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  1. Absolutely not, never in a million years. Any sort of coop or multiplayer detracts greatly from the enjoyment of the single player campaign. That's why most MP/coop games only have a sham 4 or 5 hours poor excuse of a SP campaign. Last RPG to go coop was BioWare's Mass Effect 3 and in case you haven't heard about it the ending suffered so bad that it caused a major commotion in the fanbase of epic proportion essentially seeing the game's price dropped from $60 to $40 and even $30 by some retailers within the first month.
  2. All I care about is the story, that's it. Difficulty I can work around with everything from the insanely crazy to the very easy but generally prefer it when other aspects don't get between me and the next epic story moment. I really have no difficulty bias where I start thinking that I'm somehow awesome/badass/old school/better than others/whatever just because I overcame some insane difficulty. And no your junk doesn't grow when you beat high difficulties either. Still as I said, it's whatever....if the story is good enough I'll beat whatever insane difficulty to experience it.
  3. Sorry but no....I enjoy taking my time to explore the world and talk to NPCs and chase down loot and do side quests and on and on and on. The absolute last thing I need is time constraints that result in negative consequences for not rushing through the game. I know Obsidian is very proud of all their work and want us to plauy and experience everything they dedicate their hard work to create so I really do not see why they would try to rush us along and essentially try to cnvince us to avoid experiencing anything outside the main plot.
  4. Ah yes....child killing is deffinitely the one crazy topic we were lacking around here.
  5. As long as they do not become sellouts like BioWare with false advertisement, fixed reviews, blatant lies about the game close to release and shameless moneygrabbing moves like game content tied in with insanely expensive toys and a million preorder bonuses tied to different retailers to abuse the dedication of their truest fans in hopes of coercing them to buy multiple copies I'd be happy to support them by bying both DLC and expansions.
  6. I voted yes but with one big exception: I do not in any way shape or form want them to touch the player character(s)....those should be strictly for the player to create in terms choices, morality, power alliances, gender and looks. Otherwise yes I'd very much enjoy books describing background on the conflicts we're thrown in, companions and NPCs very much as long as it doesn't signifficantly detract from the game budget and I think that is a big IF given that this game has a small and limited budget to begin with. I rather they make the game first, wait for it to become an enormous success as it certainly deserves to be and once the massive money starts pouring in as it certainly should then they can go crazy with books, comics and so on.
  7. I have to say that I am extremely pleased with Obsidian's dedication, absolutely amazing. The daily updates are greatly appreciated and these new bits on souls and technology are just amazing. I can't say anything besides just THANK YOU.
  8. Adoption is a completely separate issue unrelated to sexual orientation. You do not even need a couple to adopt....any person able and willing can adopt and raise an abandoned/orphaned child.
  9. So what struggles aren't worth exploring then? Because if that's the case there are billions of non sexually-related struggles not represented in games that are probably far more common and should probably take priority. But at the end of the day I rather have Obsidian stay true to their development plan and tell us one amazing story than get tangled up in diverting resources in pleasing all kinds of minorities. Another problem is that when you start having too many sexually-related struggles explored in a game at the expense other non sexually-related struggles it starts to stick out and be evident and it gets rather irritating. This should not be a game about all the ways in which people screw and what they want to screw and the societal hardships of not being able to find screwing partners.
  10. BioWare is......well.....BioWare. The last thing I would ever want to see Obsidian do is follow in BioWare's footsteps and I don't mean that just in the context of sexuality in games.
  11. Yeah, hetero pairs holding hands and kissing in public keep their sexuality preferences in private... or when they mention their husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends.. that hot guy/girl that passed by.. they keep it private? Not. There's a hetero parade every single minute 365 days in a year, imbecile. Except heterosexuality has a biological purpose, and is kind of necessary for continuation of species. Don't try to imply that queersexuality has equal worth as heterosexuality. Crudely put but accurate. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what you are it is absolutely certain you are the result of a heterosexual pairing.
  12. Frankly I rather not go down this road. Oh I feel so discriminated because my preference isn't in the game.....I like women with ____ bra size, ____ hair color, ____ inches tall and let me tell you about what positions we should be doing it in. At the end of the day it's not exactly fair but I'll just say it the way it is: would you rather have 90%+ of your player base feel disturbed/molested by all the various types of NPCs telling us all about what it means to be in x sexual group to please less than 10% who are still likely to complain anyway because they fell that you missrepresented their group or didn't implement it exactly the way they expected you to. Yeah I get it, they're few and feel isolated from society because not many people float that way but that does NOT mean that their issues need to become everyone's problem. Hell I have plenty of non sexually-related reasons that make me feel isolated from society and all alone in the big mean world but you don't see me capaigning to have them brought to everyone's attention and made everyone's problem. That's what social groups are for where you can go and socialize with like-minded people and deal with your issues without trying to make them everyone's problem like everyone else doesn't have their own problems to deal with. Please Obsidian, I beg you, do NOT start going down this road.
