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  1. It will be the teleportation thingie and it will be a mess xD. Just Kidding (I hoooope!)
  2. There's no point in arguing over this. It has been fixed as stated above.
  3. Well done Sensuki. Overall, not many gamebreaking bugs, I'm pretty happy.
  4. Trust me, it shows. It's also very apparent that a lot of pseudo-bugs/suggestions are very biased towards the poster standards so must be filtered through the QA before even reaching the programmers. A lot of bugs would have probably been resolved with or without community feedback, while a lot of the gameplay stuff was modified thanks to the the feedback. That said, gameplay changes will be very minimal form this date on, henche this BB is not very useful for testing purposes. EDIT: sorry double post.
  5. So, what? They sent out the beta build to have people check for bugs that don't exist anymore? Sounds... useful. That is the reality of things. BB doesn't even have area-loot, and that is in the final game so..
  6. In recent patches disengagement attacks never one-shotted my team (at least normal creatures), if used at more than 10% health. Its about player judgement deciding to disengage in time or fight it out in melee until the end.
  7. Also the BB is a week or so behind (or even more?), I'm not even sure if a lot of this recent issues are still in the actual game.
  8. Still, in the video you clearly explain why you would or wouldn't move in that situation and thus make it a "cool" decision. At least that was my impression ON TOPIC: Is there any gamebreaking bugs? There are some exploits and what I'd call minor bugs but other then that the game is perfectly playable.
  9. The fact is, I really like the engagement/disengagement attack mechanic, but that exploit makes it look hilariously bad. When not exploited the feature is actually cool and force some interesting tactical decisions like you can see in this video around the 3:38 mark: https://youtu.be/h5aMb7g3ZYo?t=3m38s As you can see there, in a general melee situation they give a cool weight to the decisionmaking between staying or moving away, if used properly.
  10. The BG series is the metagamer's dream, a fact that made me enjoy a lot more my first playthroughs compared to the latest. That's the real issue with hard counters, they are fun until you find what the counter is. Then they become a chore (to me).
  11. All the new orchestrated music is VERY *very* good. I love it, especially (for some odd reasons) the character creation song that mimics the main theme in a chill inducing way.
  12. Is it just me or there are a lot of new music tracks and they are very well mixed/done? I F****G love the character creation chill music and the main theme.
  13. That's not what I meant. A bit extreme ahahahah.
  14. The whole idea of companion stats is to make the combat personality and the roleplay personality being an organic "one", even with sub-optimal builds. I'm totally fine with that since I'm kind of addicted on sticking to the "vanilla" view of the developer of the game I'm playing, rather than forcing my optimal build on it (it often provides interesting challenges that optimal builds kind of dismantle). If Aloth is not a great damage dealer by design, I shall play him like that and experience what does it mean gameplay wise, if instead I want a magic dealing mage I shall make one of my own. I think of combat-related stats as personality traits that fit with the rest of the character, and making it completely customizable kind of defeat the purpose of handwritten characters and alienate the two spheres of the character (combat-roleplay).
  15. Expert mode = removes helpers But odds are that you don't actually want to remove all helpers. Until the current Engagement system has been fixed or removed, you really need those helpers to make any sense of combat. :| I'm with Sensuki, I don't even see why it's relevant to inform someone of something they cannot really do anything about, or why it needs to be so.. glaring. There are multiple ways to do something about it when one's flanked, and I find that kind of visual feature actually useful, since that ui space is not used in any other way otherwise.
  16. Thanks OE for trying this hard to make this game. Thanks JS, AB, TC, MCA etc. Thanks.
  17. The same could be said about a lot of D&d (and IE games) classes, filled with recycled spells from the base classes (mage/cleric). At least PoE has different combat mechanics for each class, and powers aren't shared between classes. I can see way more difference between poe's rogue/barbarian than a IE mage/sorcerer honestly, and they aren't even casters.
  18. It's not like that by default, at least in my game.
  19. Thats a very cool mockup! I like it a lot
  20. Stop bringing in massive amount of people, express your goddamn opinion instead of making factions up your ass. This kind of posts are the very reason why this forum is laughable.
  21. Obs is pretty much one of the best game dev currently, and anyone arguing that doesn't like story rpgs Call them bugsidian or whatever, still the end product have more soul than most games these days.
  22. A bunch of grognards should be simply banned for the greater good. That'd make this a much better place to really discuss about stuff game-related and not personalities-related.
  23. I too completely disagree on the gameplay changes, but all this features need to be enabled in-game via a menu, so you don't have to worry about them if you want only the functionality changes.
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