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  1. After the Kickstarter is over, you will be sent a survey by Obsidian to ask you what the extra $20 is. You just say it's for the expansion. Ahhh, I have been wondering about this. I did not see this in any of the available selections so I thought the expansion digital track only or 250 and above....
  2. I would like to see paradigm of undead all being evil shattered. Why couldn't there be a good soul who has not seen final rest because there is something left to do...or because he or she was returned against their will? So many interesting plots. It would be neat if becoming undead were a future racial trait...or perhaps a class or template of sorts. Ala Dread Necromancer...or vampire, skeleton, zombie, etc. The more creative the better
  3. The biggest thing I would like to see is a $165 physical tier that adds in the PE expansion game. It would provide a nice middle ground between 140 and 250.
  4. Tinker, Shapeshifter, Gish and Archivist(mastermind) type... Tinker is really unique...and from what I gather from the tech level, might be something great for an expansion. Creating clockwork creatures would be awesome. A crafting class that has combat usefulness, taking a techie path versus perhaps something magical that uses summoning type of abilities. Maybe this tinker could create steamwork armor to ride in...or some sort of augmentations, implants, etc. Shapeshifter would be fun too. But I would like to see it as a more dedicated feature. Maybe something in line with FF7, where you could shapeshift into creatures you have defeated in combat or something to make it interesting...like you absorb their soul energy. I like the sound of that. Gish I mean basically a caster type with perhaps a limited selection of spells that can channel them through their weapons, blending the fighter goodness with casting flare. I liked Archivist because it was the priest who studied for his or her powers. What I liked even better than the flexibility was the ability to buff party members duwith intelligence checks vs creatures. It was the embodiment of knowledge is power and with knowledge devotion feat you could buff yourself and your team against most any foe. I would like to see some kind of mastermind type of class like this where you can really make things happen with brains over pure brawn.
  5. Indeed. Everytime I did a character that had any rogue in it, I always went rogue at level 1. The 4x bonus disproportionately benefited him. And almost any dexterity based character could benefit from a level of Warlock in Neverwinter Nights 2, due to Leap and Bounds. That's a really good point I'd forgotten all about. This happens in many games. In Star Wars SAGA you had people take 1 level of Noble for all the skills to train in, or a single dip into Scout to get the Evasion Talent. Balance is key!
  6. Good questions, but I propose that the last question isn't really needed. Who is going to say they want an unbalanced overpowered or underpowered multiclassing system?
  7. Nice update. Please if you can, give us a $165 tier for those who have selected $140 physical tier or less....the jump from 140 to 250 is too steep! My preference would be adding in the free copy of the expansion! Kudos on the Lore. That stuff is great....and nice locale in the picture. Odd statue that looks like some gorgeous Walking Dead victim
  8. I am glad to have full party creation! That is huge. The announcement of the expansion pack addition for 165 and up seems nice, but what I don't get is at $165 you get the digital expansion already...so why would it be a big deal to add it as an expansion. What I would like to see is the ability to get this expansion either specifically or via a new physical tier. Perhaps you can even through in the Wasteland 2 game as an add on seperately. I think that would generate more money overall. Thanks for the update!
  9. Having monks who use both unarmed attacks, weapons, with an asian flare is not unthematic. This is a unique fantasy setting. I haven't read a dev diary post that says they are carbon copying european medieval times and using that for everything. Using the logic of the OP (sorry), each class is somewhat stereotypical. The studious mage....the sword and board fighter....the priestly healing class....the ranger with their bows and arrows and maybe some puppies for support. These "stereotypes" are just things that we as roleplayers have grown accustomed to over the years. What I like about this project is that it seems that the devs are challenging some of those stereotypes with statements like wizards can wear full plate and swing swords and such. That's great news. However I don't want to see monks some kind of european weird, silent, soup kitchen, omni omni hummina hummina secluded second hand priest. I want something different, explosive, engaging, and fun to play. The best way to do that, especially with all of the synergies of soul, is to take the asian flare for what a monk is. Use that as the baseline and then challenge the stereotype by allowing the player to branch and do different things. Maybe an armor wearing monk....maybe one that focuses more on Chi or soul power and can do physical manifestations like Street Fighter, maybe one that specializes in weapons, other more intellectual, etc. Have a slew of styles that can be branched into. But having something that does not start with something as amazing as what asian monks are like as a player class would just plain stink. If you want to have a second rate priest hybrid with something else....start out as one. See how enjoyable and/or different from the other stated classes a non asian style incarnation of monk would be. It would end up being worse than the worse monk class in any game to date I bet.
  10. Being able to use terrain and positioning to affect battle would be a great tactical addition to the game. Archers on high ground should be at an advantage, if you trip someone ...prone person is at a disadvantage....perhaps you are firing your crossbow from around a corner....all viable. I hope the devs can work that into gameplay.
