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  1. This was actually very funny overall :D EDIT: it's implied that you guys absolutely love the current movement speed!
  2. You imply that anyone who have PMd Sensuki, arguing he did something wrong, is a sissy. So anyone can critique anyone, but there are exceptions? Rofl.
  3. Exactly this. The whole point of the current health system is not to have healing spells. The "IE-ish" healing dealt by healers is accounted for in the total party HP pool.
  4. I find funny that you didn't understand my point at all. Whatever.
  5. So? That's my point all along. They didn't change the inventory number because you modified the game, they did it because there was coherent feedback about it. Modifying a beta game is bad in all possible ways.
  6. You simply can't read my post? I don't care about this particular modification, mine was a general statement. Get down from your throne plz.
  7. This is clearly a balance thing. They could lower the bonuses for the items in this slots, to compensate the use of more of them, but that would be a worse design decision imho.
  8. People like Saeri are the most clear way to describe how bad a public feedback forum can be. EDIT: It's the second time I report you, I really hope this get you banned.
  9. Making a mod like this is not something that inspires the developers, it's simply something you and some others like and want to use. It's a mod, modification, not vanilla, hence unusable in a beta context. You should really focus the effort on vanilla gameplay, modifying the game is completely wrong for the purpose of this release. The developers won't download it, so this is only directed to players.
  10. That's my point. It's simply because some people need to have a few -'s in the character sheet, otherwise THIS IS NOT AN HARDCORE RPG HERP.
  11. Yeah but you test a modified feature in a context that relies/is balanced on the vanilla feature. Just don't modify the game guys, it's completely opposite to the point of a betatest.
  12. Sadly, that's something a fair amount of people actively requested.
  13. Modifying a game that's supposed to be tested vanilla is so stupid, I don't even.
  14. That was quite obvious by simply listening to the sad clicks of the mouse in the video tbh. Classic ol' mouse dying on you there.
  15. This topic has been by far one of the best to read, however the final attribute system implementation will turn out. Well Played! Well Played!
  16. Should the heals be tied to the receiver stats, like in 4th edition? For those who don't know, the healing surge in DnD4th, the primary healing measure for all characters, is 1/4 of the receiver HPs. The healers use that instead of a value determined by their power, and add relatively small bonuses on top of it.
  17. Critically unbalanced systems are prone to be fun for the first few playthrough, and then become overly boring right after. The exploits and combos are better when "hard" to find, not when borderline buggy. There isn't anything between balance and fun, they can coexist peacefully.
  18. How sweet. That'll show there aren't any childish posters. Ahahahah, I wonder why I didn't see that post! Filter ftw!
  19. I think that they'd have added proper combat feedback even if there wasn't a forum full of rabid IE-fanbois lamenting about obviously broken things. They are perfectly aware of this stuff, it's known and written in the starting "rules" of the beta, something a few people should read again. The next BB patches (with actual improvements, not bug-fixes) will quiet a lot of this messy, loud, childish board.
  20. I'd never, ever, have backed PoE if it was turn based.
  21. The point of diverse timings is create the possibility to have much more variety in skills and effects (longer animations, bigger spells). It allows much more variety, while keeping it balanced. In turn based systems there's often a single action that uses the turn in the most efficient way. It's straight and boring, while in the current PoE system every action is possible and valuable the same way, because you need to invest x amount of time on it.
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