  13. I would't mind this but if they go for it they got to implement awesome finishers in combat. A system like Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas would be cool I think.
  14. I rather they focus on choices empowering the player to successfully side with different factions and have a wide varaiety of favorable endings based on player choices like in Alpha Protocol and New Vegas rather than focusing on screwing with the player with bad ends and dead ends and gotcha moments. I wouldn't mind something like Normal or Hard even as described in the poll as long as it doesn't come at the expense of freedom to branch the main plot in whichever way we want....again, like in Alpha Protocol and New Vegas.
  15. There's already threads about transgender/gays/lesbians/STDs and pretty much every other sexual aspect of the human psyche out there. We do NOT need another one. Pretty soon there will be threads about people requesting speciffic sex positions and where to put "it" during the romance cutscenes.
  16. Between STDs, pro gay/lesbian threads and now the transgender topic I think these forums are becoming a place where everyone can indiscriminately feel molested. I certainly hope Obsidian is not actually considering all this for the game. Hell why don't we discuss AIDS, monkeys and STD induced player character death? Just saying.....all this sex and romance talk is getting a bit out of hand, just saying.
  17. Not to metion that trying to create companions or romances to represent all the possible genders and preferences is the surest and safest way to ensure that every person that ever plays the game gets to feel disturbed....no thanks, I'll pass.
  18. It's not like you get to see your character's junk or anything so as long as the character creator is complex enough you can probably just create an avatar that from the outside looks like it might be transgender. Hell I can't remember the last time in any videogame where some NPC actually talked about my character's gender. There's the romance content sure but nobody referred to my charater as "him", "her" or otherwise even really discussed my character's gender. So with that said I really don't see the issue here or why Obsidian should detract resources from other game contet like quests and such to do this.
  19. Well with the present pledges they should have a clear green light to pay for additional exposure....if done properly it'll pay back a thousand fold.
  20. Well with the relatively small budget(yes, still small even if they break 10 million) I think that the development time will be inherently limited to the number of months they can employ the developing team for. So far I can't say any of their games that I played have been unbearably buggy or had any bugs too severe. The worst I ran into wiped out my Fallout New Vegas saves but I knew about the bug, took preemptive measures so I had my saves backed up....ultimately I lost about 5 hours of gameplay so all in all not too bad. Besides that if you don't have some kind of tolerance for bugs then perhaps gaming is the wrong hobby for you.
  21. I would like to see the game go multiplatform to reach the maximum possible audience so it can have the most possible sales and the most success and awards possible.
  22. Oh I don't think so. They seek to be true to the good BioWare games of old not the newer games they made....the ones that started attracting the fans you refer to as Biodrones and the description for Project Eternity is essentially that of the ultimate, flawless RPG. There is no pandering or disappointment that I see coming in the foreseeable future. If the core fans were disappointed the game would not have raised nearly 1.2 million in just about a day. It would likely still be sitting at less than 100k.
  23. Yeah I fully agree.....10 is definitely doable. I would love to see a bit of an impossible miracle and have them break the 20 or even 30 million mark.
  24. Ok so breaking 80 million copies sold might be a problem but I don't think it is impossible....it's mind boggling how crappy nonsense sells and truly amazing games do not. Alpha Protocol deserved to sell hell of a lot more than any shooter clone out there. Still....while hard it should be doable but the game must go multiplatform for that.....all the main consoles and perhaps even handhelds. As far as the fundraiser goes it already comfortably cleared the minimum 1.1 mil in about a day or so and many people are barely finding out about it. I doubt it'll peak bellow 5 million and should be able to make 10 quite comfortably. With a 10-15 million budget they could pull the most mind blowing RPG ever seen and have it on at least one console.
  25. I just wish Obsidian to be able to go big with this one and find much more success than have any other games bound to publishers. I think their name needs to be much bigger. Their games have always been greatly underappreciated so nothing would make me happier than to see a deserving game just once stand tall and look down at all the pathetic, overhyped shooter clones that get blown out of proportion. To just once see the RPG genre reign supreme over the gaming industry. And if that can be done on a greatly smaller budget then that would be absolutely amazing. In the movie industry we've seen a few independent, low budget movies make it big time because of masterful production....it's time for the gaming to have something like this.
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