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  1. Confirmed test. It's the priest robes that crashes you. Don't wear the priest robes and you won't crash.
  2. I cleared the whole keep last night without crashing. Today I put on the priest robes on two of my characters and crashed at the seige platform. I'm testing right now without wearing the robes to make sure that's it. I'll update when I'm done.
  3. That's why I think the Ranger needs different paths: one for beast master and one for a solo Ranged combat archer.
  4. 1. I've give the player the ability to turn off the pet. I would rather have my own pool of health that I don't have to micromanage. 2. I would create two seperate paths of ranged focus: beast-master and something similar to the Archer kit without the pet. 3. The beast master ranger would get an ability to draw in animals from the environment to add to the fight. As their level gains, they can pull in progressively more animals from the environment. Their pets would get a passive ability bonus to sneak/spot/scout. 4. The solo ranger would get combat archer abilities: a pinning shot
  5. That's what you would think. I can tell you from the perspective of someone thats never liked rogues or rogue gameplay: about all they do for me is disarm traps. I don't sneak unless absolutely necessary. I just go head on. So really, my wizard can disarm traps. The rest of it: we'll make due without backstab or the ability to sneak. I doubt if I'll give any of my party stealth skill. They'll be loaded up on athletics, lore, and mechanics for the wizard.
  6. And the fix to this would be... Every class gets every vital skill? What's the point of having classes in the first place if you're going to do that? In any case, there are quite a few things that PoE improves upon from Bg1. I don't necessarily think the classes are one of them, though. But since that's a judgment call that will require that we play the entire game before confidently making, I'll withhold my final judgement. I will say this though, after playing the beta, I'm feeling that some classes are simply pointless because of this everyone-can-do-everything design. (why be a ro
  7. Minor note: A dungeon that's "nearly impossible" to do without a specific party composition is NOT a good argument against the traditional AD&D class roles. It's a commentary about bad dungeon design. In my Pen and paper days, my DM used to design the greatest dungeons ever. And one of the reasons why his dungeons were so good was that he didn't assume any specifics about party makeup. Instead, he designed the dungeon to be fully self contained. if there was a challenge that needed to be overcome, then the tools needed to overcome it were made available to the party within that dungeon (
  8. Why are Monks so good, I hate monks.. I like the diversity they offer in this game. They have good crowd control options and a lot of damage.
  9. It might have been possible in earlier i.e. games to play without a rogue. It still wasn't practical. You still didn't have a way to disarm traps. The only alternative to a rogue in those games was more pigeon-holing than actually having a rogue in your party. You had to bring someone with knock, someone with detect traps, someone with invisibility, and then you needed to spam rests or bring lots of heals to make up for the damage you would absorb while detonating traps. There were certain levels, like the tower in BG, that we're almost impossible without a rogue. I hold nothing against an
  10. A lot of the old i.e. games you had to have a rogue. They we're the only ones that could disarm traps and open locks. You could get by with a Knock spell but you would still get blown into little bits in the BG tower full of loot. I find it extremely liberating that I can finally give that duty to someone that is usefull for something other than sneak attack/backstabbing/half assed archer. I've never been a fan of stealth in these games, and I don't really care for the sneaky combat approach. I like my party to be able to and be forced to take a frontal approach minus all the sneaky rogue
  11. I'm not taking any of the default party except for when I'm doing their side quests or if I have to. I don't particulary like party banter as a lot of games have the companions use reduntant phrases that break immersion for me. I will swap out for an adventurer as soon as I have a companion join my party. I'm a huge fan of party synergy. My party in order of appearance: 1. Male Heath Wild Orlan Druid as the p.c. 2. Male Mountain Dwarf two handed Fighter 3. Male Mountain Dwarf two handed Paladin 4. Male Mountain Dwarf Sword and Board Priest(one of three brothers) 5. Male Coastal Amu
  12. After some testing I've started to favor a priest over the chanter. I don't get what all the hype is about with the chanter. Maybe the Chanter was better before the flaming weapons level nine nerf, but I don't love it now. The Priest provides way more buffs, extreme versatility, aoe healing, and is a better 4th man on the front line than the Chanter is. Also, I wanted the Ranger in the backline as a single target damager. From what I can tell, they are inept at that job due to their dependance on a pet. I should thank R.A. Salvatore for turning the Ranger into a Beastmaster. What I am star
  13. They would be my girlfriend. They have a Paypal account. I don't.
  14. It's still very generous, as I did not have a way to get into this wonderful beta without help. I really do appreciate it. Now I've got to figure out who's the sixth member of the party with a fighter, paladin, monk, druid, and chanter. My original idea of having a Ranger as six was blown out of the water after a couple of hours of real playtime and the realization that I don't like Beast Master micro managers. I haven't tried Wizard, Rougue, Priest, Cipher or Barbarian yet. Advice on what's best between those five classes would be helpful.
  15. First of all, thank you for all of you backers that donated cash to bring this great game to life. I really do appreciate it. Unfortunately, I didn't learn about this game until after kickstarter, so I'm dependant on your good will and experience to theory craft my party. I've got plenty of money and time right now: just no Beta key. Having said that, I have a few questions. 1. Does the Chanter phrase that adds fire effects to weapons affect a monks unarmed strike? 2. I see a lot of forum negativity around the Paladin Combat Only passive fields. From what I've read, you have to activa
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