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  1. That's what I was trying to say with my post on microevolution. It should feel like they could have naturally developed to live in their environment. Including, perhaps, different species of the same creature. Like a desert wolf vs a forest wolf. Or a Sewer slime vs a river slime.
  2. I picked this up from barnes and noble a while ago, and it has a good representation of mythological creatures from a very wide spread of cultures. http://www.amazon.com/The-Element-Encyclopedia-Magical-Creatures/dp/140273543X
  3. I actually designed and ran a freeform rpg very briefly around that idea. There was a drug that you could take to manifest things from your imagination into reality. But if you took too much then you'd start seeing imagined things all the time, and couldn't distinguish between which were real and which weren't.
  4. I'm playing through Radiant Historia on my DS right now, and it's really made me appreciate strong storytelling and spritework within an RPG framework. Bastion would be another example of a really well done fixed perspective game.
  5. I do like insanity as a mechanica concept for a game universe, but for it to really be utilized it'd need to be a very important part of the game world. Like in Amnesia: The Dark Decent. The entire game is built around the mechanic. If it's just thrown into PE as a cool mechanic on the side, it might have a sort of situational coolness for a bit, but then I think it'd start to develop into a sort of distraction or annoyance. If it fits within the greater themes of the game though, then that would be cool. Having too many mechanics can be as much of a problem as not having enough. (And of c
  6. Evolution should be considered when creating monsters for a setting. Specifically the concepts of microevolution where species adapt to their habitat. Deep sea creatures are some of the creepiest looking things out there because they've had to adapt to a very extreme environment. Something that I like in creature design is incorporating the side effects of magic. So say that a town goes through a lot of alchemical compounds, and dumps the left over reagents into the environment. How would this affect the wildlife? Magical mutations are always cool with me.
  7. What you're describing does sound nice, but it doesn't actually sound like the game that Obsidian has described thus far.
  8. The stuff they introduced about Souls does bring up some interesting concepts as well. If you happend to be one of the lucky/unlucky ones to be host to two souls, how would that affect your mental state? I've always been facinated with the concepts of reality vs perception. Having a PC who experiences halucinations which the party cannot see could be very interesting. Especially if it turns out those halucinations are real.
  9. I've always like this sort of idea within games, but I know that some people absolutely hate it when control of the character is explicitly taken away from them.
  10. I'm liking the way that souls are being handled. Some really interesting stuff that can be explored culturally through them, along with themes of self identity, since the souls are more or less eternal (as I understand it.) The take on Guns sounds pretty interesting too. A strategic weapon that has more weaknesses than strengths in a normal combat situation.
  11. As I have said multiple times before, this isn't about romance. Stop trying to use that as an argument. I'm not talking about genitals. Why are you? On another note, if you would like to see another subject explored by the narrative of the game, make a thread for it. Don't post off topic about it in here. Yes, please do ignore this thread. That would be benificial to everyone involved. If you don't have something to say that is constructive to the topic at hand, then do not post.
  12. Yeah, hetero pairs holding hands and kissing in public keep their sexuality preferences in private... or when they mention their husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends.. that hot guy/girl that passed by.. they keep it private? Not. There's a hetero parade every single minute 365 days in a year, imbecile. Except heterosexuality has a biological purpose, and is kind of necessary for continuation of species. Don't try to imply that queersexuality has equal worth as heterosexuality. Crudely put but accurate. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what you are it is absolutely certai
  13. I would be entirely fine with this because LGBT people are just like everyone else. They can be good or evil or inbetween. I don't know if it's a matter of MUST HAVE, but it would certainly be interesting to see.
  14. I'm going to again implement the plan of "ignore nigro's posts, and report them when they aren't on topic or are inflamatory." Lets keep the discussion on topic and hopefully prove that we can behave like mature individuals when talking about a senitive subject.
  15. Back on topic, and with reguards to gender identity, it's been proven pretty well at this point that gender identity isn't a binary thing. Someone can ostensibly identify as both male and female (bigender), or bounce between the two identities (fluidgender/genderqueer). I think these two concepts could be interesting to see from a few of the cultures or races within the game.
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