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  1. I'd rather be in favour of a completely "literary" journal: one actually being made seem to being written by the protagonist for himself, not "for the gamer" by the invisible hand of the developers.
  2. Steampunk is pretty much dead. Let's see, shall we? - Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura, - Torchlight, - Torchlight II, - Syberia, - Syberia II, - Machinarium, - BioShock Infinite, That's about it when it comes to what could be considered pure Steampunk.
  3. As I recal, a "Wiki" is not created in order to gather tidbits, speculation, analysis and prognosis, but what is an actual, observable part of the COMPLETE game. Please, let us not devolve into creating another circle jerk.
  4. I must say a big NO to that. In order for stealth killing to have any meaning at all, a whole set of game mechanics would have to carefully created. So much effort for just a single class (let's face it, any more than one rogueish class is too much for a precise, deep gaming experience) would be a waste of time and resourcess, not to mention the Emperor's bolter shells.
  5. I'm not as lazy as to not be able or willing to focus on simpy reading a dialogue. Besides, if fully voiced, no narration will be present and, what's worse, the dialogues are sure to be much simpler and shorter than in the case of written ones.
  6. Seems to be a little too early for creating a wiki, since literally next to nothing is known about the game itself.
  7. So now we can be certain that the game won't go towards "grimdark". I'm really happy to be hearing that. Too much of "grey RPG's" have been regurgitated as of late.
  8. General history of Europe teaches us that cannons firing stone balls were used as early as the late 13th century. So, since in general this universe shall be set during Late Middle Ages, cannons would be most fitting as an in-game element, if only as part of the background and perhaps one or two dialogue mentions. By the way, I'm George Bush.
  9. DLC's have one purpose, and one purpose only - to get as much of our money as possible with as little work as possible.
  10. Do you really want another "Baldur's Gate". Do you miss Abdel Adrian so much? I'm George Bush, by the way.
  11. No, as is "no giant swords" or "small girls with huge boobs and huge eyes" or "shining vampires" or "100 meter walls".
  12. One way or the other, what in reality we shall get within a 2D game is a combat imitation, not even simulation. There is absolutely no chance, nor need, for even mildly realistic visuals. However, when I write "realistic", what I have in mind is the common "game combat" image, wild, dance-like and full of flourishes. In reality, what two warriors did was continually swing/thrust at each other until one of them found an opening or broke throught thanks to speed or sheer strength. And please, spare me the "samurai had true and artful fencing, as well as <insert civilization>. Such
  13. So, on one hand people want a realistic, believable setting in terms of basic principles, but on the other are advocating for mega-dungeons within a Middle Age society, a nonsensical, illogical construction which would take tens of years just to complete, without any reason whatsoever for doing so. As George Bush, I ask: remember the pyramids? Entire decades of work to complete? They had tiny undergrounds.
  14. Please name one child NPC which, in any RPG game, played any important/memorable part. Furthermore, once you implement children, you'll get brainiacs wanting homosexual/transgender/vegetarian children. And being Goerge Bush, I should know.
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