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  1. Very nice post, I really like this response and completely agree. I didn't know all kickstarters restricted comments to backers as I never partook in one before PE. Beyond that, if I can pledge any more anytime soon I'll just add it to my PE backing, Old School RPG haven't shown anything to convince me I ought to back them.
  2. DFA was literary, *I want to do a Adventure* Wasteland 2 was literary, "I want to do another Wasteland" Project Eternity was literary "We want to do a spiritual successor to the IE games* Nothing else. I was around for the first days of everyone of them. And again, they didn't "just copy paste*. They most likely saw that Obsidian's design worked and asked them to use it. The only one who has a right to be THAT upset about this is Obsidian themselves. Not you. There's no logical reasoning here. I have the right to expect more before backing.... I was around since the countdown to PE first stated and we both know that Obsidian at least had some cryptic lore and puzzles going on and overall Obsidian's kickstarter page was a thousand times more thought out with a lot more effort placed into it.
  3. And they still have time to do so. What were Project Eternity's, Wasteland 2's and especially DFA's ideas at the beginning? A lot more than saying "we're totally old-shool" a hundred times and at least they had a map, videos and original kickstarter page design going on.....and they didn't copy paste another kickstarter page.
  4. What? What is shameless about it? Did Obsidian complain? Did Obsidian say *they stole* it*? Are they against the project. For all we know they could have even helped. No, I doubt you're intentions are goody-goody like you want to describe yourself. My intentions? My intentions are to clearly express the fact that whether Obsidian supports it or not, they need to show an idea of their own and copy somewhat less than 99% of another project's page before expecting donations, I've yet to see one.
  5. That's bull****. Why? Seriously why? Do you need some kind of war with them. What do you care if they reuse the Obsidian design ESPECIALLY WHEN OBSIDIAN ITSELF SUPPORTS THE PROJECT. What is wrong with you people? Because they still expect to be given money when all they've shown so far is a lack of ideas and originality......and shamelessly copy-pasting....I really do feel potential backers need to be warned as many may not be aware of PE and the shameless copy-pasting going on there. No offense to Obsidian and Chris Avellone but I think they should have demanded a better thought out plan and less copy-pasted kickstarter page before offering their support no matter how highly they may think of those creating it.....just saying. It's still not right.
  6. And barbarians are useless when you have fighters And ciphers are useless when you have mages. Barbarians I don't much care for really but Cyphers at least use quite different kind of magic from wizards and in a very different way plus they have a very separate and rich lore than wizards. Paladins are just fighters with a bad attitude.....nothing really that interesting.
  7. Aaaaaand they restricted comments to backers only.....figures, they KNOW they're going to get flamed to death for copy-pasting and lack of thought and planning....I was going to help out with that.
  8. What, you mean their 2 mil stretch goal didn't convince you? I mean who can say no to "Seriously Old School Player Enhancements"?
  9. They are supposed to be very few so I don't see most of the PE world actually being aware of Ciphers but the few that are should have quite interesting reactions I think.
  10. This MIGHT make me drop $15 on it but certainly not more and I'm in no hurry either.....I'll wait a week or a few weeks to see how their updates develop....
  11. At fist I jumped at the link expecting to find something good but it's such a blatant copy of the PE kickstarter page with a lot less originality and a lot more vagueness(like the 2 mil stretch goal "Seriously Old School Player Enhancements" ) Sorry but I haven't managed to see a single positive to it.....I seriously doubt they'll rise the 1 mil they seek....they really should have put more thought and planning into it.
  12. Simply put, the most amazing class to ever appear in a game if it ends up being funded and I REALLY hope it will be.
  13. Paladins? No, just no. There are already the Priest and Monk classes confirmed.....adding another righteous/religious class like the Paladin is a complete waste of time and resources. The Cipher class on the other hand is an absolutely brilliant bit of original class design that is new and amazing so they need to come up with more like it. Bards are just not that interesting really but I wouldn't mind if implemented.
  14. Ciphers really are THAT awesome huh? I wouldn't change my Obsidian Order title but I can already tell that if funded it'll probably be the class I end up playing 90% of the time in PE. There are 12 days left and we're very close to the 2.3 million mark now so I will be refreshing the heck out of the kickstarter page until I can breathe easy knowing that the Cipher class is a reality. :aiee:
  15. It's more about whether it is tied to exclusive distribution/regional locks, tbh. Me, I don't intend on playing localised version (not at first anyway). However, I do care if we (Poland/Russia/rest of Eastern Europe) get shafted with another deal like FO:NV/Skyrim. In this age of expansions/DLCs/incremental updates this really matters in the long run - so Eastern European backers don't find ourselves locked in a regional ghetto on Steam. That I completely understand but it's something I usually blame on publishers, it's not something I think Obsidian themselves would shortchange you on.
