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  1. Wow very cool little mod! Well done! As soon as I play the game again I'll try it
  2. I hope engagement stays and kiting (one of the most retarded mechainics ever implemented in RTSs), will not be a viable strat in this game. We have specific character powers/abilities crafted exclusively to deal with positioning, and the game is fine like that. Being able to retreat when you committed to a melee you shouldn't have committed to is just BAD design. Learn to use your abilities to either raise your chances in the melee (via buff or debuff) OR escape OR manipulate the enemy position. The possibilities are effing endless, lets not play with retarded 90's mechanics. FYI I have thousands of hours of dota and I use/love kiting/orbwalking in that game, but it only makes sense because its player vs player and there's a direct competition: kiting and exploiting AIs feels so goddamn retarded.
  3. I just see a very little person, filled with hatred, arguing with everyone, and easily irritable. I don't really care what your point is, I just have such a great deal of fun trolling you at any chance I get. xD
  4. Or maybe I find fun in trolling you, and it's working? xD BTW, my few posts, with the few hours I had the time to spend on the beta, are definitely a lot more worthy that the 5k words hatred-filled essays you post obsessed with your opinions. Sincerely, your own nerve wracking troll.
  5. Pfffff, sorry Hiro I'm distracting you from your personal war on all of those that oppose your opinion. Back to it! xD PS you should really take a vacation from posting on video games' forums, given the amount of people that blacklisted you around here.
  6. Are you acting retarded or you really are? You are pro pre-buff, and you just stated something completely opposed to that. Rofl
  7. There were a lot of instances where I casted buff spells in combat with the IE games. Negative plane protection is one because it has a very quick casting time (it's almost instantaneous) and very short duration. It was better to cast it after combat started than prior to it. So it wasn't all rote pre-buffing. There were benefits waiting for combat to begin to cast your buff spells. Uomoz, could be useful without his usual distorted hyperbolic examples. So you are proving that pre-buff is unnecessary and reactive buffing is instead an interesting choice? Wow, I didn't expect you to change your narrow mind!
  8. PJ finally reached the ultimate truth. :D BTW, pre-buffing doesn't exist because part of the cost of the buff spells is in the time used to cast them during combat. It's a design decision, and actually rectify the horrible BG implementations where if you didn't have the buffs you were simply missing bonuses, while in PoE buffing is a non-obvious choice. Hiro, could be useful taking a look outside of your box, once in a while.
  9. Hiro implying that changing ideas is laughable is one of the most stupid things I've read recently. The whole point of discussions is comparing ideas and reaching new conclusions, even changing your own starting point. Facepalm
  10. Dang that movement speed looks so awkward.
  11. They often add the API in late beta stages, at least for a lot of games I've modded previously. We'll see though, this game being on a tight schedule and all might push the API back indefinitely.
  12. I do believe that with the right API hooks the stuff will be editable via mods. If they do release an API.
  13. Also a lot of stuff (after a brief look, even the inventory UI), should be easily moddable once the game is out. So whatever will not taste like some people want, there will probably be mods to change that.
  14. Not really bro, it's simply that by sheer amount of posts it's easier for you (and others) to fall in the category "I don't like at least 3 things this guy said". It also doesn't help that you seldom use the words "y needs to be x" when you could use "x is better than y because z", implying that the design decisions are completely wrong, while most of the time the current existing features have (often quite obvious) reasons to be like they are. You do sound a bit rough while giving honest feedback, so its easier for you to attract both hostility and favouritism. my 2 cents
  15. Seems a bit too specific to be a bug, looks like intentional. Might be related to how the game rounds those numbers?
  16. I like how this i***t's posts actually reinforce this community and its attachment to the game. Keep at it Malignacious! EDIT: I summon thy back to the RPGcodex cave!
  17. I do agree with DCParry about the bettle encounter thingie: ideally this beta should focus the feedback around the general systems (inventory, UI, leveling, stats, etc), not content (area design) since the actual content we have in the beta is very limited, while the general systems are identical for the whole game.
  18. I do understand what you say about art design >> art fidelity (I'm kind of the biggest modder of a 2d topdown game myself, starsector), and PoE strikes me as some of the best compromises of the two that I've seen in a long time.
  19. Well they did not change a lot of graphic stuff that is just as jarring for nowadays standards, like the character models. EDIT: gotta admit, watching a 640x480 screenshot, they do look ok at that resolution. Some of the map props do look very bad though.
  20. It's hard to enjoy them as much as we did when they were released. I'm playing BGEE right now and I must admit that the super blurry terrain image makes me love the whole PoE crpg resurgence a lot.
  21. So you didn't actually check if the AI is scripted in a way to not move if it's in recovery time? From what you posted I think you are referring to the fact that the script change affect all characters in the game, but not inherently the AI. (Sorry if it's a dumb question and I should have assumed you did check)
  22. Oh if it works without having to edit the AI code, nice. I wonder if it would be cool or bad if the enemy archers started trying kiting your party around xD.
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