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  1. Same here, crashes on average like once per hour, at random (twice when opening a corpse or container to loot it, but then loot it fine after restarting game) or just when clicking on someone to speak to them or just while running. Gamepass for PC version here.
  2. Again, the problem is not that chanters are weak, it's that there is this awesome system Obsidian developed of 'building' chants with different phrases, but in reality, you're better off just keep using the first 2-3 level 1 phrases, because they're faster and you can cast the incantations faster. So, I'm level 10 and I haven't changed my song since like level 4, as when I started experimenting with different combinations, I realized I was weaker if I used higher level phrases in the chant.
  3. yes the problem to me is not that the class is weak or something, but it has a problem. All classes, when they get higher level spells, they're good to have. But in the case of chanters, the higher level phrases are not useful as they take longer to chant, thus delaying the real important incantations. So for most people, it's better to just use the same 3 level 1 phrases they got from the beginning of the game. That is bad design IMHO.
  4. I guess the usage of chanters depends on playstyle. They work great for me, as I use my rogue to snipe/insta-kill one of the mobs, then go back to the party. By the time the mob reaches the group, at least 1 token is already up. Having said that, there is definitely a problem with higher level phrases. As they are now, I prefer not using them at all. They shouldn't last longer than level 1s, as that directly affects the token count, so I prefer just leaving my chants at level 1 phrases so the tokens go faster and I can use the more powerful incantations. Maybe they could change it so they last the same, but you need a chain of the lower level ones 'building up the tempo', so to sing a level three phrase it needs to go after a level 1 and level 2 phrase (but they all last 4 seconds each).
  5. I've done Raeric's castle twice and only experienced one issue, so it's not really as bad as many say. The only problem I had, in my second run, was that my character got stuck near a water pool in the catacombs. Very easy fix was to force attack another party member, it would make my character move to the other member and get unstuck.
  6. same just happened to me. What I did to fix it (and works every time testing from my saved stuck game) is to select the stuck character and force attack (melee weapon, click on the 'sword' icon to force attack) and target a party member that is not in melee range. The character would move to the target and get unstuck.
  7. In Quill18s video ( ) at 23:02 he noticed something strange in the combat log, a 9.8 damage graze, with a 4 damage reduction resulted in a 9.8 damage hit? Is that some sort of bug? miscalculation? something hidden affecting the numbers? (and if so, shouldn't it show in the log)?
  8. The only way I would accept a respec in an RPG is if it's not really a respec but a 'start over'. If you want to be a warrior when you've been all your life a wizard, then you start from scratch, level 1 with 0 exp. You keep your items so it's not like you'll be a total wuss against mid level monsters, and it's a party based game so the other characters can help you catch up with levels, specially considering that you'll be gaining levels fast because of difference of level vs. encounter levels.
  9. No, I don't want unwinnable battles, but I'm not against unwinnable battles 'for now', that is, an enemy that is clearly out of the league of the party at the time the party is in certain area (story-line wise), but 10 levels later when the party is taking on dragons somewhere else, they can come back to that 'low level' area and whup the creature's ass (sort of like in Everquest, when those roaming giants or griffons stomped you when you were low level, and then when you were big you would go back and kill them just for revenge)
  10. Exactly, one thing is "it's doable if you want" and another thing is "it's optimal". So my point is, there should be benefits and penalties attached to each type of armor (light, medium, heavy) so yes, your mage can wear platemail, but platemail's drawback of having a 25% chance of spell failure makes it not ideal for a mage to wear (unless he/she can't cast spells maybe). Same as rogues on platemail, maybe it has a penalty for sneaking (because it's noisy) and 'sneak attack' chance (because you can't hit as precisely as in leather or cloth). This is what I want the devs to clarify if possible.
  11. so in the update posts and interviews it keeps being mentioned that if you want, you can have your wizard in full armor and wielding a sword. So the question now is, why wouldn't everybody? Is there any sort of drawback for doing this? Call me old fashion but I think there's a reason why fantasy wizards don't go in full plate... it interferes with their casting (if they use somatic/material components, how can they manipulate them wearing gauntlets, or if they manipulate the energies around them, the metal may interfere, etc), but that doesn't seem to be the case here. So will everybody in my party wear full plate armor since it gives the best protection? or will armor just be completely cosmetic (i.e. like 'city clothes' skin) and there will the vendor sell +20 AC boxers and +20 AC full plate armor?
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