  16. Oh shush, there's already the priests AND monks as classes....the LAST thing we need yet is another righteous/religious sounding class. Yes, it is the last thing I need to have all my fav classes in. Re: atheism. It's a different world. Since gods are a proven fact, the people have no concept of a world without gods, so it's not far-fetched for them to have a different definition of atheism: refusing to accept a deity above you controlling your life in any way. You could have a different world for it, true. But there is also no reason to not use atheism either. The issue of the game gods being proven is sort of immaterial unless they actually appear in the game and relate to the plot....and even then I certainly do not want three of their pests following me around....two is already more than enough.
  17. Oh shush, there's already the priests AND monks as classes....the LAST thing we need yet is another righteous/religious sounding class. Please be quiet. We have Fighters, Rangers and Monks, and Druids, Priests, Wizards and Cyphers. They've made it clear they don't mind turning specialized roles into distinct classes, even if it overlaps something else - Paladins (and bards) should be in. Bards I wouldn't mind but a Paladin class would be excessive and redundant after already implementing Priests and Monks since they are all essentially the same kind of archetype....I mean all we're missing now are Templars and we'd have four names for what is essentially the same kind of character....praying, ranting, never shuts up about x god or virtues and above all extremely annoying.
  18. It wasn't only Russian, it's same situation for other Eastern European countries. I really hope Obsidian does not dismiss this issue and there is some clarification on who is doing translations and/or if we'll have content available through other channels than them. Most conversions will always be crappy....for one who is going to pay the high salaries for good/known actors in ____ language? Nobody, that's who....it'll be prohibitively expensive for Obsidian especially on this budget. Then on top of that the basic structure and form differences between language make direct translations sound stupid but if you rephrase the text to sound right in another language then meaning often also changes if only slightly and may not make sense in the context of the plot even if it sounds good/correct so what then? how much time and money should be spent on a specific translation? The way I see it there just aren't the resources for any perfect translations on a budget of under 3 mil that isn't going to hurt the game itself so just be glad you are getting anything at all as far as different languages go. If I were Obsidian I'd just drop the translations/localizations and divert funds strictly to the game. Then if it sells big and is successful maybe then they can worry about spending on localizations and bringing them up as patches.
  19. Oh shush, there's already the priests AND monks as classes....the LAST thing we need yet is another righteous/religious sounding class.
  20. We are getting REALLY close to the 2.3 mil mark which is amazing. Next up the 2.4 and 2.5 mil marks are not simply amazing.....they are beyond insanely epic. Well....maybe not the Barbarian class(bleh, way too overdone) but the Cypher class more than makes up for it a thousand times over. So I am really holding my breath to see if PE can cross the 2.5 mil mark in the time that is left.....it would be a great loss if we don't make it. Crafting and Enchanting are definitely my thing as a Wizard/Cypher and the fact that the classes are made to be really flexible also makes me very happy. Now as far as the 2.6 mil mark it seems great and I really want it as well but I also hope that if implemented it'll be available early on in the game so I can immediately get rid of any companion that may make himself/herself intolerable. Either way it seems like an interesting feature.
  21. Let's do this. 14 days to go.....if we get another 10k backers(which should be cake btw) we can get this dungeon to be 7 levels deep.....hell let's make this be 15 to 20 levels deep. This needs to be so huge that it takes the player real time weeks to explore and the final level must contain a mega epic boss and the greatest loot ever.....like absolute best of all equipment and so much gold that you can buy everything in the game a hundred times over and not need another coin and a ton of items that add permanent increases to skills and powers and so on. Basically once you finish that dungeon you should be max level with all skills and powers maxed with all best equipment and never need to scrounge for another coin again.
  22. This is exactly right. With any decent character design, broad concepts of good and evil largely cease to be relevant. Is defending the profiteering merchant from the angry starving crowd the good or evil option? I'd say it depends on why you're doing it, and Obsidian isn't ever going to know that in advance. Nobody plays games because they are like real life.....the whole point of playing games is to get away from that garbage. In real life if you save someone from anything you can then be sued and sent to jail and have to pay damages because you bruised the person's arm in the process of saving their life....then there's the legal ramifications of acting without the proper rescuer training and whatever. So if you see a child about to get run over by a car you best think twice before intervening. If you like real life just jump in traffic....it's real.
  23. If you want gray choices go play BioWare games....seriously they are filled with fake choices, identical choices that only appear to be different and the all time favorite choices that do not matter for anything. No. The ONLY way to do a choice system properly is by including the extremes and middle choices.....Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas are perfect examples of choice systems executed perfectly. Now if you want gray there's plenty of options to choose from, none done by Obsidian because Obsidian only makes amazing games, not sub-par garbage.
  24. Yes, absolutely, Skyrim has the right idea and I think Obsidian should take it a step forward.....grant the player character godhood by tying leveling up for the final time with a story event where the player character transcends mortality and attains a great deal of powers appropriate for the new status.
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