one big 15 level mega dungeon, we have ether three, five layer dungeons or five, three layer dungeons. each with its own story and boss at the bottom, this way they can be more easily hand crafted with puzzles and larger levels. with a overall playtime of maybe 45 min for each dungeon. Maybe stick one under an Inn and kick off the quest with the innkeeper asking you too clean out the rats from the basement.
  11. Indeed that dragon was like going up against unpatched Duirel as an Assassin back in Diablo II, that is the type of boss that needs to be scaled. I got wiped a few times by the dragon and just left and finished every side quest and leveled up as much as possible then took her on before I completed the story.
  12. i really like this idea, it can just use snippets of the concept art for each monster and maybe even the plants/ingredients that we collect. the think i would love is if we can have a space for our own notes if we want to fill in more on each creature like what spells or attacks work best.
  13. I know most of us prefer to be in control of our story, but what if during the interlude between PoE & PoEII our characters develops a relationship, or just gets married for political reasons depending on how we played the first game? This can be explored more through the like a series of letters or something that you revive throughout the game?
  14. So are we going to have a Mega Dungeon in Deadfire like the endless paths? or are we going to have more smaller dungeons spread through out the world? What do you guys think? I kinda like the idea of shipwrecks and abandoned forts used as dungeons, but a wave based arena is also be a ton of fun.
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