  11. This is pretty cool. Like the idea. However one request. I really like my non-digital tier of support. Is there any way to tack on the expansion and still maintain the other rewards? Could you please put in maybe a boost option like you have to buy extra versions of the game? That would be super!
  12. I am interested to see where this is going. It is a shame that there are all the limitations they have to deal with, but BG is still one of the most classic RPGs I have played on PC. I will probably pick it up.
  13. I think with the experience they have, this is just what the devs will do. I too loved Arcanum...still have it but lost my dang cd key/instructions! *shakes fist* This project had me digging out all of my old games like BG, IWD, Arcanum, etc. As you point out, its a lot of the little things that help to provide the atmosphere of immersion. It should be a subtle thing that draws the player in and makes him or her feel at home.
  14. I think the good first step the devs have taken is to offer up the create your own party options for one of the monetary benchmarks. I know that they have stated plainly that it takes a lot of resources for multiplayer experience, but I do hope if things are a success that it is a possibility in the future. Even if its a downloadable addon or something. Playing Co-op with some friends can be a lot of fun. Great idea to add to the replayability of what looks to be a stupendous single player rpg.
  15. As immersion breaking as being able to toss fireballs from your hands, or speak with animals and summon creatures from the abyss? Come on, this is high fantasy. Anything is fair game. We aren't playing medieval times....or conquer the realms via Total War. Its supposed to be logical enough to not be complete cheese, but its fantasy....fake...imaginative...fun. A knight in full plate with a longsword versus a shaoilin master...who is going to win? All the monk would have to do is knock him on his arse and its lights out. The knight wouldn't be able to get up. Lets keep an open mind about things.
  16. I would like to see Paladins that represent a multitude of "alignments." For example you should be able to be a paladin of good god x or of neutral god y or even evil god z. Each with different abilties you could take and such. Bard....all I say is MEH!
  17. I am good with Fog of War as long as it is a bit more expansive than what I have experienced in previous games. Of course you shouldn't be able to see what is behind door number two, but on an open battlefield...you should be able to see pretty much everything unless conditions like weather, time of day, conditions dictate otherwise.
  18. Sorry call me crazy but I like the Kung Fu monk style of play. Especially if Obsidian does it right and allows some really nifty maneuvers that work ala: grappling, sundering, disarming, throwing, tripping, targeted damage (like dislocating someones shoulder), etc. It would be especially nice if the monk class were not only restricted to using fists...martial artists train in a multitude of weapons! Have them be able to perform acrobatic feats, mystical martial arts type of maneuvers that harness the Chi (or in this game's theme...the soul energy), able to catch a bullet in their mouth.... now thats fun. I don't want to play a monk that just sits there contemplating life all day long up at the temple atop the mountain. Give me the 36 chambers of Shaolin! Give me multiple fighting styles like Crane, Tiger, Mantis, Viper, Toad, Buddha Palm....give me monk/martial artists known as the Axe Brothers, Drunken Master, Master Killer. Epic heroes with epic abilities and unique asian style backgrounds that contrast with the standard sword and board of other medieval fare. Yin and Yang....the two can co-exist.
  19. I like it. Especially the magical construct aspect. In DnD you could do that with wizards/clerics with the right feats, they had Effigy Master PRC which was neat. Perhaps have multiple tracks you can go...one where you create and focus with weaponry, one with constructs/automotons, and another with armor, kind of like magically powered armor that you pilot (not huge of course but maybe large sized). I also liked this kind of tinkering mechanic in Arcanum. Clockwork/Steamwork goodness Nice idea.
  20. I like this...especially if under the wizard class you have the ability to go down a channeling type of progression like Duskblade in DnD. Perhaps smaller spell selection, but able to use spells in your attacks. Would be pretty awesome variation to the Wiz.
  21. I vote yes, if you are referring to a method to give the AI enemies logical and tactical responses to player actions. Pure aggro mechanics...not so much.
  22. I am very excited about the party creation aspect. I am glad the devs are offering this. It was something that was important to me as a player. Thanks devs! Great update. Lets meet that target!
  23. I am a fan of using the DIE 30 chart of doom Critical hits and misses in the table top campaigns I play tend to have these. It adds some spice to these moments.
  24. I know the devs said no co-op, but I advocate at the least giving us the ability to create our own party like Icewind Dale. That really shouldn't be all that difficult to implement and gives players a chance to explore different character types at the same time.
  25. Achievements are something fun for the player. It does nothing to harm the RPG environment. I mean look at how XBox has achievements for pretty much every game. Who cares. If it doesn't hurt development, why not. Also, achievements could be used for roleplay activities. I think the Fallout series did a great job with this, along with some really funny ones you could pick up for your behavior.
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