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  1. Gotta work on the l337 strats so we can dominate the server. Oh wait...
  2. No more random wandering Skeletons please. Make undead rare, and truly horrific. Or, make me, the player, undead. If I can start the game, with a shattered soul, trapped within an undead husk it would be great. With every piece of my soul that I recover, I become a bit more alive, while still being undead. The slow arduous process of searching out, and reclaiming the tattered bits of my soul, could culminate in a rebirth to true life. The horrific unlife I'd endured becoming nothing more than a collection of painful memories. Perhaps it isn't my soul that I long for, but bits
  3. Sure no reason it couldn't be ported to PnP. d20 systems can be made for just about anything you can imagine. Is it something that Obsidian should do? Nah, let them focus on the computer games. If you really want a PnP version, do it. No reason that you, as a fan, can't create a ruleset for you and your friends to enjoy.
  4. 1.6 Million + Good job, keep it rollin. I am ready for some new info...popcorn in the microwave.
  5. Well said. I enjoy juggeling items in my inventory to an extent, but having to start doing so after a winning a few battles is tedious. Give us a bit of inventory space to play with.
  6. I prefer to see stylized realism. Kerem Beyit is one of my favorite illustrators. Look through some of his Character Concepts here http://www.theartofkerembeyit.com/ or check out his DA page here http://kerembeyit.deviantart.com/ Just say no to photo realism.
  7. Jarmo, on 18 September 2012 - 11:00 AM, said: Nah. I don't want: - impossibly hard boss fights that'd crush your soul even after you'd find everything else a walk in the park. - to remember or write down instructions, I want the important bits automatically in my journal (or whatever) - no team members dying (that just meant a reload, even back then) - some stupid baldurs gate/nwn2 inventory system with 100 slots of 5x5 pixel images you can't even see - to spend 30 minutes after a fight applying ointments and minor cure spells to get the party back to speed ...or any of the other
  8. No problem with guns, if they are done well. Keep then simple; old matchlock weapons, no repeaters, or even flintlocks. Simple to use, good damage, but very slow. An archer should be able to fire 3-4 arrows in the time a gunner takes to fire one round. Firearms only became popular because any peasant could shoot one with little if any training, while an archer dedicated his life to training with his weapon, so they were not as easily replacable. Gunners were fodder, archers were professionals.
  9. Yes, please take the art direction away from the Football (american) Pad look. Realistic Armor and Weapons please.
  10. I voted none of the above, not because I don't think they should be in the game, but because honestly, I could care less. Absolutely something I don't want to have to deal with, but if others like that kind of thing it's okay. Make any type of relationship pure fluff. There should never be any posative or negative results from relationships placed upon a character in game...the reward should be whatever stimulation the player gets from the experience. In other words; sure, put them in the game, but don't punish/reward me in any way if I choose to ignore/explore them.
  11. I have to ask myself where people like the OP live, or what they do for a living. As I write this, it is not quite 7am on a Monday morning in California where the devs live. The game was announced on a Friday, and no one could have anticipated the amazing response we have witnessed. The devs scrambled on Saturday to come up with some stretch plans, and you still expect more? C'mon people, they are human; they have families, they have things outside of work, do you expect then to work 24/7 and never have a "weekend"? Either you have never worked a day in your life, so weekends don't really
  12. As long as I can be something other than human. I get so bored with it. There is nothing fantastical about being a human in an RPG to me. Let me be an Ogre Magi, Were Bear, Rakasha, Lizard Man, or a more advanced Troll race. As far as the other races, def. give them a few different clans/tribes/nations, that don't necessarily get along with each other. Not necessarily a good group and an evil group, just have some tension. The more distinct "factions" the better. Oh, and make my monster race character KOS pretty much everyplace. I want to feel nervous about checking out a new
  13. Absolutely. Everything should have weight, and bulk. Encumbrance is too often overlooked. No way should I be able to run around with 15 swords, (1 for every occasion), a few sets of armor, etc etc. That being said, we really need a house, (or at a minimum a bank), to store all that sweet loot. I also think we need a few types of currency. Let me take those 100gp to the bank for a few Plats, or a gem.
  14. Gotta disagree with the OP. I love the challenge of the early part of games much more than I enjoy god mode towards the end. Ideally we start with a knife, some sandals, and some really crappy clothes. No money, nothing. Just as a pitiful wastrel, scrounging for everything we can get, and making friends along the way.
  15. Very important to me. The more Lore the better, even if it has nothing to do with the main story line. Random things just make the whole so much better.
  16. No no no, thanks you sirs. Looks like I am going to have to wander over to GOG, and replace all the games that have vanished over the years. If I time things right, I should finish them all by around April 2014. Then that 3 weeks of vacation I have been saving...
  17. Lets hope that become the industry norm. Keep comtrol in the hands of the developers where it belongs.
  18. I now know what it's like being that little girl who got a pony for her 10th birthday. Squeeeeee... So excited to have a real RPG in my future again.
  19. What am I going to do with these 10 extra digital copies? I don't have anywhere near that many friends...
  20. I'd love to see that, but hmmm I an not getting a Planescape vibe from all of this. My money is on something new. Maybe not an original IP, but something these guys have never worked with previously. Should be good though, no matter the IP.
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