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  1. You know that for sure? If he doesn't, I sure do - the crowdfunding money and then some (as with WL2, we put in significant funds of our own) was spent on making Torment for PC. No backer money is being spent on the port. One can actually die during character creation if you screw up enough. Somehow I doubt they're going to remake the entire game just to appease the console peasants over the master race. That's the nice things for fans here - we jumped into early access quite a while ago now, all our backers can play that PC game, with all its walls of text, hard choice & consequence and PC-specific interface. Obviously we're not going to change any of the game's content for the PC port, and even if you're not wont to take a dev's word for that, you can simply play the game and confirm for yourself. Kinda comforting!
  2. I think it is pretty safe to assume it will be Wasteland II with swords. No way this will be a first person game...IMO anyway. But it is InXile so I am pledging no matter what. A lot of this will become more clear when we show our prototype footage later, but no, this game's exploration is in first-person blobber mode.
  3. They don't really have an exact AD&D analogue, they're more like a mix of warrior/rogue with a bit of mage. "Jack-of-all-traits". Rogue is probably closest. Thanks for the peek. Did you guys have to ask permission from Obsidian to show off this stuff or is this just not a big insider deal? We asked them if it'd be ok yes. It's their tools so it would've been rather rude to just show it without checking.
  4. Everyone here see our latest update. It has an expansive look at Obsidian's conversation editor tools (albeit adapted for our use), I figured that would be of interest to this crowd?
  5. Hey guys, We requested a set of keys for Pillars of Eternity backers from GOG.com last week but unfortunately didn't get them before release or on Friday. The moment we get them from GOG.com Obsidian will get them from us and hopefully have them up on the site. And yes, to be perfectly clear, all "extra copies" are always game-only. Additional copies from WL2 Kickstarter, "copy of Wasteland 2" for Torment and "copy of Wasteland 2" for PoE are all standard, game-only keys.
  6. If you want you can mail us at support@inxile.net and we can look into the issue. We might be able to figure out what's wrong to either a) suggest a fix or b) work on the problem to fix it on our end. We'd need the following files from you: dxdiag report, any crash logs that were generated and output_log.txt output_log.txt is in the Steam install folder; Wasteland 2\Build\WL2_Data folder (it is an output log of all errors) Generated dxdiag from in Windows\System32 or by going to Run -> dxdiag. Save all info and send us the resulting file.
  7. You saw nothing. Nothing! :uses mindwipe:
  8. inXile/Obsidian bromance continues to flourish
  9. I believe he has a chaotic neutral alignment to further highlight how from a modron perspective he is broken, since they are ruled by rationality and chaotic is anathema to their existence. It was very much a theme with PS:T, yes. I don't think Vhailor is much of an exception, but that might depend on perspective. He is a belief given shape but that belief is so unforgiving and unremitting that that becomes a brokenness in its own right.
  10. For the most part, yeah, especially if studios are close together. The Blizzard and Interplay guys used to get along great, and now inXile and Obsidian are pretty close. BioWare's a bit further away geographically and that tends to be a factor more than anything, heh, but in my experience it's a lot more likely for there to be bad blood between producers and creative people or producers and producers than between creative people and creative people.
  11. I'm certainly fine with it doing 30K-ish a day now. It's not great but it's well sufficient. We did expect it to slow down around this time. More exciting things to show and announce though, so I think we'll be fine down the stretch!
  12. Soundtrack will be offered in FLAC as well. A map is not concept art. The concept art book is not low-res, but hi-rest concept art will likely be spread before the concept art is, and the concept art book may have size edits or overlapping text, and not everyone will be willing or able to manually extract images from it (it will be PDF). Hi-res concept art is a nice extra. The map mentioned specifically is the digital version of the cloth map, it won't be in the player's guide or manual. Digital/physical balance is always tricky, but digital does get more extras like alpha/beta access, additional copies, and the different text and sound bonuses well before physical does. The 65 physical box is relatively barebones, compared to its surrounding digital versions. The $95 CE tier has already capped out, at $135, where it is unlimited. We either go unlimited at some point if it makes sense to us or stop expanding the tiers. It works pretty much like any early bird and limited sales system, I'm here to answer questions/listen to feedback or receive abuse if anyone needs to vent. I was too busy to check in with you guys for a while. How you enjoyin' the campaign?
  13. It does cut off at 2 million, so the max he'll pledge is $100K, which is a very significant sum even for a pretty affluent man like him, but he really wanted to put his money where his mouth is. Thanks for all the support guys!
  14. It's not that we want to, it's more that we have to. Videogame production cycles have a natural way of working in which concept artists and writers are pretty much done at this stage, when we're in full production of Wasteland 2. Allowing them to start working on the next project now will give them a long pre-production period and allow us to roll into full production more fluidly once Wasteland 2 is out. Not having such a product pipeline means we'd have to fire the current writer/artist staff, and then after Wasteland 2 is out create an awkward rollover to the next project. Every company works like that, or at least should, Interplay did in the good old days. Some companies just fire most of the team after a product is done and that sucks, because you're destroying your talent pool and experience. The difference between inXile and - say - Obsidian is that inXile is a much smaller developer, and doesn't have other sizable projects to move people to and from. So what's the most natural thing? Rolling into yet another oldschool-style cRPG. Tides are key levers in the C&C system of Torment: ToN. Kevin Saunders explains it here: Well, as you have seen by now, we’ve gone with Torment: Tides of Numenera. =) You may wonder what the significance of "Tides" is. (These are not a core Numenera concept, though they are compatible with the setting in multiple ways.) The Tides are key levers (but not the only ones) in the choices and consequences system we’re designing. They could be loosely compared to D&D's alignments or Ultima IV's principles and virtues. But unlike alignments, they are not in direct opposition to each other and unlike the virtues, you won’t necessarily want to achieve them all. Nor can you, really... you’ll have to decide what’s most important to you. The Tides are more nuanced and complex, with the “best” choice for any situation being a personal decision for you (or how you want to play) rather than a decision that we as designers judge. Now, NPCs in the game will certainly judge you based upon their own beliefs and agendas, but we will strive for the game itself to be impartial. We want to provide satisfying reactivity and allow you to explore your own answers, for you to play as you wish and have the game’s story unfold accordingly. We’ll talk more about the Tides down the road and there are aspects of the system for which we’ll be seeking backer input.
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