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  1. It's a fine idea, but only applicable if the enemy AI is aware of it and use it, otherwise it's just beneficial to the player party.
  2. Did you not listen? I swapped the dll back to the original and then verified it with steam. MoonDog has also been able to replicate the issue, although I was getting it way more than he was. Relax man, I was just stating a general comment about modding. Chill
  3. Ahhhh good old core file modding, replacing values and hoping for the best... Takes me back! :D Seriously, we should wait for an API before modding via hack'n'slash on the core files. This method may break your game :3
  4. You know that removing health = "PoE has a regenerative health system". The moment some "fans" realize it, can you imagine the outrage? I personally don't care how the life resource is handled as far as it's fun and balanced.
  5. I think everything is kind of terribly weak right now, it's not about encounter layout. Game needs to be balanced back after the attribute system change, that's about it.
  6. Hiro is right, for once :D @Sensuki, it is about encounter layout, but not general. It's simply a request to edit a single encounter in a game that will have hundreds of them. In the grand scheme of things, very little impactful compared to topics like attributes or skill balance.
  7. Is it ok if I wholeheartedly disagree with the core idea in this topic? I much prefer the current layout and I think the old encounter was kind of lame/unfun. Also single encounter's layout is hardly worth giving feedback about, since it only applies to the little area that the beta is in. A topic about encounter structure, for general feedback, would be way more useful than topics liek this.
  8. You don't really need any minmaxing to steamroll this beta patch tbh. I mean, do it if you find it fun, but know that it's completely unnecessary. You can get 10-15% less damage on the fighter, maybe? It's just the general difficulty that is way off atm.
  9. You'll do more damage. That's the point. I don't think that's fair to the IE games. I've made different builds for fighters in the IE games before. Honestly they were more different than the builds you can make in poe so far since attributes don't make a huge difference. Mhhhh, I was thinking mostly to BG1 that has the power level we should compare PoE to. In BG1 there was only archer warrior and melee warrior, so the diversity was about that.
  10. I think that even if they had the license, they'd have rewrote the rules completely. Ports (from console to PC or from paper to videogame, it's the same) are never really that good.
  11. Classifying people using the parts of IE games they like the most is a wrong way to approach discussion on this board imho. 80% of the people here love IE games, dismissing that and stating that there are only few real IE fans is completely wrong.
  12. MC it's the complete opposite. A Might warrior will do a lot more damage while an int warrior will hold better the line. More variations of the same class is better than IE style monobuilds.
  13. For as much as I love the BG series (and my consumed 5cd version says so!), the little control I had over the wild d20 system rng was a design flaw, imho.
  14. The less random spike damage, that may force reloads from a xvart crit or make battles a miss-fest, the better. Lets please focus the fun of the game on the tactics and the epicness, not on the dice rolls.
  15. @Hiroguy that fight's outcome is exactly the same without using nudes and without any particular minmaxing (I can make a video of that if you need, do you?), the main difference in our strats is that I'm not forced to reload the instant an enemy decides to focus my second liners.
  16. My 2c: keep the engagement animation and add targeting reticle animation. Daimmmm
  17. Totally agree, those icons are immersion breaking. I do think they are simply temp though.
  18. One of the best thing they did there is that the selection circles are on an horizontal plane and the engagement arrows are on a plane perpendicular to the horizontal. Very nice way to easily separate the two elements at a glance, while keeping the green-good/red-bad.
  19. Mmhh, I don't find them intrusive at all, personally. Derp @ gif compression :D. EDIT: wow it came out kind of seamless. Cool!
  20. Well, I feel it's probably the best thing they could do with it, without going overboard. The arrows are small and have an animation/color that is very easy to spot. I can see improvements happen, but the general idea is fantastic imho.
  21. I feel the stances/animations changed a bit, but I may be wrong about it. I feel like I can see better when someone is idling.
  22. I believe that's kind of a design decision, the skin is not actually blurry but the color is not as vibrant as before. I'm ok with it since it puts the focus on the UI colors, and makes the fight more understandable. A contour would completely detach the characters from the background, so that's a no no for me.
  23. The biggest issue I had with the precedent version is now fixed: combat feedback. They added a lot of Ui work on that, plus effects, hit vfx, sounds. I can now fully understand what's going on, even if I don't know what half of the characters' powers do!
  24. Damn the new engagement UI is so useful! Very easy to understand what's going on in the melee.
  25. This new build made the combat so, so much better. It has exactly "that" cool feel that I felt while playing BG2 battles, with spells, particles and blood flying all over the place. It's very FUN and all the feedback additions are very well done. Damn, I can't wait to play the real boss battles in the final game. Hype!!!!
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